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  1. He supposedly shows 137 different translations that insert the 'a' in John 1:1, but that link is blocked. It definitely seems like a shady website.
  2. Is anyone familiar with this guy?
      Hello guest!
  3. Soon you'll be able to marry anyone or any thing you want. If you marry a plate of sushi then eat it, would you be guilty of canniblism?
  4. Actually I've spoken to jw's who have very conservative views and liberal views on political and religious matters, just because jw's can't vote doesn't mean they don't have opinions.
  5. I somewhat agree with you, but true Christianity may be in danger due to liberal christians and their insane christianity: Theological Liberalism: What are its various forms? | Carm.org
  6. The one single issue that is most important to me would be if the person is against abortions, if they are that sways my vote more towards their endeavors.
  7. In the jw case, it would be spiritual junk food:)
  8. In the jw case, it would be spiritual junk food:)
  9. So, yes I was referring to the jw's hypocrisy.....can't celebrate holidays because pagans celebrated those holidays, can't celebrate birthdays because some pagans celebrated birthdays in the bible. Just sayin.
  10. Not sure if you all are aware of my life...my mother has been a Jehovah's Witness for probably 45-60 years or so, her mind is foggy at 78 years old, but she still can be the unlit fire cracker. She lives with me and is very vocal with her phone conversations and such...I don't read the current material...but I am privy to her conversations with other jw's/elders, etc. We all know meeting together in worship is better than using zoom meeting from afar. And the Wtbts and the FDS have chosen to keep their services on line only. So my aging mom is experiencing a great disconnect with her congregat
  11. That's one of the movies I love to watch occasionally, in my list of favorites. Thankfully for watching it I did research and learned the pro's and con's of drinking gatorade. Thanks for the video's btw, nice to see some fresh material on this site. Just a side joke, I had a friend post last year that he was seeing snowflakes hitting his windshield, (here in the SW NM US we don't get a whole lot of snow). So he posted he was seeing snowflakes hit his windshield and I replied on his thread....'I hope your not driving your car through protesters again'.
  12. When I think of a religion lying I think of a recent example of the fds and rank & file telling the public and under oath that they do not cut off and shun family members and in the same year come out with a video about the expected behavior of parents cutting off and shunning their own daughter. When a religion is willing to blatantly tell very obvious lie, they will be willing to lie about other things.
  13. Jw's are using zoom and other social platforms to communicate and hold worship services. So are satanist, paganist, other religions. How are jw's disassociating themselves from these satanic pagan communication platforms?
  14. American Sign Language Bible Translation Completed After 39 Years | God TV Why is the Watchtower lying?
  15. I definitely see an increase in paranoia.
  16. Here in the United States, (although they are not very united these days), we have the 2nd amendment which allows people to own firearms. But not people who have federal felonies on their record. Most of the churches that I have attended congregants volunteer to do security for the church during services and/or working hours. Some of those volunteers do carry a firearm on their person and is legal for them to conceal it as long as they have a required license to do that. States differ on concealed carry laws. The jw's are so secretive and subversive it'd be hard to speculate how far they
  17. I got tired of going to the gym having to wear a mask, so I have set up a home gym, most of my weights are holding down my punching bag so I have to buy more weights. I'm also probably going to start serving in my churches teen ministry. Lastly going to start making more gourmet meals, this past Christmas I made my very own tamales for the first time.
  18. How come no jehovahs witness has ever been able to provide proof that Christians are worshipping pagan gods at Christmas time?
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