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  1. Assemblies are nothing but 8 hour long meetings, nothing new to show. They could save a lot of money by not holding assemblies, they really are a waste of time, and bad stewardship.
  2. If the truth that Jesus hands down to the governing body turns out to be wrong then it is imperfect truth.
  3. Does Jesus entrust perfect truth/food, or imperfect truth?
  4. The conversation I overhear from the jw that lives with me is being labeled as persecution.
  5. Wish our assemblies were like this back in the day, they would have all been counseled or disfellowshipped for doing that.
  6. If an elder steps down, does his name become....Bob, formerly known as Prince?
  7. Why are jw weddings just like worldly weddings?
  8. Good thing he wasn't turned into a water bong:)
  9. As painful as it si to some people, disfellowshipping/disassociation from the jw's is a good thing.
  10. Most rank and file have been conditioned to believe the governing body is Jehovah, so it would be interesting to see their reaction should they be thrown in prison for their fraud.
  11. I don't know why I thought what I thought when I saw that pic.....another type of pillow gate could happen....men should not shave other men, at least not without witnesses around.
  12. A debate about proper debating, now that's funny!
  13. I didn't go to the convention, but I can summarize what it may have been about and not what I learned but what I already know. Love your neighbor as yourself, unless your neighbor professes to be a Christian. You must love the governing body just as much as you love Jehovah, because they are Jehovah in a sense. No one else on earth has as much love as jehovahs witnesses. Kicking a 15 year old out of your house because they got baptized at 6 years old and started to question the governing body is the most loving thing you can do for your child. Jehovahs love for you is conditional on you loving the governing body.
  14. That's good jw's are being allowed to show some individual personality. This is a young couple though, let's see how long before they see TTATT.
  15. Didn't the watchtower teach at some point that black people were descendants of Cain?
  16. I am aware of some younger kids will experiment with sex and what not. But if you read my post again, I'm talking about a 5-10 year old who is raped, you idiot! And children who are raped by family members in their homes. You guys are disgusting pigs who believe these young children who are raped are the fornicators in the rape. There really are no words to describe how disgusting and disturbing and downright demonic some of you jw's are. I'm starting to wonder if some of you are currently raping children, maybe even your own child.
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    I am looking at these watchtower articles that state if a woman is being raped, if she doesn't scream or try to get away, she is committing fornication. So following that messed up logic, if a 5 year old child is being raped, and they don't scream for help, does that make that 5 year old a fornicator?
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    Here you go, I'm only providing the link to the watchtower articles that state if a woman doesn't scream while she is being raped, she is guilty of fornication.

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