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  1. admin's post in Do the Forum Rules here have to be in Harmony with US Constitution? was marked as the answer   
    Let me be the first to answer this for @The Librarian since he seems to be getting heat as a moderator for a club on this platform.
    This site has its own Terms and Conditions and does NOT have to follow the US Constitution regarding "Free Speech". Each club owner/moderators also set subset rules for their own clubs as well. They can be "anti-this" or "pro-that" and I don't really care. 
    Think of this as "my house" where I can do anything that would be legal in the USA inside of my own home.
    That being said... I like the idea of allowing speech to be as free as it is on the streets of the USA.
    I cannot however break the laws of the US.
    The law however does allow me to control the speech allowed in my own home.
    Until such a time as some US Federal court tells me that I am somehow now a utility and must not censor anyone. I doubt that happens anytime soon. If anything a popular opinion right now is that the US needs to get into the business of censorship not out of it.
    I hope that clears things up.
  2. admin's post in Does Chromebook (ChromeOS) allow for multiple people to sign in at the same time? was marked as the answer   
    Sign in multiple people at the same time
    If you've added more than one Google Account to your Chromebook, you can:
    Switch between accounts without signing out and back in Move windows between accounts Sign in another person
    Before you can sign in another person, be sure you've added the second person to your Chromebook. Then follow these steps:
    Sign in to your Google Account. At the bottom right, select the time. Select your Google Account email. Select Sign in another user. You'll see a reminder to use the feature only with people you trust. Select OK. Pick a person, then enter their password. You can add up to 7 users. Note: If you're using your Chromebook at work or school, you might not be able to pick from all available users.
    Switch between accounts you're signed in to
    After you've added multiple people, you can switch between them:
    Sign in to your Google Account. At the bottom right, select the time. Select the person you'd like to switch to. All active people share some settings, such as networks. Other settings, like profile pictures and bookmarks, are specific to each person.
    Note: The Google Play Store and any downloaded Android apps are only available for the account that signed in first. To use them with a different account, sign out of all your accounts and sign in with the account you want to use.
    Move windows between people
    You can move windows between the Google Accounts that are signed in:
    Make sure you're signed in to two accounts at the same time. At the top of the window you want to move, right-click. Don’t select a tab. Select Move window to. Select the account where you’d like to move the window. Sign out of an account
    If you're signed in to multiple Google Accounts on your Chromebook, you can't sign out one by one. You'll need to sign out of all accounts at the same time.
    At the bottom right, select the time. Select Sign out all. Note: If you’re a Chromebook administrator at your organization, you can manage multiple sign-in access.
  3. admin's post in Delete this account was marked as the answer   
    I deleted your account.
  4. admin's post in Who is the oldest GB member? was marked as the answer   
    Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  is 80 years old. He is the oldest.
  5. admin's post in How can I redirect visitors from my old domain to this new domain? was marked as the answer   
    I figured it out after a little reading.
    Tips for deciding which type of forwarding to use:
    If you want your domain name to stay in the address bar of the browser use URL Frame. This hides the true address of the website to which your domain is forwarding (e.g., if you're forwarding www.example.com to http://www.example.org/www/images/website the address that will appear in the browser would be http://www.example.com).
    NOTE: When the user clicks on a link, your domain will no longer appear in the address bar. Sometimes if you are forwarding your website in a frame it may cause problems with navigation or the scripting on a website.
    If you simply want your domain to point to a different website, use URL Redirect. This forwards the domain to the other website and the domain you are forwarding will not appear in the address bar. This may be useful if you have a main company domain, and have a few other domains that you want to point to the main domain.
    If you are unsure you can always try both and see what suits you best.
  6. admin's post in I have not been receiving the usual JW-Archive email on a daily basis since January 30th. is it being discontinued? was marked as the answer   
    Due to soaring costs I was not able to continue paying for the email service to the 42,000 subscribers across the different topics.
    I had to close down social.jw-archive.org and join a section here on World News to cut costs as well.
    The Librarian
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