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  1. This are beautiful attributes of personality. Soooo .... it is not important do you (or anyone else) in JWorg or not ?
  2. @BillyTheKid46I found this on internet: It seems how Structures in WT are well educated in talking about end of the world. :))
  3. 1) I don't think how WT is only who believe in 6000 years of human existence. 2) It is personal decision on what individual find reasonable to believe. 3) I don't think how any Structure (Institution, Organization, Religion, Company, Corporation) receiving HS. Only thing to believe as possible is, how person as individual, or as group of people are in position to receive HS.
  4. Do you suggest, how WT can calculate and predict future events because of "prophetic cycles" ?
  5. Read more carefully what i wrote, please. I didn't connect "6000 years cycle" with cyclical events of any sort. Science can tell us more about "cycles" in nature, on Earth or in Space.
  6. Do you want to say how i am mentally unstable, too ? :)) ... so, listed name of people are not the Only Ones? :)) According to Science and Experts on various fields on Human, cells of every organism changed everyday. Changing are at various cycles, from every day (or shorter) to every few years. Looking on your question in that way, Human Not Stayed the Same, all has been Changed. But nature of people Stayed as before, there was good and bad as before. Also, Events you mentioned are Cyclical. So, that Stayed as was Before too. Quantity of Events? I don't know. Written History is too short to provide us information, and Humankind have no Statistic about all Events of any Sort (for example people have no records about how much rain failed before 756 years in land now called North Texas?). Deteriorated? If you ask, such question, people who are in food shortage, conditions are bad. If you ask the same, people whose ancestors were slaves to their masters, perhaps it is better now.
  7. One thing is absolutely certain, Bible chronology reinforced with fulfilled Bible prophecy shows that six thousand years of man’s existence will soon be up, yes, within this generation! (Matt. 24:34) I the same time teaching was: This "generation" (of 1914) will not pass away - but Kingdom will rule Over the Earth instead satan's worldly system. Well, we can ask now: About what "generation" Jesus speaking? And more important - about what "generation" WT Society speaking? 1) About "generation" who will see end of 6000 years of humankind? 2) Or about "generation" who will see the end of wicked system and establishing of Kingdom rule as New Government on Earth? Revision of history? Or almost all JW of those period misunderstand "generation" issue. Do we have "overlapping generations"? One generation who saw 1914 events who overlap with generation who saw end of 6000 years of human history ? .......and again overlap with ...................... with overlapping generation of today? :))
  8. Ohh, sorry then. I thought how "insightful expertise" and source of wisdom for leading Organization was "empowered" by holy spirit :)) When you say "public" you specifically mean on JW Community ? Because "this public" was the first who had needed to be convinced and believed in 1975 end, and then with such zealous faith to present the message of end to another "public" aka worldly people. Secular experts believe in the same stuff today too. JW members believe in the same stuff today too. I can do compare because i was stayed alive until 1975 ... and until 2019. Generation of 1914 can not compare nothing, i guess.
  9. Obviously i am not in group of enough clever people, but what you present with plenty Awake magazines is this: WT Society worked hard in Spiritual Concepts trying to find answer about The End. With the little Help of "worldly people", listed in various Awake magazines, Organization find way how to support "1975 Concept" (in their's or in your's interpretation, what ever, it doesn't matter to me, at the end of day). This sound somehow like; all those authors ,of articles and books of WT Society publications, found the way how to wrote all that material in a Revelation Book symbolism pattern, for only "chosen one" who will understand true meaning. :)) Commenting on this is not recommended :)))
  10. I am confused. Do you support WT Society and their doctrines or not ? What ever your answer will be, i respect your choice. But, from your comments, from time to time, from subject to subject, your speaking is not in harmony with JW Organization teachings. :)) Or perhaps, this "Sabbath" issue was changed in WT Theology from 2015 until now?
  11. This "Concept" is not fixed, not fixed even from Bible aspect. For in Your sight a thousand years are but a day that passes, or a watch of the night. - Psalm 90. From this Bible based "Concept" 1000 years is as 4 hours not 24 hours or 1 full day (Jew Concept, 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of night). This would mean how One Day is 6000 years. And not 7000 years as in some Calculations WT Society explained (as time was passed Length of "Creation Day" had various calculation - 1000 years, 7000 years and as "Contemporary Light of Today" explained, that is: Unknown Period of Time) Well, basically, if we want to take in consideration all this changes in JW Organization on Doctrines about Time and Periods, you based your "Concept" on WT Society "Concept", ..... and this is untrustworthy.
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    Awake 1969, May 22, pages 14,15 (302 and 303/768) Author of article, under authorization of Top Spiritual Leadership, "prophesied" how world will end in next few years. Now and today you @BillyTheKid46 made claim how GB will never again do the same mistake? :))) And we doing good if we believe you? :))
  12. :)))) such enlightenment ....but "life-saving information" have to come from WT Society and have to be spread among members despite 1975 err. If they will not do it again (to warn people about imminent end and danger) how and when will people go to basement and hide?? :))

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