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  1. This is amazing description. "The Truth", the WT's "truth" has stumbled. Can we expect...., can the truth be expected to stumble? Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. - Winston Churchill If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. - Mark Twain We are either in the process of resisting God's truth or in the process of being shaped and molded by his truth. - Charles Stanley Learn what is true in order to do what is right. - Thomas Huxley
  2. Let me show you this video which I think has a few very important things for life, not only for JW members but also others who have dedicated their lives to some ideals and ideas.
  3. Many readers of the WT magazine are aware that the interpretation of Romans chapter 13 verse 1, (also with 2-4 context), changed in JW theology. It was once thought that the "superior authorities" were: YHVH, Christ and earthly representatives in the form of elders, that is, governing body. These are called "theocratic superior authority". "The above quotations from Paul’s letter to the Romans could never have applied to the political powers of Caesar’s world as wrongly claimed by the clergy of Christendom. The Caesars of this world have never demonstrated by their deeds that they are
  4. Some reactions on this thoughts are these: What WTJWorg is/ was trying to do? To make "sense" of own interpretations on some/many Bible verses that are or are not "prophecy"? Are we want to talk about "knowledge", human knowledge about this and that? And to be involved in this sort of process that can go in two directions: 1) development towards an improved or more advanced condition aka so called "progressive knowledge", and/or 2) deterioration aka the process of becoming progressively worse (flip-flop doctrines and "new" doctrines interpretations that they, GB, needed to create fo
  5. This reminded me on tropical disaster in Philippine in 2014. i think. And JWorg video showed one JW family who, instead of food, were put WT publications in it.
  6. David Splane's "spiritual food" have elements of contradiction and is questionable as advice (for simple members). In the meantime, world's sellout of WT properties, real estates is enough to ensure a good life for the top administration for quite some time to come, even with less donations. Unfortunately, GB has enough money not to worry about it at the moment. They are now concerned about the possibility of losing influence, managing (corporate governance the flock) the herd.
  7. When they have to hide in basements (because they expect a future attack by Gog from Magog) it (Zoom and similar digital connections) could be a communication link. For now (despite the Covid), people still want to see and socialize in physical form.
  8. I seem to have failed to write the word — perhaps, and than this or that. Perhaps she was late due to traffic jam.
  9. In 1:18 , that scene make first impression on me when i saw it --- Lady spent some time in shopping and returned with full bag of food (grocery and similar) because she didn't find interest to listen some speakers and some themes. Anna, sorry for interruption, but that was stronger than me.
  10. What you said have logic. But also, if existing members will work more hour in "field service", logically, God will give blessing and more new members will come. And new members will give donations too. With bigger number of members organization will be blessed with more donations. If 8 million members give $1 every week that is $8 million. IF 20 mil members is involved in donation that is $20 mill every week. :))
  11. No, i said something else. That is, we have to be more careful about what we hear and read and to use more/extra caution about people who openly call their members that they should/need to TRUST THEM (aka GB), and, in fact, only them. Please, you are intellectually enough strong and i am surprised, in a sad way, that you "interpreted" my words in a way you did.
  12. In a "real word" people should be careful and have critical thinking about "food" placed/offered by their leaders. Leaders in WTJWorg are not completely honest in their intentions and plans. Their theological doctrines and other maneuvers in the “real world,” past and present, are proof that they cannot be trusted.
  13. Perhaps some of this will be interesting to read. Croatia is secular state. All religions in Croatia (including JW) are separated and have autonomy. The Republic of Croatia can be classified as a country in which between the church and state, practices the model of separation and cooperation, ie cooperation between religious communities and State. The Croatian Constitution stipulates that all religious communities are separate from the state and equal before the law. The legal status of the Catholic Church in Croatia is based on agreements between the Holy See and Of the Repu
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