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  1. Srecko Sostar

    Gerrit Lösch

    Very good question! Luis XIV quotes , they said, "State, that is me". Is it part of the doctrine of the Divine right of kings, or at least implicit therein? Well, by G.L. presumptuously quote, No one have power over me, even WT had not power over me, he gave message how he is King and Priest. In translation on plain, simple English, He say; I am the WT. In other words Kings need Kingdom to run their power. People can be find anywhere, they are not so important.
  2. Srecko Sostar

    Gerrit Lösch

    It can be that he had nothing with Jose Lopez vs Gonzalo Campos case. But with this statement i can say how it is not true. What is Watchtower? Watchtower is First Corporation, Mother, and all other Products of WT entities are Sister companies, or more clearly said, All of them are WT Daughters Companies. Every Single Congregation in The World are in submission to WT and Main Church Body aka GB as Ecclesiastical Body who Run the Show of this religion. WT is Mother organization for all JW members. CCJW and similar Entities or Corporations are just one of Daughters of her Mother aka WT. https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/pc/r1/lp-e/1200276704/0/0 If WT decide to close the KH in your town, in your village - it will be. If WT decide to split your congregation into 2,3,4, 24 pieces - it will be. If WT decide to disband whole congregation - it will be. If WT decide to change way of how Publisher will reporting Field Service it will be .......etc. WT have means and agents and protocols/system how to dfd JW members for this or that reason. And as in case of R.F. if WT decide to dfd G.L. it will be. So, GB member G.L. talking stupid things as in No. 9 deposition. He has been and it is now Under WT authority as any other JW member.
  3. Srecko Sostar

    Baptism of Children by Jehovah's Witnesses

    Number theology have two side. First - number of members must be small, because that proves Bible words how very few will find The Truth. Second - number of members have to go up, to be bigger and bigger, because that proves how God giving His blessings on Church. :))
  4. Srecko Sostar

    Gerrit Lösch

    In one hand you said good, BUT, we always have that word BUT. G.L. as "Substitution for Christ" according to NWT Bible, and as "Ambassador for Kingdom", when was accept this WT Legal Department Deposition, forget small detail from Bible: If someone slaps you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also; 40 if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well; 41 and if someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two.… So, yes, as Witness was said, Gerrit has acted not brave, and not according to His Master Words, Advice, Command. But hey, we are all just Imperfect Humans, why to blame his deeds. Why to blame JW rank and file members or even elders, when they get a cigarette smoke, get to much beer, or sex out of marriage? I said you why! Because People on Position made such Rules for rank and file, for Am Haarets people, NOT for Noble Ones. As always.
  5. Srecko Sostar

    Gerrit Lösch

    Gerrit Losch: Geoffrey Jackson: MR STEWART: Q. Mr Jackson, will you state your full name and your work address, please? A. Yes, my name is Geoffrey William Jackson, and I work at 25 Columbia Heights, but the mailing address is 124 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, New York. A. If I may be allowed to explain, each Governing Body member has a home committee where his office is based. A. Yes. With regard to my role, each member of the Governing Body ‐ of course, there are seven at the moment ‐ each brings something to the table with regard to expertise. A. ..... So the Governing Body is broken up into various committees..... A. There is a ‐ yes, ultimately, the Governing Body oversees the work of the committees,.... So verse 4 describes the role of the Governing Body as we see it, to devote ourselves to prayer and the word of God, and that's why 30 helpers have been assigned that are involved more with the practical side of policy and implementation. The Watchtower: https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/pc/r1/lp-e/1200272475/30/4 18. How does the Governing Body operate, and what is one way that we can reflect our cooperation with it? 18 The committees of the Governing Body hold weekly meetings to review important matters, make decisions after prayerful considerations, and plan for future theocratic activity. As noted earlier, Acts chapter 15 shows that a weighty question needing resolution was referred to the first-century governing body for attention. Similarly today, important questions are referred to the entire Governing Body, which meets weekly or more often when necessary. 19. How do instructions of the Governing Body reach the congregations? 19 How do the instructions and decisions of the Governing Body reach the congregations? After the members of the first-century governing body reached their decision with the help of God’s spirit, they sent a letter to the congregations. (Acts 15:22-29) However, the principal way today is through Christian publications. Conclusion: Prior to July 1 1994 Gerrit Losch was not working as GB member according to his deposition in document. BUT after that day and until today he working in WT building and has Office in WT building, so WT giving him (and to his wife too) a Job, Accommodation aka Place to sleep, Food to Eat, Water to Drink, Money for spending, Health Care, Insurance and other things that is required by The US Law for WT Corporation and Full Time Religious Ministers, Order,, Inside JW Church, or simply said Clergy. Because Gerrit Losch is GB member as Geoffrey Jackson, this two men /plus other in GB Team) are Fully responsible for all WT Corporation deeds. Who giving Whom Orders, and Who giving Whom answers is Their Internal Game. But All people involved in WT Business of all Kind are One Team and all of them Contribute to decisions. GB is Ultimate Body of WT and all other Legal Entities, so they are Fully Responsible before their God and before Secular Authority. All other "Stories" they Presenting to Public, and Their Internal games of Power and Influence, Competition, is Normal for Human Organization as it is also for Heavenly Organization which went through same or similar "fighting for Power and Influence over other", according to Bible reports.
  6. Second link is G.J. testimony from August 14 2015 https://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/case-studies/case-study-29-jehovahs-witnesses https://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/sites/default/files/file-list/Case Study 29 - Transcript - Jehovahs Witnesses - Day 155 - 14082015.pdf
  7. Srecko Sostar

    Gerrit Lösch

    Q. Could you explain, Mr Jackson, the committee structure 35 and how it relates to the Governing Body, which is to say, 36 do the committees report to and are they accountable to the 37 Governing Body as a whole, or how does it work? 38 A. Thank you, Mr Stewart. Yes, the Governing Body, as 39 I mentioned, has seven members. As you would realise, with 40 8.2 million active members of Jehovah's Witnesses, with 41 approximately 20 million associated with us, there is no 42 way that the seven members of the Governing Body can be up 43 to date with all aspects of every part of our work. So the 44 Governing Body is broken up into various committees. The 45 committees ‐ there is a measure of trust, obviously, 46 because the men who are appointed on those committees 47 understand something about the operation of those various .14/08/2015 (155) 15932 G W JACKSON (Mr Stewart) Transcript produced by DTI 1 aspects. 2 3 But if I may also mention something I think the 4 Commission hasn't noticed is that there are a roll of 30 5 helpers and these helpers join us in not the Governing Body 6 committee, but the various subcommittees, and they help us 7 by making recommendations and implementing the policies. 8 9 Q. Thank you, Mr Jackson. Is it the case that the 10 helpers also attend the Governing Body meetings that occur 11 weekly, but don't make decisions there? 12 A. No, they don't normally attend the one meeting the 13 Governing Body has each Wednesday, unless, of course, we 14 need some special input from one of them or from several, 15 and then they may be invited as needed. But you are 16 correct in saying they do not vote. 17 18 Q. So is it right to say that the committees then are 19 accountable to the Governing Body? 20 A. There is a ‐ yes, ultimately, the Governing Body 21 oversees the work of the committees, but there is a measure 22 of trust, obviously, that goes on, mainly ‐ if I could use 23 an example, I would be the last person on earth to ask with 24 regard to construction details, but the publishing 25 committee handles our construction worldwide, and so those 26 that have more familiarity with that type of expertise, we 27 would trust them to go ahead with most of the decisions. 28 29 Q. You have said that the Governing Body presently has 30 seven members. How is it determined how many members there 31 will be from time to time? 32 A. There can be any number of members on the Governing 33 Body. In the past few decades ‐ for example, when I was 34 appointed on the Governing Body, there were 12 of us. 35 I believe the number has been 18 at one stage. But the 36 qualifications of a member for the Governing Body ‐ it 37 involves someone who is considered an anointed Witness, who 38 has worked in scriptural, with a scriptural background, 39 either as a missionary or a full‐time servant for many 40 years, and is able to fulfil the role of the Governing 41 Body, which is, may I state, a group, a spiritual group of 42 men who are the guardians of our doctrine, and as guardians 43 of the doctrine, look at things that need to be decided 44 based on our doctrines, which are based on the constitution 45 of the Bible. 46 47 Q. I take it if the Governing Body is to be increased in .14/08/2015 (155) 15933 G W JACKSON (Mr Stewart) Transcript produced by DTI 1 size, that that will be a decision of the Governing Body 2 itself? 3 A. That is correct. But obviously, we would get 4 information from other fields. 5 6 Q. And is it the case that the Governing Body then 7 appoints new members of the Governing Body? 8 A. That is correct. 9 10 Q. Does someone have a designated role, such as 11 coordinator or chairperson or president? 12 A. You mean of the Governing Body? 13 14 Q. Yes. 15 A. Or do you mean the subcommittees? 16 17 Q. No, I mean of the Governing Body? 18 A. Yes. We rotate each year. There is a chairman of the 19 Governing Body, but the chairman's role is merely to chair 20 the meetings. 21 22 Q. So there is no‐one who has a permanent role of 23 coordination or designation such as president or what have 24 you? 25 A. That is correct. Only the committees, under the 26 direction of the Governing Body, have a coordinator for 27 each committee. 28 29 Q. Dealing with decisions of the Governing Body itself, 30 how are decisions made, by which I mean are they made only 31 by consensus or by majority or is there some other system 32 you adopt? 33 A. So if a policy or a question comes up with regard to 34 doctrine, or something that involves a biblical stand, we 35 will allow someone to come in and present to us all the 36 facts concerning that ‐ obviously the seven involved cannot 37 be familiar with every aspect that we need to consider. So 38 once the proposal has been given to the Governing Body, 39 it's an agenda point. Ahead of time, each Governing Body 40 member, with prayer, by means of prayer and reading the 41 Bible, then tries to see how the Bible would affect any 42 particular decision. So then, in our discussion, 43 generally, from my experience, which has only just been the 44 last 10 years, in most cases it's unanimous. 45 46 Q. If it's not, then it would be carried by majority; is 47 that right? .14/08/2015 (155) 15934 G W JACKSON (Mr Stewart) Transcript produced by DTI 1 A. That is the case but, as I said, it's a rare thing, 2 because if someone ‐ perhaps their conscience is not clear 3 or feel comfortable with a certain decision, then more 4 often than not, we would rely upon God's spirit by holding 5 up on making a final decision until more research is done, 6 and then we would meet again. 7 8 Q. By what mechanism would you understand God's spirit to 9 direct your decisions? 10 A. Well, what I mean by that is, by prayer and using our 11 constitution, God's word, we would go through the 12 scriptures and see if there was any biblical principle at 13 all that would influence our decision ‐ and it could be 14 that in our initial discussions there was something that 15 maybe we were missing and then in another discussion that 16 would come to light. So we would view that as God's spirit 17 motivating us because we believe the Bible is God's word 18 and came by means of holy spirit.
  8. Srecko Sostar

    Gerrit Lösch

    Main question, More Important Question is: Do You and Does JW members ACCEPT This Declaration ? :)))
  9. Srecko Sostar

    Baptism of Children by Jehovah's Witnesses

    to touch them.... well, text speaking about touching children for blessings, not baptizing children. dear Outta Here, wrong interpretation and misapplication of bible text, for sure.
  10. Since we know for ourselves, we know there is money. Money brings many things, almost everything. The Bible gives such a statement: A feast is ready for laughter, and wine makes life merry, but money is the answer for everything. ECL. 10:19. Money is the answer. It is understandable to me that "the organized religion" or any association, needs money to operate. But manipulation with membership that material things to be rendered for the corporation, because God loves it and wants it, it's really saucy/presumptuous. To educate people for how to "invest" money and other material possessions is what people need in this money based World. But, does "spiritual leaders" aka GB, and particular WT Department existing for that purpose? To give financial advises to "the flock"? Is it Their task to take care about member's money and real estate and silver and gold? Is it on Them to collect member's possessions INTO WT Corporation/s? Task for Church Leadership (according to their own new light about 1919 doctrine) is this: to SHARE Spiritual Food. NOT to COLLECT Material Possessions. TO SHARE vs. TO COLLECT ....opposite verbs, Antonyms Not Synonyms If they Collect Money, only reason for that must be to Help PEOPLE, and NOT to making new buildings and buying Things for "fine life" inside those WALLS (literal and spiritual walls, by the way). Not to building KH on members expenses and then, after some years to Sold it and put money in WT Corporation account, and not giving one single $ to Congregants who contribute in building with own money, time, food, working power and skills.
  11. Have you not seen false visions and uttered lying divinations when you say, “The Lord declares,” though I have not spoken? GB claim how they are "spirit guided", and that The Watchtower as main food instrument for feeding JW people, "declares God's words". We can find sentences in WT publications that directly connecting JHVH and Jesus as speaking through WT magazine and publications. But we see how JHVH not spoken nothing to Them. GB is under "false visions" guidance.
  12. not only high school but also primary school. :)) only do not know was this sort of thinking characteristic for Whole people in specific JW generation or one part of people in that generation :)) Up-vote!
  13. verb judge to form, give, or have as an opinion, or to decide about something or someone, especially after thinking carefully to express a bad opinion of someone's behaviour, often because you think you are better than them to officially decide .....about someone or something to express the reasons why you have a particular opinion Perhaps we sometimes making too rashly, too much Conclusions about people and things around us. And we, of course, made errors in Conclusions. Judging sounds somehow as verdict, Final outcome, as like before Judge judging you for death sentence. Conclusions are also "dangerous", can be dangerous if we making decisions based on current, uncertain knowledge.


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