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  1. Ah, I see, and I get it, the democrats are practicing socialism to see how it goes. I'm not familiar with the UN and Charlottesville connection...please inform me.
  2. The riots will calm down in a few days. And over here in the United States, the UN wouldn't be allowed to come in to try to restore order. We have the National Guard for that.
  3. My church opened it's doors yesterday for services, and no one stopped the services. There are supposed to be other prophecies to happen before this prophecy comes to fruition.
  4. It is on Pureflix and Netflix. It is about a Christian turned atheist college professor who orders his philosophy class to write a paper and title-ing it God is Dead. One college student refuses to do that so is ordered by the professor to prove God is not dead or fail the class. It's more of a philosophical/theological movie than a bible based movie.
  5. I just curious of your opinions. Seeing as how there is becoming a great divide of opinions among Jehovah's Witnesses regarding the actions of the governing body do you see a possible future where there will be another splinter group of jw's coming up with their own organization. Kind of like when Russel split off from the 7th day, then the jw's split off from the bible students, Armstrong split off from the jw's and got his own following, etc....?
  6. "1975 will mark the end of 6,000 years of human history" That's a pretty straight forward statement indeed.
  7. I believe I need to share Christian music. Feel free to share JW music as well.
  8. I think if you guys want to see changes, it would take several million signatures from all countries you are located in, or a massive letter writing campaign like you did with Russia.
  9. Kudos once again to this loving group of people in this religion. A couple stopped by to check in on my mom. I'll forgive that they didn't care about me or anyone else in the house, but at least they have a communication system to check in on the jw elderly.
  10. Sounds like 'I've got cancer and got a few days to live, so you all have fun playing stress games, I'm gonna kick back and relax and fall asleep, and come what may it comes. In your honor I would like to end our relationship with.....
  11. Listened to several of his lectures years ago, am recently revisiting his lectures, just though I would share, I think even JW's might enjoy his braininess.
  12. That's nice that everything turned out ok and he didn't have to murder his wife.
  13. My jw mom downloaded jw.org, and since then she has had nothing but problems. Her password changes all the time, even though she never changed her password, but jw.org tells her she needs to change her password just to get into her computer. My brother and I are jumping through hoops to get her reconnected via loop. Has the governing body found a way to hijack people...they do after all pay millions to lawyers, why not IT techs. Is my jw mom a victim of WTBTS? And they are asking for donations. Or do you know if someone is using the jw website to con people?
  14. It's a great movie, but it does get pretty realistically brutal though, gotta have a strong stomach.
  15. Here in the U.S. sons and daughters are doing the same thing. What has been really fun is kids who cannot have a birthday party, we have been doing party parades as a bunch of cars drive by the birthday child, it brings so much joy to the child's heart.
  16. I noticed a lot of other religions were not mentioned either, so your not the only ones not mentioned. But I'm afraid your trying to cry PERSECUTION because if you do a search, this is what comes up.....
      Hello guest!
  17. My mother who is up there in age...70's. Their congregation decided to stop meetings at the kingdom hall and forgo their assembly. The local congregation is taking steps to minimize socialization and are doing their meetings via zoom and facebook, etc. I want to thank the brother of my mother for providing her with a brand new I-pad...wish I could afford one...but I helped her get jw.org in it and facebook and zoom to the best of my abilities. At her age she finds it extremely important to stay connected. t her jw family. I am glad the governing body decided to let individual congregations do
  18. Maybe someone smarter than me could put together a power point presentation on how this topic evolved from a discussion about a ludicrus power point presentation on a attempt to disprove God, evolving to a discussion about the insane theory of the overlapping generations, to the validity of the governing bodies words, value and worth..
  19. Yeah I'm breaking my new years resolution, but what the heck. I hope you all are healthy and corona free.
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