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  1. I am so happy that this dear brother has a solid faith to believe that he will see his children in the New System. I can tell from the article that they didn’t believe it and thought it was strange. for him to say that.
  2. I agree with you Queen Ester, I think he will change his mind when he is resurrected and is in good health due to Jesus dying for us to live forever.
  3. Another country attempting to ban Jehovah’s people from serving him. We are very close to the end when Jesus and his army will set matters straight. Until then let us pray for these dear brothers and sisters in the lands that ban our religion.
  4. Greetings from Silver City New Mexico! I love your display of Bible aids it looks so beautiful. A great tribute to praise Jehovah.
  5. So sad that due to the strange weather patterns many butterflies died but it is amazing how many survived. It is definitely a tribute to Jehovah who created these beautiful creatures.
  6. Obviously the woman who wanted to know how to down load the Bible on her smart phone was just setting a trap for the other woman helping her. How cruel to do such a thing. But it may not have been one of Jehovah’s Witnesses who helped her because it said she met her at some church gathering.
  7. This baby sea.is darling! Can’t wait to see all the other cute animals Jehovah has in store for us in the New System.
  8. Whoever informed the police about the public talk and meeting will have to answer to Jehovah himself as he is a traitor of the worse sort!
  9. No one is ever too old to learn the truth! That is so wonderful this dear sister is about to dedicate her life to Jehovah. I say sister because she is already serving God!
  10. I thought the knowledge of Jehovah would change the animals into peaceful ones just like it changes people from violent angry etc. into peace loving humans.
  11. I think it would be very hard to be a Witness and be a teacher in the public school system. I feel very sorry for this sister having to go through this.
  12. Yes you never know who might read the postings ! But we still needed to do our door to door work as well to have face to face interaction. But not forget other ways to reach people. I have to work so week ends are the only time I can go out door to door. So I like to find other ways of informal witnessing.
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