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  1. Since you are disfellowshipped, Jehovah has not forgiven you yet, nor does he want you speaking on his behalf since you are an evil doer.
  2. But we didnt kill our parents, this young girl has something else wrong with her.
  3. I agree with you there. However ours was quite a bit more than a spanking with a belt, belts usually don't cause severe bleeding, bruising and broken bones. But of course back then there wasn't much of a social outcry against child abuse. And some people should not have kids. The thing that stuck out was that the abuse was in the name of Jehovah.
  4. My siblings and I were yelled at and beaten on almost a daily basis by jw parents.
  5. You usually make sensible statements, but this one is an outright uninformed lie. I thought you were above that rude behavior.
  6. My elderly/aging mother lives with me for her safety, and she is a JW. Saturday we got a knock on the door, when I opened it up a truck was pulling away, I recognized the 2 men inside, they were jw's. Inside the box was a gallon of milk, 10lb bag of potatoes, a bag of some seriously ill looking cooked chicken, 3 tubs of sour cream, a 1lb stick of mozzarella cheese, a box of butter and a letter stating the food was from a food program from president trump. Mom kept wondering why we got this box, I mentioned to her I had heard something about the program here. She called one of long time elder f
  7. I say shut up you jw's. Your group runs from persecution, your german jw's kissed the asses of the Germain/Hitler. All along you jw's persecute your own family.
  8. Don't forget the biggest example....if you leave the governing body, you are leaving Jehovah.
  9. Reminds me of the parable of the good Samaritan. 2 jw's walk by someone in need expecting the government or other religious to be the good Samaritan.
  10. Well actually your god Anthony (bourbon) Morris already decided that this jehovah of yours is going to wipe out all apostates, so he and you who worship and agree with him (Tony Morris) have judged all apostates worthy of death. Just one more reason why you are guilty of idolatry..
  11. It is commendable that two or three elders or m.s. are stepping up to volunteer, but they aren't any more special in this aspect. Considering they local congregation may deliver to 15-20 jw only families. Compare that to some food banks that deliver food to hundreds of families 52 weeks a year by volunteers to any one regardless of their faith or religion, sometimes in far away places and by volunteers as well, and not just during a pandemic.
  12. If the jw's had their way, only jw's would get food and everyone else could starve for all they care.
  13. It's clear as day, people will be resurrected with worldly views.
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