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  1. They are probably worried about the patch being snagged on the wheel of a Semi and wrapping itself around an axle?
  2. Wow! The masses are turning on their governments worldwide right now....
  3. @TrueTomHarley I suspect your wife is in the clear on this one. 🙂 There are many small time bloggers worried about this law right now. I doubt development companies like IPS or Wordpress have dedicated anything to this problem. They were probably hoping Google would make it go away. Yet. Here we are. Would you risk life changing fines “per incident” to make even $100 monthly profit? High risk + Low Reward = Find a new hobby for most small time publishers/bloggers/forum owners
  4. @Foreigner no. Definitely not a JW despite seeing a lot of your stuff on here. Free speech has nothing to do with this post. This is about data privacy. Google and Facebook went too far IMhO and now the internet will change quite a bit in the future if something isn’t done. Getting rid of someone else’s speech can be pleasing until the State decides that YOUR voice is now prohibited. Then you’ll scream for it. In your own bedroom.
  5. It's based on where the user is as well....not just our company. A New York corporation can still be fined "per incident" by the CA Attorney General for CA users. And unless Google comes up with a way for us to block CA users then the risk is just too high to justify making $20 profit running some forum. The bigger fish can afford to code more and load up on attorneys and use investors $ to pay exorbitant fines. oh... and Typepad .... in order to fight spam MUST be using IP blocking.... hence they must be storing IP addresses somewhere.... and where is that disclosed? ... Can you spell lawsuit? On this site we delete our IP list every 24 hours. Better not to keep the info in the first place. You'll also notice I approve members "manually".... one by one to avoid spam nowadays.
  6. The Android-powered Surface Duo is hybrid laptop/tablet/phone and arrives next year, featuring 2 smartphones connected in the middle. We're calling it "The Phonebook," and it shows Microsoft's got its swagger back since shutting down Windows phone in 2017.
  7. Are you easily mesmerized by reruns of World's Scariest Police Chases or compelled to click on YouTube pursuit videos? One such all-night binge session, ending with a video of a serious T-bone crash with a civilian, left Leonard Stock unable to sleep. Restless, he germinated the idea for a tool to help law enforcement officers end such chases more safely. His idea was a vehicular lasso to grab a perp's vehicle by the tire. A roofing contractor by trade, Stock was naturally handy and a proficient welder, so he began prototyping the concept on his own vehicle. He quickly confirmed his theory that a moving vehicle's spinning tire would indeed pull a loop of tow-strap material around itself if said strap could be forced into firm contact with it. That prototype led to many iterations, all of them self-financed by Stock and his lucrative house-flipping business in the booming Phoenix metro area. His final Grappler design uses 2-inch nylon webbing with a 20,000-pound test strength; in many instances it's doubled for a 40,000-pound capacity. Consistently capture multiple size vehicles
  8. If there are ads on your site.... that doesn't even comply with the already in play GDPR in Europe that we already have notices for..... But nice try 😉
  9. @TrueTomHarley No. Not based in California. But the rules are so sweeping it can include sites like this one... remember... not just users but "IP address hits" for lack of a better term. I do like your idea of blocking all CA users until they sort it out.... but I've read that there is no real way to accomplish this. Unless Google comes up with some tools to assist us.
  10. Update: It appears the company requires some filtration. Check out this post: Ever since Coca-Cola came out with their new Freestyle Coke Machine, we’ve been getting call after call on Everpure’s CLM filtration systems! WHY? Because Everpure CLM has recently been validated by a third party lab to meet the tccc specifications for point of use filtration systems for the Freestyle machines! Hooray!! Being an Everpure master distributor, we are proud to carry this line of CLM water filter systems. But why the CLM line? What is CLM? I’m glad you asked! CLM is short for chloramine. As you might know, chloramine is a chemical compound made by reacting ammonia with the active ingredient in chlorine bleach. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, chloramines provide better protection against bacterial regrowth in water system. But chloramines can still effect the taste and odor of your water and can cause, through time, damage to your water applications. The specifications for the Coke Freestyle machine requires all taste and odor to be removed, the chlorine/chloramine levels to be less then 0.5 ppm, and sediment removal.Everpure’s CLM line meets all the filtration requirements for the Freestyle machine. It reduces chloramines, chlorine and other offensive contaminants that can adversely effect the taste and odor of the beverage. It’s sub-micron technology reduces dirt and particles 1/2 micron in size. It improves the taste of fountain beverages and helps retain the drink’s carbonation. Have you ever received a complaint that your soda taste flat? Well, here’s your solution! The CLM line also protects your drink system’s seals, pump, tubing and small orifices from clogging, corrosion and abrasive wear. It is also NSF certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53. The CLM line comes in single, twin, triple and quad systems. We also have systems with a pre-filtration option. So if you are apart of a restaurant using a Coca-cola Freestyle machine or you currently service a Freestyle machine, contact us today for more information on Everpure’s CLM line and how we can help you. You can also check out our CLM line on our website! Click here: EVERPURE’S CLM LINE!
      Hello guest!
  11. I should also add that this is not just for ad supported websites... MANY large "non-forum" websites will need to create wide-sweeping data privacy elements, opt-ins, opt-outs etc to comply. This includes bloggers, loyalty apps and programs.... and dare I say it.... even religious organizations. Data is the new Oil.... and California wants to control it any way it can.
  12. The California Legislature has bombed one of the largest industries of its own state! Talk about shooting themselves in the foot.
  13. @TrueTomHarley Good call after what I have been reading this afternoon. I suspect ALL of our ad supported monetization schemes will only exist for the large corporations that can comply with them soon. See my latest posts from today and you see why.
  14. Admins, please add yours to this thread if you will be following the same course of action. Thank you. 1. TheWorldNewsMedia.org 2. ......

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