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  1. I say this because Jesus told us about it in Revelation 21:8 NWT. When the door closes on all unrepentant sinners they will be spiritually snatched away by the invasive forces that are coming upon this planet exactly as Jesus described. We should be looking to the sun and the moon, the stars and all the tribulations to find these answers and it is hoped that many people will change their minds before then...but the current climate suggests many won't. The reason Almighty God, Jehovah, is so harsh on them is because they would be the first to rebel within the climate of righteousness, as they have no peaceful presence, and refuse any, Biblical instruction. It would be like going through the last 2000 years all over again.
  2. It seems to me, an avid Bible student, that Satan has always worked the same deceits on the general population, here on planet Earth, since way before Jesus. His tactics have never change. He demands truth and honesty from the population but he himself, and all his cohorts, rally themselves around lies and deceit…deceits which cannot be seen, unless we, ourselves, follow righteous teaching…then we innocently speak truthfully, behave truthfully, and expect truthfulness in response. Thus greed, selfishness, squeezing the last ounce of strength out of humanity, out of more honest people, becomes harder, because it is all built upon lies. It is spiritual oppression and the Jews should all be well acquainted with it. The Romans were good at it before Jesus, during Jesus, and have continued ever since, and every authority has the same standards, and this is reflected by the attitudes and health of the world’s population today. It is important to realise that all this unrighteous duplicity is what causes our misery, our distress, our depressions, our health to fail, and what gives evil all its strength, and so, to be an asset in the forthcoming, righteous, new heaven and new Earth, we need to repent and follow truthfulness and honesty, as Jesus Christ taught us. Even though the general population cannot now distinguish between the two…the fiery lake of sulphur can.
  3. I can give a good account of hell. It is a fiery lake of sulphur which is a celestial, rogue body that is part of a rogue celestial system coming into our solar space even as we speak. It is already causing 'great tribulations' all over the world and is causing Satan to take, what he considers, to be evasive action. But we know that all those written about in Revelation 21:8 will be spiritually sucked into its gravitational embrace when it leaves our space and is centrifugally hurled back out into space leaving all those wearing Jesus Christ's righteous armour to get on with things in a new heaven and a new Earth along with a new universal science which will confirm everything that Jesus said and did as being totally, absolutely, and wonderfully true...and an eternity of loving care and responsible happiness to get use to the idea. It may seem brutal but Almighty God, Jehovah and Jesus Christ hold them entirely responsible for all the chaos over the past 2000 years and which would continue unabated if they can't be bothered to repent in a meaningful way before their Judgement.
  4. It's all so very sad. People who make a stance for righteousness sake get persecuted, just as Jesus was persecuted. The reason is obvious...hit out at people who offer no serious threat or don't offer any powerful physical resistance and you can send out shock-waves around the whole region that you are big and strong, so, 'don't mess with us'. Its all a bit of a con....but people have been falling for that bullying con since before Jesus. We are living in the time of the end and we must realise that these are the things Jesus warned us about. He also taught us about the approach of Wormwood and its function in separating the faithful from the unfaithful and that time is getting ever nearer...and all the righteous know for a fact the the fiery lake of sulphur will not, spiritually' harm them. This backlash from the unsaved, though, is why we need to fully embrace the 'one to one' relationship we have with our much loved saviour and his father...Jehovah.
  5. Everyone in the world is lost, except those who value righteousness exactly as Jesus taught us...this means that there are many who are wild and inconsolable in their outrage and ready to hit out at others to appease their inner turmoil. Jesus' teaching offers such people a solid path to refresh their inner injuries whilst also offering those injured by Satan's unprovoked attacks, with resurrection...into a new heavens and a new Earth...and Jesus proved this to us by his own resurrection...The Fiery Lake of Sulphur can't be too far off...now.
  6. In the beginning was the 'word' and Jesus is the 'word' made flesh. So everything Jesus did is a personification of the hidden code that controls the universe...a code that Almighty God is the controller of and by which he kick-started planet Earth out of its void, tidally-locked state, back into a life-supporting planet by, using the same chemistry that already lay dormant within the planet. It's all electric mechanics, you see...the same electrics that all atoms and all stars are made out of...the same electrics that Almighty God, being a Spirit, is the personification of, the same spiritual/electric mechanics that Jesus taught us about, and the same electronics that righteousness thrives upon...we just have to absorb that 'word' accurately, as Jesus intended. Good advice seeing that the approach of Wormwood is also controlled by electronics and only Jesus Christ and Almighty God, Jehovah, know how to best protect ourselves from its many tendrils of destruction.
  7. It's just the same old battle that Jesus encountered with the Jewish leaders...so we know how to deal with it. Soon, as Wormwood approaches, the whole world will be screaming out to Jesus for help and that help will come...through the righteous integrity of Jehovah's Witnesses...So we must be very careful how we treat them, unless, of course, a fiery lake of sulphur, for all eternity, is your hearts desire.
  8. When terrorism raises its ugly head we know that the perpetrators are expressing their desire to be excluded from the benefits of God's Judgement. Almighty God has the detail of every event...he has resurrection in his toolbox...and he has his promises to the innocent and the righteous, the faithful and the truly repentant...Almighty God has declared his cut-off point, whereby all terrorists will be taken away according to the restraints in Revelation 21:8...but deep scientific analysis will be required by man to determine exactly who these terrorists actually are. Almighty God knows...It is those who will have no righteous resistance on Judgment Day.

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