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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Foreigner in A CIRCUIT OVERSEER STATES, "YOUR FAITH IS GARBAGE AND NEEDS TO BE TORN DOWN"   
    Once in a while in a zombie flick, a zombie will see someone on the other side of a window, and run into the window over and over again, quite comical.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Srecko Sostar in Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse - UK   
    Oh the persecution those jw's are undergoing.
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    @Anna I would love to see who you really are, to see you as a person that is so blind to the deliberate faults of JW Org. 
    Your long answer is so full of, I think the GB call it garbage. But I'll probs get told off for saying that... 
     It is true that ultimately God reads hearts and reads motives, and that we cannot judge anyone,
    Well it's good that Jesus Christ read the heart of Saul, when Saul was persecuting the early Christians isn't it ? Otherwise the Apostle Paul would not have existed.  
    Quote " For example there are those who condone things that God hates and implicitly rejects (eg. practicing homosexuals). "
    I see you didn't mention Pedophilia then. You really are blind. 
    Quote "Firstly, the organization is only in place because of the preaching work. "
    BUT, the message keeps changing to suit the GB and it's writing dept'.  Scripture is deliberately misused to misguide innocent people. The Catholic church is earthwide too with it's false message, so not much difference there. 
    Quote "Secondly, the organization strives to strictly adhere to the scriptures."  Anna, wake up, the Org misuses scriptures. 
    The 'This Generation' scripture is a great example. The 'Superior Authorities' scripture is another example. Are  you being deliberately blind to all this ? 
    Quote "Also, as far as I am aware, those who "leave the org." do not continue to preach, and no longer strictly adhere to the scriptures. "
    1. I do not preach anymore because I realise now that i only preached what I was told to preach, and that was not serving God it was serving the JW Org. I am quite prepared to admit that I do not know what 'truth' is, so i would not know what to preach. I truly believe that the scriptures, well the deeper parts thereof, are for the Anointed and that the scripture concerning 'ten men clinging to the skirt of a Jew' will take place when God makes it truly known who the Spiritual Jew' really is. 
    2. As for 'strictly adhere to the scriptures.'  You are right in my case, but then i was never doing so anyway as I was serving an Organisation, so I was never strictly adhering to scriptures and the Society, GB, JW Org, never did and still do not. 
    Quote "There are also many that do not see those things you listed as reasons to leave the org. "
    That is because those people serve the Org as their god. They do not look for truth, they are just spoonfed and accept it all. Even when the meanings of scriptures are changed by the GB or writing dept', the congregants do not even question it, they dare not for fear of being disfellowshipped. Those poor people do not know any other life, they are trapped inside that giant bubble, and frightened to look for God themselves. They rely on men that are not anointed with Holy Spirit, to guide them. The blind leading the blind, and we know what happens next. 
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    Whose we. Do you mean, opposers. You certainly don’t mean witnesses. What positive views does an opposer offer? Can they offer a better understanding of scripture? Can they offer a better moral Christian life? Therefore, educate yourself on what a Christian is, and should be. If you’re going to give examples and excuses with justifications, I’ve heard those from a self-appointed anointed one that lacks the same biblical education you hold. Therefore, JW’s don’t need garbage or tainted scriptural understanding.

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    Matthew9969 reacted to Witness in JW Cereal from Wal Mart   
    Sugar-coated, empty calories; otherwise known as "nourishing food".  
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from James Thomas Rook Jr. in Could the ancient Jews eat pig fractions?   
    Good question.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Queen Esther in In the "New System" :   


    This is not fantasy, this is what we were taught to expect when we were Jehovah's Witnesses.

    - Michael Pendley

    DAY 1

    Well, the Big A is over and I survived. I made my way down to the Kingdom Hall this morning. By the end of the day most of the congregation had gathered at the Hall. Some brothers and sisters are still missing, Ed Thorn, our presiding overseer, told us that those who were missing should have spent more time in field service.

    DAY 2

    Brother Thorn called a special meeting this morning. He announced that he and the other elders would now be assuming full authority over our new community until contact was reestablished with headquarters. All decisions regarding community regulations, living arrangements, work assignments, and other matters would be at the sole discretion of the elders.

    Sam Greene objected to this dictatorial policy until Thorn pulled out a letter from the Society dated several months ago which stated that, after Armageddon, the local body of elders would be responsible for all decisions until otherwise directed by the Society. Sam voiced no further objections. The rest of us also accepted the new arrangement.

    The first new rule was not long in coming - all brothers and sisters were required to report to the Kingdom Hall at 8:00 every morning to receive work assignments and other instructions.

    DAY 3

    Brother Thorn has assigned me lo the burial detail. It seems that most of us single brothers have been assigned this unpleasant duty. The dead bodies are already starting to get to me. It sickens me to watch the birds and other animals scavenge the corpses. I actually saw a raven pluck out an eyeball today. Disgusting! Rob Johnson got a bulldozer running and has begun to dig a large common grave. My job is to go around collecting bodies and load them into the back of a pickup truck.

    DAY 4

    We had our first judicial hearing today. Larry and Sue Winters had moved into the McRae mansion in what was once the exclusive Cypress Oaks subdivision. The problem was that Sister Thorn had already had her eye on the place and, as wife of the presiding overseer; she figured that she should have first choice. Brother Thorn told Brother and Sister Winter that they had no right to claim anything without approval of the elders. They were ordered to get out of the house by nightfall. The Winters were very disappointed but they agreed to move out.

    DAY 5

    At the morning meeting, the Thorns announced that they would be moving into the McRae place. The Winters were livid, but they didn't say anything. It was also announced that the surrounding estate homes had been assigned to the other elders. Position has privilege, even in the New World .

    Some of the brothers have started calling the area "Elder Hill." It was also announced that anyone wanting to appropriate a home must first file a request with the elders. I have decided to stay in my own house. It doesn't seem right to move into someone else's home, even if they were worldly. It makes me sad when I go into someone's house and see the family pictures and personal belongings. Most of the others don't feel this way, it doesn't bother them to loot the dead.

    DAY 8

    The elders announced a new meeting schedule at the morning meeting. On Sunday, we will still have the public talk followed by a study of old Watchtower articles until we get new magazines. On Tuesday night, we will have a congregational book study. The Service Meeting has been canceled (no need for it anymore) along with the Ministry School . They have been replaced by an instructional session to be held on Friday night. This new meeting will instruct us on how to conduct ourselves in the New World Society. The best thing, of course is no more field service!

    DAY 10

    This burial work is taking a heavy toll on me. I can't help but feel saddened at the waste of so much human life. Why couldn't Jehovah have found a way to save more people? The children are the worst, I can't stand to see their little bodies anymore. I don't think I'll report for work tomorrow.

    DAY 11

    I didn't go to work today. Ed Thorn came by later in the morning and asked me why I wasn't at work. I told him I didn't feel well. He told me to get to work, that everyone feels well all the time in the New World . He also told me that depression, and mental anxiety were things of the past. Of course, he doesn't have to bury the bodies.

    DAY 14

    It's been two weeks now. I really miss things like electricity and running water. I wonder if we'll ever get those things working again. Rob Johnson and I borrowed a generator from the Hall last night and hooked it up to my television and VCR. We had a great time watching some "Star Trek" videos and a tape of last year's Super bowl. I really miss television.

    DAY 15

    At the morning meeting, Brother Thorn publicly reprimanded Rob and I for watching television. The elders have decided that, henceforth, watching videos is prohibited since we do not want our new paradise to be contaminated by the old world. Thorn speculated that one day we might have "theocratic television" from the Society. The Watchtower Channel? Spare me.

    DAY 20

    Still no word from the Society. We have spoken to representatives from surrounding congregations but the elders are not allowing anyone to travel. Carol Woods wanted to visit her sister in the next county to see if she made it through okay, but Brother Thorn told her to stay put and be patient. After all, she would have plenty of time to see her sister later. I think that was a cruel thing to say.

    DAY 30

    We finally finished most other the burial work. I am so relieved. The scavenger birds are still hanging around. I have grown to hate the sight of the fat, disgusting creatures. One of the things attacked me today. I guess they have acquired a taste for human flesh.

    DAY 45

    Many other brothers and sisters are getting sick of being bossed around by the elders. They run things like an old South plantation, we are the slaves, and they are the overseers. I have been reassigned to work on the communal farm. It is hard work, but it beats the burial detail. Sam Greene is organizing a committee to speak to the elders about some of the complaints that we all have.

    DAY 47

    The elders found out about Sam Green's attempted "rebellion." At the morning meeting, he was publicly reprimanded and told to pray for a humble spirit. No one is to speak to him until he has shown proper repentance. I can't believe that we are dis-fellowshipping people in the New World

    DAY 51

    Today a messenger finally arrived from the Society. Wade Peters, a young Bethelite, arrived on horseback. He told us that the Society has moved all headquarters staff to Patterson after the destruction of New York City . We also received the first post-Armageddon Watchtower (now issued quarterly).

    Many of us had hoped that it would contain information allowing us more personal freedom but we were disappointed to read that we were to keep following the instructions of the local elders until further notice. He also gave the elders a copy of a new procedure manual (titled ORGANIZATION FOR THE NEW WORLD) but none of us were allowed to see it.

    DAY 69

    My best friend got married today in a shotgun wedding! Rob and Sally Kennedy were discovered together while engaged in a heavy kissing session. After a judicial meeting, Brother Thorn announced that they were now married, without a ceremony or anything! Rob objected strenuously, explaining that he and Sally had not had sex. Brother Thorn, however, declared that the decision was in keeping with the new elder procedure manual. Sally seems happy enough but Rob is in a state of shock. I remember he once told me that he thought that she was as dumb as a box of rocks. Now he is married to her forever. I'll have to remember to keep my hands in my pockets when I date any sisters.

    DAY 80

    The newlyweds are not getting along. There has been a lot of gossip about their horrible spats. Rob confided to me today that he went to the elders in an attempt to get the marriage annulled. They told him that according to the Society's new procedure manual, no divorces or annulments would be allowed for any reason. In addition, all marriages now have to be approved by the local body of elders.

    DAY 81

    Sam Greene was reinstated today. He is still unhappy, but keeps his thoughts to himself now.

    DAY 89

    We are all in a state of shock! Rob committed suicide today. I guess the idea of spending eternity with Sally was not acceptable to him. The elders refused to let us hold a funeral service. I volunteered to bury my friend. Brother Thorn instructed me to bury him in the common grave where we had put the worldly persons. No one came to the grave side, not even his widow. I said a prayer for my friend. I will miss Rob greatly.

    DAY 100

    Life is becoming miserable for many of us. The elders keep placing new rules on us every day. We are told we must lead holy lives of service and submission. No dissent or discussion is allowed. It seems like we had more freedom before Armageddon. I never though I would be nostalgic about the old world.

    DAY 111

    I can't take it here anymore. I am going to travel to my brother's place, about a hundred miles from here. Traveling on foot I think I can make it in about five days. I wish I could get gasoline for my car. I'll have to sneak out since the elders still aren't giving anyone permission to travel. I have stored some food and plan to leave tonight after the curfew. I hope my brother is still alive, maybe he will know if Mom and Dad are okay.

    DAY 112

    I made it out of town today. I wonder if they miss me yet? The destruction in the countryside is incredible. How will we ever rebuild everything? I've seen quite a few skeletons already. I guess there is still a lot of burial work to do before we build a paradise.

    DAY 113

    I ran into a group of brothers from Westview congregation. I was detained at gunpoint! Brother Thorn had gotten word to them to be on the outlook for me. I am furious. Why can't I visit my brother?

    DAY 114

    Ed Thorn and two ministerial servants arrived today to escort me back "home." They were all carrying guns.

    DAY 115

    After my attempted escape and several other disciplinary problems involving other brothers, the elders have now set up a gun-toting police force. I was, of course, dis-fellowshipped at the morning meeting. I have been assigned to latrine duty.

    DAY 116

    I was instructed to report to the Kingdom Hall after work for "additional instruction." I saw Sam Greene and a couple of other "troublemaker's" there. We were subjected to an hour of "re-indoctrination," mostly the usual crap about maintaining a servants spirit and not to think too much of ourselves. We were told to come back next week for more of the same.

    DAY 123

    I blew up today at the re-indoctrination meeting. I told Ed Thorn that I was sick of him acting like a theocratic Hitler. I also told him that I was leaving the community and that he better not try to slop me. My mistake. Thorn called his police force in and had me arrested. I am being detained under armed guard in a makeshift jail cell in the Kingdom Hall basement.

    DAY 124

    My judicial hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. Sam Greene came by to see me. When the guards were out of ear shot, he told me that his efforts to contact the Society about the local elders had done no good. He had been told by the Society to keep quiet and obey the elders without question. Sam is very depressed about this and about my situation.

    DAY 125

    My judicial hearing was held today. Ed Thorn acted as lead prosecutor. I, of course had no defense counsel and could call no witnesses. After the hearing which was held in secret, I was judged guilty of being an unrepentant apostate. I was solemnly informed that according to the Society's instructions (as contained in "ORGANIZATION FOR THE NEW WORLD") the punishment for apostasy is death by stoning. My execution is scheduled for tomorrow.

    DAY 126

    Well, this is the end. Later today, I will be led out for my execution by stoning. I would rather be shot in the back of the head, but the Society obviously feels that stoning provides a better object lesson. If I get a chance I will throw one of the rocks back at Ed Thorn. The funny thing is that I don't really feel so bad about my impending demise. This New World Society is not my idea of a paradise and I don't want to live with these people for all eternity. From paradise lost to paradise regained to paradise lost again.


    Everyone turned out for my stoning, even the kids. Ed Thorn solemnly pronounced my death sentence and then quoted scripture telling everyone to "not to let their eye feel sorry." No one did. My only regret is that they tied my hands behind my back so that I couldn't return any of their rocks with interest. Not very sporting. The last thing I saw before the lights went out was a sickening smirk on Thorn's face. Then I woke up. In Heaven. And there was St. Peter. "Welcome to Paradise , my child" he said as he gently took my hand. Confused, I said "But I thought paradise was back on Earth with the Witnesses." "No," explained St. Peter, "That was Hell."

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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Shiwiii in WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT EASTER?   
    Question: "Should Christians celebrate Easter?"
    Answer: Though perhaps the day with the highest church attendance, Easter Sunday can be a source of contention among Christians. Some Christians view Easter as having pagan origins or being so commercialized that it is wrong to participate. Others simply view Easter as a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, perhaps the best and most important celebration of the year. Many believers prefer to call Easter “Resurrection Sunday” to highlight that the celebration is about Jesus. Some Christians participate only in the church-related aspects of celebrating Easter, whereas others include the more societal aspects like Easter egg hunts and baskets full of candy.
    Does the Bible say anything about whether Christians should celebrate Easter?
    The Bible does not mention the observance of Easter and so does not directly address the question of whether Christians should celebrate Easter. Christians who believe we should celebrate Easter and those who believe we should not are hard pressed to make a solid biblical case either way. Jesus’ death and resurrection are realities we celebrate all year through. In fact, the church meeting on Sunday is an indirect celebration of the resurrection of Christ, who arose on the first day of the week (Luke 24:1). Passages like Colossians 2:16, 1 Corinthians 10:23–33, and Romans 14 are instructive in discerning whether we should celebrate Easter and how to go about doing so. These passages indicate that Christians have great freedom in questionable matters, such as observing certain holy days or eating different foods. First Corinthians 10:23–24 says, “‘I have the right to do anything,’ you say—but not everything is beneficial. ‘I have the right to do anything’—but not everything is constructive. No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.” Paul was writing here specifically about eating food sacrificed to idols. He went on to say that believers could eat whatever was sold in the market or given to them by an unbeliever without “raising questions of conscience.” The principle is that “the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it” (1 Corinthians 10:26). Paul concludes, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Do not cause anyone to stumble, whether Jews, Greeks or the church of God—even as I try to please everyone in every way. For I am not seeking my own good but the good of many, so that they may be saved” (1 Corinthians 10:31–33).
    Christians should celebrate Easter to the extent that they can do so to the glory of God and with thankfulness (1 Corinthians 10:30–33).
    Those who are convinced that Easter is a celebration of a pagan goddess or that it somehow honors the idols of a godless society should abstain from Easter observances. Those who feel free to celebrate Easter but whose observance of it might cause a problem for another believer should not flaunt their freedom. If certain Easter traditions would cause a Christian to compromise biblical truth, then those traditions should be neglected. However, when participation in Easter traditions and Easter celebrations give us cause to praise God, we should feel free to fully enjoy them and invite others to do the same.
    No matter how we personally observe or don’t observe Easter, it does seem to be a particularly good time to share the gospel with others. Society at large acknowledges Easter in one way or another. Even those who focus primarily on secular traditions like the Easter bunny, colored eggs, and chocolate tend to recognize the holiday is related to Christianity. Christians can use that awareness as an opening to explain who Jesus is, the importance of His death, and the good news of His resurrection. Easter comes in the springtime, and much of the excitement around Easter has to do with the excitement of spring with its promise of new growth. How amazing to be able to share with others that what is observed on Easter is so much more. It’s not simply the changing of a season but a celebration of the way Jesus changed the world. He offers us new and eternal life. At Easter, Christians can enjoy celebrating that reality in a focused way with one another, and we can and should share that amazing news with any who will listen.
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    Matthew9969 reacted to Jack Ryan in When You Are ALWAYS Counting Your Service Time.   
    How much time did you get on Saturday?
    24 hours.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Queen Esther in 2019 REGIONAL CONVENTION IN ROME, ITALY, video - Enjoy ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫   
    I finally realized, the reason the conventions are so dry, dreary, no passion, no joy, every one if full of fear and guilt. Then I noticed how the speakers talk, they all have this type of talk like they are talking to children, or people with severe mental illnesses, then I realized, they had practiced and perfected the art of mass hypnosis.

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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Srecko Sostar in Armed Robbery of an Entire Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses   
    You learn in self defense, most people freeze in these situations.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Queen Esther in Armed Robbery of an Entire Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses   
    You learn in self defense, most people freeze in these situations.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Witness in ABOUT THE VIDEO OF BROTHER ANTHONY MORRIS.....   
    And this guy calls himself a Christian?
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Srecko Sostar in ANTHONY MORRIS AT THE LIQUOR STORE   
    Maybe its the new memorial choice of drink.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Melinda Mills in ANTHONY MORRIS AT THE LIQUOR STORE   
    Maybe its the new memorial choice of drink.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Foreigner in Jehovah’s Witness parents send their children to school with the emotional burden that whatever they do that day will make the creator of the universe either angry or happy   
    Little Timmy signing a get well soon birthday card for another kid who is going through Kino therapy for cancer makes Jehovah very angry at Timmy.
    Little Timmy gets raped by a brother and he tells the elders instead of police makes Jehovah very happy with Timmy.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Srecko Sostar in Jehovahs witnesses and higher education   
    Who was it that said, college is a snare and a racket?
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Srecko Sostar in Baptism of Children by Jehovah's Witnesses   
    It's nice to see children dedicating their lives to Jehovah, unfortunately they are also dedicating their lives to an idol called the wtbts in a contract for life.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Srecko Sostar in Watch Tower Sues Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg for Contempt of Court, Demands Daily Fine   
    Wow, Jehovah is suing facebook!
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Shiwiii in Baptism of Children by Jehovah's Witnesses   
    It's nice to see children dedicating their lives to Jehovah, unfortunately they are also dedicating their lives to an idol called the wtbts in a contract for life.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Witness in Watch Tower Sues Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg for Contempt of Court, Demands Daily Fine   
    Wow, Jehovah is suing facebook!
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Witness in Baptism of Children by Jehovah's Witnesses   
    It's nice to see children dedicating their lives to Jehovah, unfortunately they are also dedicating their lives to an idol called the wtbts in a contract for life.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from JOHN BUTLER in Baptism of Children by Jehovah's Witnesses   
    It's nice to see children dedicating their lives to Jehovah, unfortunately they are also dedicating their lives to an idol called the wtbts in a contract for life.
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    Matthew9969 got a reaction from Foreigner in JW.ORG Defines Lap Dancing   
    At least its not as bad as the public talk they gave about bedroom sex rules including oral sex.
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