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  1. Dude.....smh, maybe if you spend less time bashing Jehovah, the congergation and the bible you'll notice and understand things. Give me the scripture relating to the sisters being a army preaching. Find the publication, video of sisters carrying the mic.
  2. What are you reaching for? A. Your not governed by that Law anymore. The principal still stands. Rape was big in the 80's...It became a joke/norm for women to say "I'd just give it to him" a scream shows it is unwanted. Obviously sick minds don't make since so let's use your wife,mom, sister or...Your daughter. Now this little hoe has all her cleavage showing, her g-string seen thru that white mini skirt. She's intoxicated...She's rubbing up on this guy and touching his chest. He's grabbing her buttocks but she's laughing. He's overhead asking her to come with him. They go out to his car, get into the back seat and begin kissing. Is that appropriate for your wife/sister/mother? Is she leading him on or adding fuel to the fire? So he pulls her panties down. YOUR DAUGHTER...YOUR BABY GIRL is giggling saying no softly as she kisses him. He is getting turned on the more she whispers no and kisses him. Mind you patrons of the bar are outside smoking wishing they were this lucky guy. They can somewhat see the show. Now they exit the car, she goes off he returns to the bar getting high fives from the guys. So the Ryan girl now says rape??? She never screamed, she led him on, she engaged in kissing. In God's eye and the Christian congregation I'd believe one might see it as her fault. No woman is AT FAULT for being raped but if it was MY wife I'd have to wonder why she flirted. Why didn't she try and escape/fight/scream? In some situations people can freeze up. Freezing up is the wrong answer. Your fighting for your life PERIOD. Jack Ryan I took this personal because your attacking Jah and those who sat down as a group...reseached,discussed and prayed for Holy Spirit to direct them on finding the correct answers to give to the flock. Jehovah loves her just like the man who comes into her life wants to love her. Knowing the world we live in one must be aware of many things . She must fight, yell to get help. If in fact someone hears her cry for help the crime is prevented and this woman isn't violated and left to feel shame. Â
  3. Everyone is inspired. Is Jehovah picking certain ones to tell things to? Yes He is. Reading that bible is like talking to God. Is Jehovah ONLY inspiring Jehovah Witnesses? No....anyone can seek Him and He can,will and does give direction to all those seeking THRU His Holy Spirit. Is the GB INSPIRED to learn more, seek direction thru His Word? YES!!! Are answer to questions handed to the GB? Does Jehovah talk out decision with the GB? I honestly don't need to reply to that do I? This is minor....Thru Jesus we were able to come to Jah thru prayer. We have that HELPER...so with that we are 10x closer to Him. His inspired Word We have inspirations Because of Him we were inspired to dig a little deeper. This isn't a smack in the face.....this fortified the love He has for mankind. Even the greatest is least. No,
  4. It isn't a rejection of past teachings...It is a change in teaching. Better yet, it is a change in the understanding. How many Surgeon Generals warnings have been rejected by new Surgeon Generals? How many doctors rejected the course of treatment that was ONCE considered normal procedure? Remember when chlorine was considered the ingredient to kill any germ in swimming pools? As we grow...go further, things change. Either it is because we got smarter or we finally understood what we(Jehovah) already knew(was telling us thru His Holy Spirit)
  5. We ASK for Holy Spirit on matters. We ASK and He gives. So those asking receive. If I think outside of bible teaching on a matter....I will sit with the brothers. Prior to diving into the discussion they(the brothers) will pray for His Holy Spirit so that I may see for myself the biblical principles on the matter. So when 2 or more come together to pray.....HE IS THERE WITH US. I forgot, what were you saying?
  6. And after putting 40 years into His service your upset. It is easy to find fault. To feel Brother he did it too should have suffered the way you did. Maybe Jah sees things different. Maybe after 40 yrs you feel this world has much more to offer...maybe this world will continue as it is. You know better....your better then this. Satan is enjoying this. He is laughing at YOUR expense. How proud can you be to be with a family that isn't to proud to say WE MISPOKE? Not missing a beat but go on TOGETHER learning more and more? Find that love once again, allow Jehovah to accept your apology. Heal yourself and share the love you once had with unbelievers.
  7. So are you wanting to return? Or are you now into criticizing? None of us know how Jehovah will change things up. Meaning we might have been right about some things and wrong about some. But we keep searching, asking and with our own minds we end up grasping what is to be known. What you knew in 2015.....might be adjusted, different or more precise today. All due respect but your comments are as if your angry unbelieving now. That would be considered going against the spirit yes? Out of all you once knew....the love you once had, isn't it respectful NOT to comment so as to not mislead a fragile mind?
  8. Reread Saturday's Daily text. For those who seem to be negative we all are imperfect. When the light gets brighter.....we change according to the new knowledge
  9. Wasn't this just answered last week? That answer is NO. They pray for insight and they can be wrong. No one person is higher then another in the GB. This is WHY positions and duties change yearly.
  10. Funniest stuff ever. Contrar to popular belief the hebrew language DID have vowels. They were like heirogrifics. So Jehovah WAS used in spelling. The crying sister couldn't believe the disrespect shown. How angry are you to go to such lengths? Blood???? Family cut off????
  11. We were told communication with family members was fine. Just not on spiritual matters
  12. My sister, I was once on Facebook  and recently ended that. I would like to still have contact with my worldwide family. Much love from North Clemmons  Congregation  Clemmons  North Carolina 

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