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  1. Qué rica mi ensalada :) 


  2. Oyendo la lluvia caer y tomando café 


    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Buenos dias!  I'm on my way to go buy a coffee now..... mmmm. 

    2. Nicole


      I love coffee too @Sonita

  3. 20171025_115415.jpg

    ¿A quien más le gusta la hierba buena? Who else loves hierba buena? how do you call this in English? I love the flavour that it  gives to food :P

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    2. Nicole


      @Michael Krewson Is Mint how you call it in English? 

    3. Michael Krewson

      Michael Krewson

      I'm not sure... that would make sense though.

    4. Nicole


      maybe weed good hahahaha

  4. Nate en Nicaragua: 12 muertos y 3,518 viviendas afectadas El gobierno de Nicaragua informó hoy que el paso de la tormenta Nate y de un eje de vaguada dejaron 12 muertos, más de tres mil casas dañadas y 54 municipios afectados
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  5. Weird for me too, maybe because English is not my mother language... also we have not said that we are not grateful for Holy Spirit, of course we should be grateful in the case we have it Thanks for posting those Nicaraguan photos, it brought back memories of those years when I was a young pioneer
  6. A little tasty shrimps - meal.... Enjoy !

    Sin cáscara por favor
  7. Mucha lluvia :( :D 

  8. @Queen Esther Russia now and other countries under ban need only to ask Jehovah for Holy Spirit and like the scriptures tell us, perhaps we will not be able to have large groups. In fact when we conduct a Bible Study we also have Holy Spirit. Are we not grateful? ?????? In Nicaragua JWs are not banned yet, maybe in the near future since Putin and Ortega have a closed relationship. In the 80's they were banned under Daniel Ortega government, the same current president. This small Kingdom Hall seems to be in a rural area. Although I remember meeting in a place like this in 2000, without floor tiles, rest room, when we didn't have the Kingdom Hall that we have now.
  9. Las principales afectaciones se han dado por inundaciones en zonas urbanas y desbordes de ríos en áreas rurales. La depresión tropical 16 y la onda tropical 37 de la temporada húmeda se combinaron para causar intensas lluvias al norte de Nicaragua, que se encuentra en alerta amarilla, informó hoy la organización no gubernamental Centro Humboldt. "Esta depresión se ha combinado con la onda tropical 37 que ha ingresado también por la costa norte del Caribe y ha generado condiciones bastantes fuertes de lluvias en la zona norte y centro del país", detalló el Centro Humboldt, en una nota de prensa emitida este miércoles. Leer más:
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  10. Women Being Used To Do Roving Microphones 🎤

    @Bible Speaks I am not saying the opposite, as I said it is good to be helpful. I served as a full time minister, also in construction work, literature organizer and other aspects, I get the same feeling of satisfaction I get when I preach someone formal or informal, teach a bible student or when I help children with cancer of with cleft lip, (which is not my job) helping others is awesome, but as I said before in my personal opinion, is not pleasant to be reading in the Bible Book meeting when there are one or two men who are not able to do it because they don't want to, or lead a service group because is Sunday and men want to rest, in a congregation of 60 publishers by that time where there were women and men, if you have been in this same situation and it has been pleasant for you...Congratulations, felicitaciones!!! Also even when there is not any more capable men to do these tasks in a small group or congregation, it is tiring for women, my female friends is constantly inviting some brothers to go and help the only one elder at that group. Jehovah has answered their prayers and eventually in the year they receive visits from other congregations, even brothers from outside our country
  11. Women Being Used To Do Roving Microphones 🎤

    When I was young I remember a few ocassions I had to lead the service group and read for the Bible Book study. It was good to be helpful but my personal opinion, it was not pleasant to see that there were no any man able or present to do these tasks.
  12. Women Being Used To Do Roving Microphones 🎤

    That is very common where need is greater, I have a female friend that does the same in a region of my country