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    • OUR RICH FATHER                If we have a rich father, billionaire, and he asks you to request a day off to spend time with him, will you be afraid to ask for it, even to lose our job? No, because you have your father's backing. He has lots of the money so we won't lack anything if we please him. We can say for sure that no one is wealthier than our heavenly Father, Jehovah. If we need to ask time off from work to attend meetings or conventions and our boss says ‘No’ and threatens to
    • SEEING IS BELIEVING                                                                                         Widespread expression, but this kind of thinking is actually quite short-sighted. Why is that? There are so many things that we cannot see and yet our lives revolve around them. For instance, we don’t see the air but it fills our lungs and it caresses our skin. We don’t see odors, but our nose picks them up. Nor we see sound waves, but our ears are sensitive to them. There’s a pre
    • ROD OF MOSES                                                                                                     Exodus 4:2: In that verse, God asked Moses: “What is that in your hand?” Moses’ answer was: “A rod.” Jehovah used that rod as a symbol of the authority and the commission he gave to Moses. (Exodus 4:5) Moses did well when he used his authority for God’s glory, but he displeased God when he used it to glorify himself and to berate his brothers. (Numbers 20:9-13) This account i
    • Guest EthanKrauss
      The "Self Contained Ion Powered Aircraft" covered under US Patent N0. 10,119,527.  Is the only heavier than air ion propelled aircraft that carries its power supply onboard without external assistance. A large number of working models have been made of it since 2006, with the power supply onboard the craft.  There are also lots of official eye witnesses named online. You can see 5 different models of the invention in flight lifting their own power supplies before the MIT device, as well as the w
    • Thanks for comment. I conclude from your comment how you made argumentation about two sort of "perfection". That is also what i was try to explain and present. And, of course, terminologically, people have various ideas what "perfection" means to them. :)) 
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