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  1. He conveniently leaves out the fact that current shut down laws would not allow them to hold a convention. So the real reason is not out of love, but out of respect for law, which is commendable, too bad he had to lie about it which isn't so commendable. They are also piggy backing off of free software that was invented by a worldly church, that has been doing video worship services for years now.
  2. They draw the line at putting people's lives at risk....they should have thought about this with their non biblical no blood doctrine.
  3. Maybe he'll start his own unified jw splinter group like these: The following is a list of splinter groups from the Watchtower Society. So much for unity! How many do you recognize? Bible Studies Fellowship, headquarters in San Diego, Ca. Bible Way Publications, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Christian Millennial Fellowship, Hartford, Conn. Publishes the New Creation magazine. Christian Renewal Ministry, Saratoga, Ca. Church of God of Abraham, Wenatchee, Wa. Publishes Notes for Bible Students newsletter Dawn Bible Students, East Rutherford, N.J. One of the original splinter groups for
  4. Judas killed his wife....? There are mentally unstable religious fanatics in all religions, jw's aren't immune to that.
  5. It used to drive me nuts when I was told Jehovah wouldn't accept my worship if I wasn't wearing a suit and tie to a meeting.
  6. "You say this is a tactic, yet as I recall, you did the same thing (with falsehood), for WE can prove that Jesus is the Son of God. In your case: You defended paganism several times, as is with you defended several verses deem both a forgery and false, let alone your favor of a pastor who has put himself in this world as an inspired prophet, when in reality, as I told 4Jah2me, the last of the inspired ones died with the last Apostles, not even their students were inspired, but rather, like Christians then and now, are spirit led ones. You committed yourself to being prideful of your church ove
  7. Unfortunately, this is how Jehovah's Witnesses act, even though the gentleman insist he is not a jw, this type of behavior speaks otherwise. At least he didn't totally change the subject, which is another tactic they use when their understanding of a subject is confusing to them.
  8. I wonder why they are not doing this to all jw's there? Not that I'm wishing for that to happen, but why are they singleing out this one man?
  9. God talked directly to Jim Jones and David Koresh as well.
  10. I am curios as to why you do not wish to associate yourself with the jw's, but would rather stick with the unitarian way? You can message your answer if you'd like.
  11. This is a sincere question, and not just aimed at the folks here, but all jw's who have a dissenting view of the governing body and organization. What will you do now that you have realized Jehovah God is not backing this governing body and thus the organization. Are you going to just sit idly by and continue to do what the governing body tells you to do, or comes up with more unbiblical doctrine? If that would be the case, you are still a partaker in the governing bodies sins by not denouncing their actions and continuing to go along with their flow. If Armageddon starts tomorrow a
  12. Maybe I'll help you and send them a letter stating other churches are continuing with services now.
  13. So they are not inspired by the holy spirit, Jehovah is by passing the Holy Spirit and Jesus and speaking directly to them?
  14. And when do you trust what the gb says, you have a clear opinion on them. Presidents have to tackle many issue's, they can't do them all in one day. Maybe the Russia/jw UN involvement has been on his mind and with all on his plate he's finally gotten around to addressing religious freedom.
  15. Wait!!! Jehovah's don't believe in the trinity of the GB, Jesus and Jehovah? Just kidding:)
  16. In my personal opinion, one more reason for me to vote for Trump again this year. Can't wait to hear the convoluted UN conspiracy theories about UN involvement though.
  17. Not sure if you caught my reply, but my church has already opened its' doors for services yesterday. They never really stopped as they continued to provide charity through all this lockdown mess. And even with the lockdown, we still continued to minister.
  18. Ah, I see, and I get it, the democrats are practicing socialism to see how it goes. I'm not familiar with the UN and Charlottesville connection...please inform me.
  19. The riots will calm down in a few days. And over here in the United States, the UN wouldn't be allowed to come in to try to restore order. We have the National Guard for that.
  20. My church opened it's doors yesterday for services, and no one stopped the services. There are supposed to be other prophecies to happen before this prophecy comes to fruition.
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