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  1. They are probably worried about the patch being snagged on the wheel of a Semi and wrapping itself around an axle?
  2. Wow! The masses are turning on their governments worldwide right now....
  3. @TrueTomHarley I suspect your wife is in the clear on this one. 🙂 There are many small time bloggers worried about this law right now. I doubt development companies like IPS or Wordpress have dedicated anything to this problem. They were probably hoping Google would make it go away. Yet. Here we are. Would you risk life changing fines “per incident” to make even $100 monthly profit? High risk + Low Reward = Find a new hobby for most small time publishers/bloggers/forum owners
  4. @Foreigner no. Definitely not a JW despite seeing a lot of your stuff on here. Free speech has nothing to do with this post. This is about data privacy. Google and Facebook went too far IMhO and now the internet will change quite a bit in the future if something isn’t done. Getting rid of someone else’s speech can be pleasing until the State decides that YOUR voice is now prohibited. Then you’ll scream for it. In your own bedroom.

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