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  1. Chest CT images of COVID-19 lung involvement in a 44-year old Huanan Seafood worker. Day 13 of symptom progression (died 7 days later) The patches are (predominantly) diffuse alveolar damage. That leads to edema (a fluid build up in the lungs,) and the beginnings of fibrosis (excess connective tissue.) Due to all of the replication and damage going on, there is also a build up up extra proteins and dead cells which clog up the lungs.
  2. Isn't PlutoTV better already though? In a way it's just the past repeating itself..... back in 1985 we had the choice to buy cable with no ads / or less ads.... OR just turn on the regular TV and look at the TV guide. Here we are back at it.....although this time no rabbit ears... LOL
  3. Redbox Free Live TV) for some users. You don't need to sign in -- you just have to use Redbox's website or mobile app to tune in. You'll eventually see the service reach other platforms where Redbox is available, including smart TVs, Apple TV boxes and Roku players.
  4. Chinese Propaganda Outlet Confirms WHO Team Will Not Be Allowed to Visit Wuhan or Hubei
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  5. Xi Jinping Knew Of The Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Threat Weeks Earlier Than Expected
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