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  1. I  wish  you  a  wonderful  relaxing  weekend...  put  your  legs  above,  drink  a  nice  tea  or  a  greek  wine  and  lets  dangle  your  soul... :D  Or  still  fast  writing  some  letters  to  Putin?  I  got  a  new  official  statement  from  Bethel, bec. all  letters  to  Moscow !  A long - time  sister  wrote  it  per  Whatsapp. Look  my  posting...

    We  all  must  ask  for  ourselves  by  post - office. Time  is  pressing  now >>>>>>>>>>  Greetings  from  Germany :)

    1. ARchiv@L


      So good to see this message ! 9_9yes, we need some rest, and am sure you all like some of greek wine ! Personally I prefer the sweet red:x wine, which I want to share with you, sometime in the future, new :)system perhaps?! Yes!

      Well not much time to rest because we have the memorial campaign and we are all busy. I had already prepared all the 6 letters already, thanks ! – ^_^

      my greetings to all, and especially to all our brothers and sisters in Russia, and we are also watching the news for any latest details or “development” … 
      [greetings from a sunny morning here in Greece]B|

    2. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      WOW...  always  diligent  our  ARchiv@L!!  Yes,  very  importend  the  memorial  campaign  too !   I  like  the  same  wine,  sweet  red, hahaha

      Yes,  we  share  some  bottles  in  the  NW...  xD  Can't  wait.....

      Did  you  make  handwriting?  All  6  letters? WOW !  Sunny  greetings  from  Germany  to  Greece,  to  you :) &  all  sad  Brothers  in  Russia !

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