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  1. 20171224_143604.jpgHi Queen Esther, how are you my sister? My sister I visited one of the kingdom halls in Swaziland, you know there are people who love Jehovah out there, you see this brother in the middle ,this brother walks 30 km in the mountains to and from the kingdom hall, and he's the only elder with no ministerial servant in their congregation of +-30 publishers,and he's only 26 yrs old. May Jehovah god give him strength to continue. 

    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Oh, thank you so much dear Brother @David Mahlangu :)  What a wonderful Brother you have in Swaziland :x  So faithful, grateful and diligent, thats love with his full heart and soul?❤️ Jehovah will especially love him I think.  I feel, he must get the power from Jehovah, going over the normal, yes !  He is still young and he can do that all... but I hope, soon they will have a small Kingdom Hall more in his nearness, then he can take more power for special things.  But now they need him in his current congregation !  I read different such of wonderful stories just always about Brothers in Africa? Must be a special spirit over some countries... :)  Thank you very much for the nice message my Brother. May Jehovah bless all these especially Brothers worldwide❤️

      Greetings from my home in Germany???

  2. It can be as simple as it looks but Jehovah's spirit is in there. Well done brothers Jehovah is with you there, remember "DON'T GIVE UP".Keep up your good work for Jehovah. We love you so much
  3. Hi sister Esther, how are you my dear sister?im David Mahlangu from RSA, my sister I don't receive emails from "the world news media " anymore. I used to receive emails every morning but as from the 16th of august I don't. May you please help me my sister,cause I really miss your topics, and they inspired me. Enjoy your day my sister
  4. Wow!what a nice building, you can see that Jehovah's hand was involved there thank you Queen Esther.
  5. All this new developments in Russia makes me see that we are actually in a true religion, remember what Jesus said in John 17:16" they are no part of the world,just as i m no part of the world", that is why they hate us. so brothers and sisters we have to remember that in one way or the other, all bible prophecies have to be fulfilled before Armagedon. John 15:20b says "if they have persecuted me,they will also persecute you".it is very painful but it has to happen. So brothers in Russia Jehovah is with you don't give up.
  6. Hi Queen Ester, im from south africa, my city is witbank,we enjoyed our memorial,we were 236.
  7. Thank you so much Queen Ester for updating us,enjoy your memorial my sister.
  8. I'm very happy for our brothers in Russia, brother's keep hiding under Jehovah's wings you won't go wrong Jehovah is more powerful, don't be afraid he's always with you, enjoy your memorial,we love you so much. David Mahlangu and family RSA
  9. Of course this wicked system encourage polygamy, gay, abortions, and even sex with your relatives in some cultures. but let's keep up brother's soon Jehovah will bring his judgement to this wicked system. Keep up the good work. David
  10. Just imagine if Noah didn't listen to Jehovah. it was going to be a game over.
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