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  1. I believe that Mr JWI raises an excellent point
  2. I’ll be ready, TrueTom. Thanks. You rock! Anybody interested in buying my condo on the lake?
  3. Oh no! TrueTom might leave? But I like him. And I like The Librarian. Such a nice lady. Why oh why does TrueTom have to be mean to her, calling her an old hen? Can't we all just get along?
  4. I am very proud to say that I like everything about @TrueTomHarley. In fact, to say I am a sycophant of him is to sell me short. I find him - well, 'dashing.'
  5. How How can you say that?!! She has worked tirelessly for the interests of all. (the kindly creature) This disloyal comment tells more of YOUR bitter attitude, TrueTom, than it does the Librarian! (Your books suck. THAT is why she won't let you promote them)
  6. We have been asked by @The Librarian, who is boundlessly wise and kind, to start a new thread whenever we have a new thought. I think it is very important to comply with her wishes. She is only seeking the greater good. I am impressed with the hard work that she tirelessly puts in so that the rest of us may enjoy an enlightening, yet peaceful, forum. I, for one, will start a new thread if I so much as belch. I have heard troubling reports that she has been kidnapped by @TrueTomHarley. I certainly hope that this is not true, and if it is, that this misunderstanding is cleared up right away and no harm comes to this fine woman.
  7. Excuse me, Miss @The Librarian. You told us to talk about overlapping generations. Petie is talking about something else. He shouldn't be doing that. Make him start a new thread.
  8. That's when @TrueTomHarley is at his finest.

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