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  1. Exclusive Interview: JW.ORG - Jehovah's Witnesses Banned in Russia; Court Ruling Upheld Today What do YOU think about this ban? Is it fundamentally wrong or justified? http://bit.ly/2ut3H8C JW.ORG News jw.org deaf Jehovah's Witness Jóvenes Testigos de JehováJehovahs Witnesses & Friends Jehovah's Witnesses ExaminerWatchtower.org
  2. http://www.worldreligionnews.com/religion-news/exclusive-interview-jehovahs-witnesses-banned-russia-court-ruling-upheld-today
  3. Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses; Labels Them "Extremists." http://bit.ly/2oUXkWy
  4. Russian Ministry of Justice Finds No Legal Basis to Target Jehovah's Witnesses. http://bit.ly/2ot54gC

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