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  1. This is my congregation & we're all really excited as we desperately needed a bigger hall. Our KH in Appleby was an old converted Chapel & became far too small for us This hall is right on the main A66 just outside Appleby & will have lots of parking spaces. My apartment is the nearest to the new hall of any of the brothers & sisters too so I'm really excited.
  2. The update is that a draft resolution is being discussed & it is hoped a resolution of the UNSC will be forthcoming this week 👍🏼
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  3. This talk of trying to obtain a global ceasefire so that nations can fight the Coronavirus sure looks interesting! If they do manage to sanction some sort of global truce then the UN and its members may well start claiming Peace & Security. 2020 being the 75th Anniversary of the ending of WW2 & the formation of the UN in 1945. As Putin said it would be "symbolic"
  4. Reading the news reports on this potentially major find I was delighted to read that this clay seal purported to be a clay seal of Isaiah was found only 10 feel away from where the Royal seal of Hezekiah - King of Judea & Jerusalem - had been found recently also. As we will all remember from the drama at the convention in 2016, King Hezekiah looked to Isaiah for counsel from Jehovah on matters of state. So for these signature seals to be found in close proximity, yet again we find the Bible being proved accurate & historical. Amazing to think also that these seals date back
  5. Thank you for posting this. I've been thinking about the brothers & sisters in Russia & worrying how they managed to observe this year's memorial. Hope all our prayers to Jehovah on behalf of all those undergoing intense persecution around the world, helped. I don't think I'm alone wondering wether this year's Memorial will turn out to have been the last...but whatever we love our worldwide brotherhood & just encourage one another to endure to the end & not give up!
  6. @USASister A wonderful experience sister with Carmella - we pray she will cope with the pain & not give up her studies
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