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  1. Interesting. How do you explain this, please.
  2. Question: Is @Foreigner real person or someones clone just for purpose of down voting? :)))
  3. Inside WTJWRG Institution one thing is of crucial importance. Who are those people who have authorization to govern, rule, lead this organization and people who are members/believers? Who are those people who represent JHVH and Jesus and their Will? In this WT article authors tried to explain history of this.
      Hello guest!
    Why this article is interesting (again) in connection to topic? Here is some quotes from pages of this article: CAN YOU EXPLAIN? In the first century and today, how have those taking the lead among God’s people been . . . empowered by holy spirit? assisted by angels? guided by God’s Word? .... Jesus had given his followers a commission: “You will be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the most distant part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) How could they possibly complete that assignment? True, Jesus had assured them that they would soon receive holy spirit. (Acts 1:5) Still, an international preaching campaign required direction and organization. To direct and organize his people in ancient times, Jehovah used visible representatives. Famous paragraph 12: The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. As we can see from box in WT magazine under question Can you explain? author AVOID to use direct word "Inspired" and instead this explicit sort of spirit manifestation as it is commonly viewed while reading Bible (for example, to write holy scriptures, to tell something as prophecy or command from God, to heal the sick....etc) author put word - empowered by HS. And now author give factual example from 1 century: Holy spirit was poured out on all anointed Christians, but it specifically enabled the apostles and other elders in Jerusalem to fulfill their role as overseers. For example, in 49 C.E., holy spirit guided the governing body to make a decision regarding the issue of circumcision. Author highlights 2 things. First is ROLE of OVERSEEING. And second is about MAKING DECISIONS. In contrast or continuation to this 1 century example, author of article later emphasized this: In 1919, three years after Brother Russell’s death, Jesus appointed “the faithful and discreet slave.” For what purpose? To give his domestics “food at the proper time.” (Matt. 24:45)...... Evidence of holy spirit. The holy spirit has helped the Governing Body to grasp Scriptural truths not previously understood. For example, reflect on the list of beliefs clarified that was referred to in the preceding paragraph. Surely, no human deserves credit for discovering and explaining these “deep things of God”! (Read 1 Corinthians 2:10.) Here we have just statements of author who firmly say that FDS aka GB been appointed by Jesus in 1919. But another thing is something what call on more alarm. As Evidence of holy spirit is, situation when this Body grasp something as Truth under holy spirit helping or empowering. In this explanation one thing is very questionable and somehow danger. In period from 1919 (we shall not talking about 1 century GB or about Angel Assistance today) this entity who "share" food under title: Bible Truth, with supposed help of holy spirit, in fact they had spread "Fake Truths", they later changed into "Real Truths". Some doctrines they produced in few steps as yes-no-yes ... truths. Here we comes to possible conclusion how reason for that errors, according to this article, was not in Human Representatives of Jesus here on Earth. No, reason and cause for that is in holy spirit who has "empowered" them in that confusing way and direction. Because other two elements in this equation (assisted by angels + guided by God’s Word) was not been sufficient and powerful enough to correct wrong direction made by empowering influence of holy spirit. :)))) Here we see how "blame" for errors and imperfect food can be found in the same reasons why food can be good and eatable too, after some period of time (in refrigerator :))), of course. The way how this article try to prove the credibility of GB for task of sharing the food, becomes nonsensical. But, pay attention to this: empowered = having the official authority or freedom to do something
      Hello guest!
    having the knowledge, confidence, means, or ability to do things or make decisions for oneself
      Hello guest!
    Here we see how this definition changed our view on issue and article. Why they used word EMPOWERED in connection to spiritual food? In fact, according to Dictionaries, WT magazine talk about Power of GB Over People. Here it is not ISSUE about Food Quality, Truth or Lie, Perfection or Imperfection. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL.
  4. It seems how i will lose very quickly my Total Reputation with BTK down votes :)))))) What if exactly that is his Secret Mission .... to DFD me from this place ?
  5. For me, it's stupidity and bad taste. :)))
  6. Inspired ....spirit-driven.... spirit-guided.....motivated.....to have spirit of....lead up by spirit....to feel that spirit leads us ..... spirit impelled him .... he came in the spirit....sent out by the spirit....spirit did not permit them.....bound by the spirit...he was in the spirit....carried him away in the spirit... and many more other phrases in the Bible. Why JW's mostly, generally think that "inspiration" is action reserved only to JHVH and Jesus or devil and demons? "Inspiration" is state/condition of some person soul, mind and emotions. The biblical / religious state of inspiration comes mainly out of the will of the people. But do you think how this is something that can be achieved/put on/force upon only by the actions of superhuman powers? JW's are very occupied with their religion in own life and have specific relationship to this word and have specific (organizational) understanding of the concept about this special word - inspired. They think, I think that they do think :)), about this word only in religious sense and consider how it is about or only about some sort of divinity or divine holiness (or devil evil) in background. Because they attach great importance to this word in only one direction, they forget that there is also a very powerful influence of another force. It's the spirit of man. JW's must recall themselves more often that people are created on the image of God. And that all people in themselves have a strong spirit (of divine source by birth and genetically inherited). This human spirit is powerful and can inspire other people (earthly spirits) around them. You, as individual can be inspired by people around you or by people about whom you hear about, you are watching, you read about. Also it is interesting how some other things can inspire people. For example; nature, music, poetry, stories, events, animals, imagination. Please, join to this topic and give, express your thoughts. Let your spirit free and let's inspire others :)))
  7. Yes, of course. I will prepare some thoughts and make a new topic, so we can, if you like, make some discussion and to hear also what other people think about it. You already used in this comment few interesting thoughts.
  8. Ohh, sorry JW Insider, but they had not needed to made specific naming, numbering was/were some specific work, action and move that organization and leading people inside it had made, was been spirit-directed. .... Because..... the whole organization with all guardians of doctrine who has made approval, gave green light for, of every Bible edition ...... is spirit-directed......supposedly.
  9. You mean your work (as single, not as we) can accomplish some good ? :)) I think how in this complexity of Trust Issue (on various fields, in various places and with various people) things are in so wide specter of colors with much/lot, lot of white and black too. But, main thing is thus, if you not trust someone , or have lost your trust in someone ... wall is very big/high.
  10. For the ear tests words as the tongue tastes food. - Job 34:3 But WTJWORG, to prevent testing of human's doctrines in JW religion gave "Fatherly advice"; You must obey all instructions we tell you to do, even if you have questions about them and even if that not sound reasonable according to your understanding and your conscience. You must trust GB because JHVH and Jesus trust them. You must avoid all and everything we don't authorized and approved. What a trap! What a fraud!
  11. Rant? Ohh, i like bigger font to see it better, Not to produce noise and loud talking :))) WTJWORG? That is my amalgam for naming two dominant things, components of your Organization, one is Corporation and another is Religion Nature? The type or main characteristic of something Did i lost you? :))))
  12. Thank you John! Yeah, thoughts that circled in my mind about this in recent years, made me to think how God "desperately" need love from creatures He brought to existence - Humans (and Angels). In case of old Jew, he incorporated, built this in legislative. I wander why. Because, from our present time aspects, perspective and after Jesus' Teachings, all is in free will, free wish, to respect, to serving god "from Love". Idea of Love including Free Choice. Because without such freedom to make decision of that sort/ thing, seems questionable, to me at least. Love is Best, Ultimate, Perfect, Divine state of Soul. That is, i don't know, but i guess, Maximum what we can achieved in lifetime. For me, God looking for such Love. He needs that Love. What would happened if we don't give Him Love?
  13. ahahaha. This statement made it clear how FDS thought was different in the past and they changed that thought today. It is not about what WE (JW's rank and file members) thought before. It is all about Them aka GB of WTJWORG. :))
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