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  1. And that is how the globalist state religion is born. As well as all independent religion is crushed never to come back again. They are taking the mark.
  2. Except today it is with a specific goal they have in mind and an escalated drive to make their vision come true. Frankly they are tired of waiting for it to come true, thus the greater urgency.
  3. I find it interesting the very ones making the calls for peace and security are the very ones making things 'shakey'... It's all a ruse that will backfire on them. I don't think many who believe the Bible realize just how this is orchestrated. Basically what I am saying is it is not the results of organic natural behaviors. It is about Elitists arranging chaos so they can present the 'solution' to something that just does not exist. They will be the aggressors against God's people as well. They will try to maneuver God's people and force them to react. These fake events involving JW's will be
  4. I appreciate the post. But it does not make a previous story true. I can say with a good amount of certainty that this story too is fake. The reason I say this is all previous 'events' I and others have researched have been proven to be fake events all to promote the idea of a jihad worldwide war which in all honesty simply does not exist. Sure there are beliefs where those who believe in Islam believe they have something superior. I am not saying some conflicts as in wars between nations don't exist, obviously they do. But when it comes to media reports all they say should be considered very
  5. @USASister OK I just noticed you made a large letter speaking against me so I feel I should make a response. You keep saying this person as though you are not directing the words to me but you are. That shows deceit in your character if you have something to say to me then just say it. Instead of speaking around me. You keep saying this poor girl died as though you really KNOW when you do not know you go only by what you have been told. You have not any proof of this event. Just reports. As far as the organization telling the truth well even there you are basing it upon trust. The Bible s
  6. @USASister That's fine. I am not making assumptions about you personally. I was merely stating why people are falling for what the tv says. They need to really examine what is being presented to them if they do they will find they are not factual events. That's all I was saying.
  7. Thank You Julie I appreciate what you did. I still find the story a bit ambiguous. I researched this and many things do not add up. Eyewitness accounts, hero testimony, it all has hoax written all over it.. I hate to say this especially when it comes to the org. But I still do not believe this its a factless based event. The picture you provided is blurry and could have been photo-shopped easily. I would not accept that one piece of evidence if many other aspects have credibility issues as I mentioned earlier.
  8. @Kurt I would like to know who on facebook provided that picture and where did they get it from?
  9. @Kurt Sorry Kurt I don't buy it.. The source is not a proven source it could be anyones image. It also is a made up assertion that a group called Isis was involved. To me this is a rumor. None of it is proven even if the media peddles it that does not make it true especially when they provide no evidences. The things that have been shown have contradictions and oddities.
  10. @Kurt Thank You Kurt, I looked at the sources but none of them seemed to name the victim. Also that photo on facebook could be anyone there is no way to confirm her as a witness. If she was at a Kingdom hall then maybe that would be better proof. Maybe I missed something due to the language differences.
  11. @USASister I pretty much explained what I mean by more factual in my last post. I am an avid current events observer. I have been seeing alot of news reports that just are not actual real events. This one has the same oddities which leans to not having any credibility. This could have some pretty serious implications. In order to know what I am talking about one has to really check out the current events called news events and check for oddities in them. Only then can one know what I am saying. Until one does that they will just accept what they are being told from tv.
  12. @Julie Bayley Yes I too have been following this event. As well as others. I noticed some discrepancies in the story. I find that the names of the victims being withheld is suspect. Then the paramedic is said in the bbc article to have been stabbed 4 times in the neck and chest and yet in videos he only has his arm in a sling and a few bandaid gauzes on his arm. Those are contradictions. Also an 'eyewitness' on a radio program said it was a huge knife but the person could not describe the attacker. That is suspicious right there. Then I saw in a video a woman on the scene as a paramedic laughi
  13. @Julie Bayley I see what appears to have the colors of the JW logo and some form of picture but it does not quite look like a cart. It looks more like a garbage container to me. Do you know if there is a better picture somewhere?
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