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  1. And that was not even the first “save disk”
  2. Why waste drug testing on non drug users? That would be my first question. Being fired from a job for drug use is an automatic disqualification for unemployment benefits in all the states I know of. Waste? If drug use is not an issue, wouldn’t it be a waste to test for drugs? Who would benefit? The companies that provide drug testing would now be in line for government tax dollars. Government leadership could establish departments to manage oversite so jobs would be created. That doesn’t seem to be a wise use of resources. Misinformed? Is it possible that this poli
  3. I didn’t associate the expiration’s with non-renewal. Interesting.
  4. This is great! Innovative! The question is? Where will people work when robots do all the work? The movie Wally might remind us where balance can be beneficial. Maybe some sort of compensation to use robots in lieu of people?
  5. Wally and War Games were the first two movies that came to my mind.
  6. So we need to be thinking.... the only caveat I can see in this "The economy always wins and workers always loose,"is that people will still need to buy the products to keep the need for the robots. That will buy some time...until the computers no longer need humans... then humans will have to look back and realize our own greed caused it to happen. Perhaps it will be too late to save our existence.
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