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  1. Another article on the subject.......... "The Peace & Security of Europe held hostage by Islamic Turkey"
      Hello guest!
  2. @The Librarian Here is the link to POTUS Mr DT ratcheting up the situation with North Korea announcing more sanctions at the UN Trump clearly mentions NK sanctions being necessary as they pose a threat to international peace & security too Â
  3. @The Librarian Donald Trump defo mentioned Peace & Security of the world today talking about the threat to it globally posed by North Korea.... amazing how at a time of possible nuclear war etc world leaders are talking about peace & security or safety..... Tick tock
  4. @The Librarian it's International day of peace tomorrow as always on Sept 21st this year the theme is Peace & safety & dignity for all some Bibles translate 1 Thess as Peace & Safety as an alternative to Peace & Security just interesting how Peace & Safety or Security seems to be on so many lips regarding world leaders when actually the opposite is true with dire threats etc of nuclear war with North Korea the mother of #fakenews Peace & Safety?!!! ????
  5. @The Librarian He did but in a more diplomatic way. Thought it interesting that DT as POTUS threw down the gauntlet at the UN also.....on instagramb Â

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