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  1. They almost nailed it... and who knows... maybe Apple will come out with the circular iScroll rollout screen still? They didn't know back then how small speakers could get.
  2. Median compensation for 132 S&P 500 CEOs reached more than $1 million a month in 2018, a WSJ analysis shows.
  3. I remember many scenes like this.... I wonder if camera surveillance has changed this .... wherever there is surveillance there is less crime. There is no crime under complete communist state control. ;-) - Quoting a US Supreme Court Justice.
  4. I have mixed feelings about wikis.... but I think they can be useful for collaboration. If you have something (a topic or project) that you would like to see built... please add a record and see if someone else cares about the same idea. Go ahead... give it a try:
  5. So many people died trying to cross this wall. It feels like a moment in history where we might see this wall rebuilt by the communists. They have already built it in the virtual "cyber" world.
  6. The Revolution against the corporations controlling government is starting in France. I wonder why revolutions always seem to start in France?
  7. Federal Government and Public Opinion Public policy scholars and current and former elected officials took part in a Brookings Institution discussion on Americans' views of the federal government. At the start, University of Maryland Public Consultation Program Director Steven Kull outlined the findings of his new study, which surveyed U.S. public attitudes about the federal government. The report also offered various proposals for restoring the public confidence in the democratic process. Brookings Institution Governance Studies Chair William Galston moderated the event.
  8. Secretary Pompeo Remarks at State Department Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a briefing with reporters to address several foreign policy issues. He began with expressing condolences to New Zealand in wake of shootings at two mosques. He also spoke about the Senate voting to end U.S. support of the conflict in Yemen, U.S.-North Korea nuclear negotiations, and an International Criminal Court investigation into U.S. actions in Afghanistan.
  9. Thanks for the improvement🥇

  10. One of the largest firearms sellers in the U.S. is moving further away from...firearms. Some background: Just over a year ago, Dick’s CEO Edward Stack learned the Parkland gunman once bought a gun from Dick’s. While that wasn’t the gun he used to kill 17 people last year, Stack was shaken. That’s why he’s made it harder to buy guns at Dick’s—and why he’s pressured Congress to pass gun safety measures. Dick’s tested the fewer-guns approach in 10 stores last year. And if the expansion announced yesterday is successful, Dick’s will move to implement the same changes at more locations next year. While Stack’s approach has invited both support and criticism...it could potentially hurt Dick’s business. Adjusted same-store sales fell 3.1% annually last year. But there are larger forces at work: Gun demand (especially in brick-and-mortar stores) has been under pressure—U.S. firearm sales fell 12.4% year-over-year last month, estimates Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting.
  11. Pot stocks rallied yesterday after New Jersey lawmakers outlined plans to legalize weed in the state. We're forecasting more Garden State/pot jokes on the horizon.
  12. Could this happen to the entire island? Last time I heard the infrastructure and services of almost all of Manhattan were needing BILLIONS worth of reconstruction. Let's not even talk about the ancient Subway system.

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