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  1. Yes, it scares me when I see young girls dressing like pretending to be older women, and wearing so provocative, posting selfies on their social media and receiving nasty messages or comments
  2. Word Association Game

  3. In-N-Out

    On last Wednesday I was craving for a McDonalds since usually I don't eat that kind of food but then I saw the staff at the kitchen preparing the burgers without wearing gloves and also remember that I saw the same thing at another McDonalds , so no more McDonalds for me. I'm going to try this new restaurant at my country
  4. Just finished enjoying a very pleasant morning service :) 

  5. That story made me cry when I heard of it and watched the movie a few years ago also made me admire more the qualities that some animals show and many people's heart lack despite being called "friends" or "relatives"
  6. No, esto es por un sistema de circulación ciclónica que está cerca. Hoy no hubo lluvias, gracias por preguntar
  7. Foto: Auxiliadora Martínez Ampliar La población en Camoapa ha sufrido con las lluvias de los últimos días. Los municipios de Corinto, Nandaime, Tola, Juigalpa, Acoyapa (Pacífico de Nicaragua) y Rosita (Caribe del país), son los más afectados por las lluvias este sábado, informaron las autoridades, que registran 52 casas anegadas por los aguaceros en las últimas horas. Nicaragua está sometida a un fenómeno del clima que provoca lluvias y que tiene su origen en Honduras. Las autoridades dieron a conocer ayer que las lluvias han provocado pérdidas de más de dos millones de dólares en la infraestructura del país, aunque ninguna persona ha muerto, a diferencia de Guatemala y El Salvador, donde sí hay fallecidos. Por otro lado, en Nicaragua son 17 los municipios que presentan lluvias moderadas: la Cruz de Río Grande, San Lorenzo, Chinandega, Diriamba, El Viejo, León, Nagarote, Masatepe, Rivas, Telpaneca, Camoapa, Ocotal, Jalapa, Jicaro, Matagalpa, Siuna y Laguna de Perla. Leer más:
      Hello guest!
  8. Es fascinante leer sobre la historia teocrática de mi pais. Que Jehová siga bendiciendo la obra 😊🙏
  9. Was Jesus a minimalist?

    hahahah you just made my day my dear friend @Queen Esther
  10. Was Jesus a minimalist?

    As per Google it is 4.7 ft. Sorry, here we are not used to ft and inches only metres when talking about height
  11. Was Jesus a minimalist?

    It means that I've been "minimalized" all the time my height is 1.48 metres
  12. Good night Sweetie, thank you 😊😴❤
  13. Beckham younger... I'd love to learn how to play tennis, you'll have to teach me, please add it to our to-do list in Paradise 😀
  14. I'm not defending him, I'm just joking about their childish behaviour 😂😂😂 by that time my only one soccer crush was David Beckham, now that I'm old, no more crush 😍😂😂😂
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