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  1. God's day can be any day, one just has to be prepared for it. Keeping vigilante is vital, being spiritually strong is extremely crucial and important. There are those who do not understand things thing it is a bit extreme, others, as shown, think it is bullying, on the other side of the spectrum,there are real God fearing men, women and children who don't water down what God is going to , they see what their counterparts do don't see regarding what God can and will do; but sadly, those who cannot see or are weak, misguided in faith are ones who brush over even what Prophet Isaiah had said and so forth, as is with the words of others. Woe to them because when something is said it goes in one ear, and out the other. God's day will be a great day indeed for those who are enduring, those of whom God knows who are for him, but it will be quite the opposite for those, who willfully knew who God is and does things not according to him or things by means of his Son, who built the church, and in the end, they will see for themselves of God purpose and will be finally realized, both the righteous and those of good and heard the spoken word of God, and both the unrighteous those who willfully done bad while knowing God's Word. That being said, spiritual wisdom is for those who seek and examine it for better understanding, as is with building up faith in knowing God and his Son and what promises his Kingdom will bring, one key thing that people will benefit from is eternal life. This is why we must keep walking, for at the end of the road there is promise that was spoken of. Endurance, vigilance, faith, etc. A hint of discernment can show cracks in the armor of those of little faith, and the strength of those who have an abundance of faith in terms of spiritual wisdom.
  2. @James Thomas Rook Jr. You'd be surprised of what truthers have to go through when dealing with people who are on the level of believing in a conspiracy to be an absolute, example, Alex Jones. This is no mission for Dilbert.
  3. This does not surprise me, the whole gender thing. You should see what they are doing when it comes to indoctrinating children into something that they proclaim as normal when it is bad. Birth certificates I believe was effected too:
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    There is a fight coming, those who see the danger are prepared for it, but those who don't see the danger or go about the danger as if they can defeat it will only find themselves in absolute ruin.
  4. This was expected. Israel and their allies which includes the US, France, UK, etc. Bolton the warmonger, their disdain for Iranians and those of Syria, etc. There is a slow tension on the other side of the spectrum regarding this as well. The MSM is also playing in the stories and events taking place too, especially with what happen in New Zealand. And there is tension going about regarding Christians in some parts and has caused some to even be angered.
  5. Don't know if it was mentioned here already:
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  6. @Witness This goes back to the discussion of God's structure. That being said, Paul, Clement, Peter, and several others had authority in the Church, but they were not treated as god(s). God has his people, who followed his Son, Jesus, and regarding Jesus church, those who are for him are the ones who must spread the gospel and the truth concerning the Christ and his God. Although Paul and the others were organized, there is no idolatry regarding them, the people who learn from them, etc.
  7. @BillyTheKid46 You someone, I think the guy was a former Baptist, a Middle Eastern American young man. He made a video regarding some of what you had said about JWs, but sadly no one like this man exposing lies and bringing forth truth and there were people who literally wiped his YouTube Channel regarding this. It tells you how people would go to great length to take out a message someone says in order to continue pushing false information as a legitimate truth.
  8. So they're preppers. I don't see what is wrong with that because there is such things such as this:
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    But with the way things are going anything can happen. Christians are in a battle with those who are already against them, so things can escalate as time progresses.
  9. Regarding baptism the Bible tells us to take in knowledge, I had already made a response to that. Playbook? Yes, Jesus did study, for the law he was born into he, and all of his people had to read and observe, recite, study, and pray, all things in regards to taking in knowledge of the God of Israel, Yahweh. Jesus even acknowledged said Law to those that asked him as read in Mark 12. Jesus told us to take in knowledge of the True God who sent him. And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. By taking in wisdom of God, people indeed examine Scripture, people will learn of who God is and what he had done, and will also come to understand of who Jesus Christ is and what role he has in God's Purpose and Will. Concerning Baptism, those who hear God's Word come to take in wisdom and understand it, and it is concerning those who seek baptism themselves by their choice to make said declaration to God. For Jesus came and spoke God's Word giving us insight on who he is, to which we examine and accept as truth. I beg your pardon? Again with the requirements, but only this time a feeble example. We are to take in wisdom and examine God's Word. I suggest you look up what the word actually is and its definition:
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    So tell me this, when it comes to learning and understanding God what do you do? No one says that it is an absolute requirement. The response regarding baptism is the fact that people take in knowledge of God's Word, learning about him, especially those who seek baptism, those who heard God's Word. What you said primarily is that this or that is unbiblical. I have read your responses, I haven't ignored or left anything out if I made a response to each part.
  10. I already know this regarding Christians who do what was done by the early church vs. those that do not and apply to such things such as tradition, i.e. gay marriage, interfaith, sodomy, professing of actions that is unChristian, etc. We have examples, for instance, Kairos Movement, etc. Biblical Unitarian, non-denominational. I recall last time you tried to accuse me of being supportive of the interfaith, only to correct and rebuke you on this claim and you apologized to the confusion because you didn't know any better to which I had accepted. The Jehovah's Witnesses, as much as you heard me say it before, are Restorationist. There are 2 types of Restorationism, lone Christians, and there are organized ones, and of course we know that Jehovah's Witnesses are an organized bunch, and they are everywhere, perhaps you have one at your workplace, institution of any sort, maybe under your bed. Restorationist in a much are consider true Christians because they do anything and everything to strive to be like the True Church itself, some Restorationist take it to the extreme as to live life 100% simple, this picture below is someone who I had a chance to speak to, he is a Restorationist Christian Us Biblical Unitarians, we to strive to be like the church, some better than others, which is the case with me as well. Others outside of Biblical Unitarianism, I see them as those also, like of another nation and or tribe who are doing the same thing regarding God whereas others give in to tradition of men, practices and the like, what have you. This is why it is very important, all who move away from mainstream Christendom into true Christendom, recognize the teachings and what was spoken of by God himself. And to such it has to be taken very seriously, for doing all things for God and following the teacher, his Son, it requires sacrifice and total devotion and complete servitude to God our Father. That being said, those among the mainstream crowd tend to confuse the teachings and confuse others on this same notion, like my last discussion with you regarding what nakedness actually is to which you had been corrected on the truth of the matter.
  11. So you are of mainstream Christendom? My claims are actually true and I have posted information on such because I had brought forth facts in regards to this, elsewhere, there has always been discussion and debate on such. You think that the mainstream does not practice some form of excommunication that is not of the church, but the facts I had professed here several times says otherwise. Watering down the church of the Christ is indefensible.
  12. Exactly because there are those out there who say they are God's mouthpiece or they are spokesman of God declaring the message to which they preach and teach otherwise, i.e. Mario Martinez who says he is a spokesman of God but teaches and preaches people like him can have visions and see Hell itself, people being tormented in Hell and so forth. So what was said is on equal footing, granted I had stated the distinction between a prophets who are not inspired, ones being true ones and ones being false. That being said, indeed anyone can say they are God's mouthpiece, but among them there are false ones, which the verse you profess also adds on to what was originally said. Actual prophets, Christians, there are those who are God's spokesman who indeed speaks truth and such ones Jesus will recognize.
  13. It is a major tragedy, but like all tragedies, the powers that be and those who have the agenda exploit said tragedy, and send angry mobs to those blamed. Videos of the attack is being purged from those who have it, me being one who saw said video, it is sad and very disturbing, granted when you are aware of what the gunmen was doing those who no longer walk this earth. The man who committed said crime, his face, his name should not be exposed, but mainstream media do it anyways, which will only spawn more copy-cat attacks. Violence on this nature cannot be 100% stopped by the hands of man, prevented in some instances, but that is it. Eventually God will be the one to put an end to this once he gives word to Jesus to come back.
  14. @Srecko Sostar Truly, truly I saith unto thee, he does not knoweth how things work. No it is not a double standard, this is why I posted that link so you can understand how things roll in said country.

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