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  1. internet in 1 min.


    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Look at the Google Search queries growth in one year. One minute on the Internet is incredible.

    2. ARchiv@L
  2. I see now that some facebooks are working .... I mean the fb gets the posts from this forum. have a look at the "Leaderboard" on top of the page. thanks.
  3. HELLO EVERYONE, I do not know much of the computer language, but seems that the lasts days it was difficult to connect to this FORUM. now for the last 2 days I noticed that some posts do not appear on facebooks as that used to be so. I think we should wait for a couple of days, and give the admins some time, to work on that too. please leave a message if you have any other problem so the admins will see it and work on it too my greetings to all
  4. In these situations, I try either stay at home, or stay as far away from all these actions. Thank you.
  5. @Nicole .. .I will send you my answers by mail, because I do not like to ask / answer personal matters online .... thank you for your comment.
  6. yes there was problem today all over Athens due to strike and rain and traffic of course .... @The Librarian .... but am fine ..... thank you for the comments.
  7. yes thank you. I hope this works even better with all the thousands of visits we get daily.
  8. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (a branch of the Russian Orthodox Church) can be de facto banned in Ukraine. And this is more than half of all parishes of the ROC. The Church will be deprived of most of its flock and influence and will cease to be the largest Orthodox church in the world. Patriarch Kirill hurriedly wrote letters to world leaders asking for help. "Such restrictive religious legislation did not work in Ukraine even during the communist regime, and in the rest of Europe something like this existed only during Nazi rule in Germany," Kirill said. The new laws will become "a blatant example of the violation of human rights to freedom of religious confession," the patriarch is indignant. Earlier the temples of the UOC-MP had already been subjected to seizures, acts of vandalism, attacked and beaten the believers. Laws do not work? The rights are not respected? Terrible situation? Of course. And now it will intensify. "All of the above arguments in defense of the Orthodox in Ukraine - in practice, the proof of the arguments in defense of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia", writes the religious expert Dmitry Klyachin. The patriarch asks for protection, in particular, for Angela Merkel, whose opinion about the persecution of Jehovah's patriarchal witnesses was completely uninterested. We will not gloat, but it is impossible not to remember: "Do not dig another pit ..."
  9. hhahhahahahahhaa.... @Queen Esther tell me this same thing does not happen in this FORUM ... yes? / no? hahahhahhahaa
  10. yes, I know I will need my glasses or magnifying glass and my flashlight as well
  11. for example .... see what is going on everyone is talking about virus, or "attacks" .... this only happens with your personal fb profile for example, but never had this problem here. !!
  12. I NEVER - NEVER HAD problems with any of the Librarians pages.. NEVER ... it is only of recently that this FORUM has got thousands of visits from all over the world, that I could not even open a single page of this forum because of too many hits / visits / traffic. I only experienced problem with FIre-fox that the forum could not open for some days. now that problem is gone ., days ago .... both browsers firefox and chrome are working well for me (and my laptop) thank you very much @admin and @The Librarian
  13. yes, I can see that too .... seems that the "moving" to new servers is working good .. because I see this globe here has got at least 10-15 000 (thousand) visits per day .... thank you all !!!
  14. This is the new Google Earth 


    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther


      Thank you dear ARchiv@L✔️:D 

  15. this is unbelievable, ..... 567 recent cities from 59 countries 7,533,394 visits what is going on ? I can not understand so many visits !!
  16. this is an image of this forum globe numbers. this is how it looks. we got THOUSANDS of visits WORLDWIDE. THANK YOU EVERYONE !!
  17. Εικόνες καταστροφής στον σταθμό Σενάγια Πλόσαντ - Τοπικά ΜΜΕ κάνουν λόγο για πάνω από 50 τραυματίες - Έκρηξη στο μετρό της Αγίας Πετρούπολης - Τουλάχιστον 11 νεκροί
      Hello guest!
  18. After “moving to other servers”, I hope it works fine, ~ because I noticed, 
    there are THOUSANDS of visits (per day), from more than 140 cities per day !!
    Thank you everyone.

    1. ARchiv@L


      and this image was just YESTERDAY !! ~ (2017.03.28) ~

    2. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      This is truly becoming a major forum on the Internet.... I am enjoying it as well.

    3. ARchiv@L


      seems that this forum has got more than 15,000 visits / day, O.o for the last 10 days, as I see the number today 9_9 has reached 7,363,000 visits !!! ~ THANK YOU everyone !!!B|

  19. After “moving to other servers”, I hope it works fine, ~ because I noticed, 
    there are THOUSANDS of visits (per day), from more than 140 cities per day !!
    Thank you everyone.

    1. ARchiv@L


      this appears double times, :D and it is not my fault..... (long distance cable perhaps?!) :D

  20. To ηφαίστειο Καμπάλνι, «ξύπνησε» για πρώτη μετά από 250 χρόνια. Έκπληκτοι δηλώνουν οι επιστήμονες στη Ρωσία από την έκρηξη του ηφαιστείου Καμπάλνι, την πρώτη μετά από 250 χρόνια «σιγής».
      Hello guest!
    thank you @The Librarian

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