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  1. Jehovah is the only answer for everlasting life?? Thanks Bible Speaks for encouraging us to think? ALL these articles are valuable? to make you think! Consider being on the winning team, Jehovah's team??
  2. Thanks Bible Speaks for sharing CNN message! God is our Refuge in the opened Bible from turmoil in Mississippi! Jehovah has unique ways of sending all of us messages! Thank you Jehovah & I love you??
  3. Bible Speaks, I love this video about Edgardo Franco! Satan does anything & everything to distract us from Jehovah❤️??Thanks!
  4. Yes as we do not need the resurrection if all of us are going going to Heaven! Thanks Sarah????
  5. Yes & Satan is the Father of the lie! We need to make sure we are on Jehovah's team in order to have Jehovah's protection all the time & forever! Thanks Jehovah! Thanks Sarah for the information! ????❤️
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