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  1. I was thinking that maybe best not to put any news or pictures of anything or anyone in Russia before or after the ban. Please remember thst country is very good at digging for secrets which could cause our brother/sisters lasting harm. Best Russian news in any other country/congregation
  2. Well done brother & sister. Father & daughter. It's the father's place to correct / encourage his daughter. With all that our brothers in Russia are going through I commend them on all they continue to do. Only Jehovah knows who belongs to him. We are not their judges. Love to each & everyone of them.
  3. I was only pointing out in my original comment. That my Autistic granddaughter doesnt see black & white. She sees right from wrong. Because Caleb (become Jehovahs friend)said no magic that is now her set rule age 7 (magic is wrong) end of.
  4. The new remake of beauty & the beast has dark side.witch craft etc & makes it ok
  5. I have a niece 17 who wanted to watch cinderellla dvd with my 7 year old granddaughter. My granddaughter has Autism & Caleb says Magic is wrong. We dont watch Disney dvds. Although years ago we all did. But its hard to tell some witnesses even dvds are wrong if magic in.
  6. im sorry I was thinking just the date again im sorry no disrespect to your hard work. sister/brother agape Sister Smith
  7. No one said no world war. After war comes a cry or peace+security for a while.because if after a war witnesses in that country would be in one place for spiritual encouragement. The world would have a peace summit.+ the end is here.
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