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  1. Yes. Ester ...! I must see if I can remember to use Google translate .. when I write something ... ;-) I usually read in my own language, because I have google to "Automatically" to translate when I open the page ..! Therefore, think that you have the same, so whether I'm writing in Russian ,,,,, that you can read it .... But I'll be aware of it in the future. Hi. Interestingly, the theme site is the WT.studio on Sunday ... from Ordsp. 28: 5. "Evil men do not understand correctly, with those seeking Jehovah understands everything." Ha. ha. If you want to be among those who "understand everything," you must know Jehovah really well ..! And when we see this vidio and these wonderful pictures and believe in His promises, we understand "practical wisdom" like Noah, Daniel, and Job. And because Jehovah has exciting things to show us in the future.!
  2. We just got the new Bible, a week ago here in Denmark .... BUT SONGING. !! We still need it, even though we have gone over to the new songbook for the past 1/2 year. If you do not have Ipad you can only follow if they show it on the big screen in the hall . But there are no nodes, so you can find out where to keep the tone or the weather. Google translator..!  Sorry.
  3. Before Jesus gave his life as a solution, the blood was also sacred. It is only because of the holiness of the blood that Jehovah could use Jesus' blood as a solution. Long time before ... So completely back from Adam and Eve, the blood was holy .. It's not something it has become because of Jesus' sacrifice .. It is certainly because of the language and Google translate that misunderstandings can occur ... And here we have a good explanation of Broadcasting from Nov. md.
  4. That's right too! But that's not why the blood is sacred. The blood is holy, because Jehovah gave a law that it is his and only his. The blood is the very life. Jehovah has the right to life. And, therefore, can use it as a solution, either in the form of burned sacrifices or as a solution through Christ. We do not have the right to swallow our blood. Or the blood of an animal. It's going to be back to Jehovah by letting it run out on earth after an opportunity. slaughter. It is very important that we have respect for the holiness of the blood. Not only in the issue of blood transfusion, but also in the way we treat it. Something holy. It is Jehovah's, and we do not want to rob him by being indifferent to the way it is used.
  5. When you look at the principle of the texts that forbid the intake of blood, it is not a matter of eating or consuming through a vein ... When Jehovah forbids blood or describes that they should let it run on the ground at slaughter, "Let it be holy, it's mine." The blood is Jehovah's. We do not have the right to use it as our own. We are subject to the principle that the blood is sacred that Jesus by his blood could run away from mankind. We do not have the right to administer and neglect the meaning of the blood .. IT IS JEHOVAS! Have use Google translate..! Johnny from Danmark.!
  6. We should be very careful to proclaim something that does not come from the faithful and clever servant ..! Knowing something that comes from the Witnesses of Earlier Jehovah does not provide an insight into how Jehovah views it, but "may" be a subtle way of Satan to cast doubt into our minds. We have been warned repeatedly to contend with something that comes from exiled and former Jehovah's witnesses who do not want to submit to Jehovah's rule ..! I have therefore not seen this film and can only endure it to be taken away. Jehovah's loving organization gives us all we need and those who do not want this and who have known for the truth, they have been excluded from the community to protect the true Christians.!
  7. 12 Og Gud tilføjede: „Dette er tegnet+ på den pagt som jeg sætter mellem mig og jer og hver levende sjæl der er hos jer, generation efter generation, for altid. 13 Min regnbue+ sætter jeg hermed* i skyen, og den skal tjene som et pagtstegn mellem mig og jorden. 14 Og når jeg bringer en sky over jorden, da skal regnbuen vise sig i skyen. 15 Og jeg vil huske min pagt+ som består mellem mig og jer og hver levende sjæl af alt kød;+ og aldrig mere vil vandene blive til en vandflod der ødelægger alt kød.+ 16 Og regnbuen skal komme i skyen,+ og jeg vil se den og huske pagten der varer ved+ mellem Gud og hver levende sjæl af alt kød der er på jorden.“+ 17 Og Gud gentog over for Noa: „Dette er tegnet på den pagt som jeg hermed opretter mellem mig og alt kød der er på jorden.“+
  8. Flot film, men bemærk: Udgivet af 7. dags-adventisterne med slutfokus på at holde sabbat den syvende dag. Ikke en JW-nyhed
  9. Ja... Det kunne jeg da tage med til de ælste til midtugemødet i aften. Hvis der ikke er Copyrigt på det ! Hvordan får jeg det ned på en usb.?
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