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  1. The only ones I see with TDS are those who want to hatefully take him out. If TTH really hates Trump and his supporters, he would be willing to vote, but no, he's a jw and thus has no room to talk crap about any politician or their supporters.
  2. Typing on a tablet is difficult sometimes....but I'm sure my education surpasses your 4 year awake and watchtower education:)
  3. I remember the old watchtower tag line....a pastor answered the door and didn't know anything about the bible….did you ever run into that scenario?
  4. Be careful about speaking falsely of others, even down right lying...remember Jehovah hates liars. Not all churches in Christendom(of which you are a part of as well), endorse of allow homosexuality.
  5. Gotta admit, all the legal higher education the watchtower is utilizing now isn't helping out very much now adays as they are loosing legal battles, quite the opposite when they at one time were very successful in winning supreme court cases.
  6. That would explain the jehovahs witnesses having the highest rate of mental illness out of all Christian religions.
  7. Apparently you didn't read the label on jw.org.
  8. I was treated very unfairly by the jw's in my congregation, so have many others been mistreated by their congregations as well. It's a common trait with most jw's to treat everyone unfairly.
  9. But it would have been ok if they put blood fractions in the cold meats:)
  10. I dedicated the gravy to thor, I heard he loves gravy...😜 He/she is a jw masquerading as a Unitarian, so he/she is very conflicted and confused.
  11. Got another reminder from my jw mom that Jehovah hates thanksgiving. I haven't hosted a thanksgiving dinner in over 12 years, so this year I wanted to relax at home and cook my own turkey this year, and was further reminded how much Jehovah hates turkey because it's a grave sin to cook turkey on a certain day, so much so that Jehovah is willing to kill billions of people if they cook a turkey and eat it. But thanksgiving is over, now jw's can feel free to enjoy their post thanksgiving dinner as thousands of jw's will be cooking turkey today and secretly enjoying their own thanksgiving holiday.
  12. What ever happened to the 'we don't solicit funds or pass a collection plate?
  13. I thought you atheist call that the flying spaghetti monster?
  14. Arauna...you didn't prove what you stated. I have been associated with dozens of Christian religions and have never found one that promotes smoking, pre marital sex, use of predictions, use of idols and voting for approval of homosexuality. So you are lying and spreading falsehood, something that your Jehovah hates. Now you need to come up with something or stop commenting because your making the jw's look even worse.
  15. You have failed your argument because you did not give details about Cornelius and you are (like a jw), assuming you know my beliefs about certain matters and painting me with a general brush.
  16. It's a super healthy alternative so you can order the awesome onion rings to go along with it.
  17. I'm willing to label them as a high control group.
  18. Still no thoughts on why God was using a soldier for His will. Just the usual liner that jws are the only religion that doesn't go to war.
  19. Yeah, a lot of men had great intentions of stopping Hitler and freeing your brothers and sisters from his concentration camps. Well is it?
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