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  1. In fact the importance and purpose of song 138 don't change by whom it is sung. We don't adorate people. If Julio of who else is singing it we cannot give him special adorance. Kingdom songs were earlier sung by wordly stars. The GB never used officially kingdom songs to be sung by stars. The choirs we have and arrangements are sung by high quilified musicians, and they don't go for fame. The song 138 has been sung nice, but will not chnage the value if it when sung by a famous artist. We can and may enjoy it, but song 138 will not be used into the KH as important. Have a nice time all. Chedric
  2. The person here singing is Joan Manuel Serrat. Please search on You Tube for joan manuel serrat cantico 138. Brothers from Spain cleared the contention that this person has the same timbre into his voice as Julio Iglesias, but Julio Iglesias don't sing this song 138 here. This is the reason why people believe it's Julio Iglesias. Listen to for instance: Any one has the proofs it isn't so, come in .... Greetings