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  1. My response was not directed to the Thor comment, it was regarding something else. This just shows your ignorance, and it shows how you, among the mainstream, do who propose yourself as Christian, cater to traditions of men. As far as I know JWs do not consider Yah as a pagan God, however, they consider, like the rest of us, you should be among the fold, that the pagan god in question concerning Thanksgiving us all about. True Christians recognize that we do not need one day or a government issue day to give praise to God, for Christians praise and thank God everyday, however, we should not be like the Romans, to interject paganism into Christianity. Concerning Thanksgiving, it is an annual harvest that stems from a very old tradition known to man. Thanksgiving was celebrated originally in early October by the Romans and on that holiday, the celebration was solely dedicated to The Goddess of Harvest, Ceres (which I mentioned this to you before, but evidently, you shy away from it), in addition, the holiday itself to it's very roots is called Cerelia (not to be confused with Floralia) - An ancient Roman religion, the Cerealia, was the major festival celebrated for the grain goddess Ceres. It was held for seven days from mid to late April, but the dates of said celebration are uncertain. Eventually, the Christians who took favor it such eventually took over the Roman holiday and it soon became a well established tradition in England, where some of the Roman customs, as well as Roman rituals for this day were observed. Also as a side note, the King of England proclaimed days of thanksgiving during the American Colonial Period, and in doing so without the influence of either the Pilgrims or Puritans. Now it is not unknown to anyone that JWs as well as the Restorationist community do not celebrate pagan festivities, more so, perhaps use to do so until they discovered it's roots vs. earlier Christians who knew not to mess around with paganism, let alone show some form of observance of such days. As for us, majority of us Unitarians do not partake in such things, and in my case, the culture I grew up in, such observance is discouraged and frowned upon, to please God we do not partake in the sins of what some traditions bring, so to speak, therefore, it is wrongful in the eyes of God, for a Christian, to incorporate anything originally used for pagan worship and practices and combine true religious worship to Yahweh and or related activities concerning Christian practices. Information of the Goddess of the Harvest, or Thanksgiving - Ceres What is, and I quote you You are right, and your own words points the arrows in your direction. You say you are a Christian, numerous times, but now we see a foolish display of hypocrisy on your part (this isn't the first time), and using JWs as a shield will not help you because in this regard, the Bible can be used against you and your spirit can be tested (1 John 4:1). God tells us "clearly" in the following verse Exodus 20:3 - You shall have no other gods before me. So we see here, God is very clear, you have a good reading comprehension, I am sure you can read this clearly. God tells us that we should not have ANY other God besides him, and no, it is not just a single verse, that would be way too easy, this is stated numerous times, countless times in Scripture concerning God Yahweh and false gods. So my only question to you, if you partake in the festivities of Ceres, no matter how hard you try to Christianize it, how to do think God views what you are doing? Amos 5:21 - I hate, I despise your feasts, and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies. Now, The Most High, Yahweh, clearly do not show approval for festivities that has roots connected in the soil of false religious practices that condone conduct, i.e. paganism... As Christians, we should be against such things, upright even, and profess the truth of the gospel to those that either do not know any better and or lost in the seas conjured up by the Great Harlot Babylon. For if people like Apostle Paul and countless others can stand up to what is wrong, what is preventing you from doing the same? That being said, you can clown people with your idiocy, but you cannot clown God for showing who you are, and a 3rd time, I was right to include you among mainstream Christianity due to the fact you think such a practice is OK... Reasons why True Christianity will ALWAYS be above mainstream Christianity, for we not only know the teachings and the Scripture and what Jesus had taught about the gospel and God, but we do so much in our power to put the application, hence, that is what makes US Christians. I leave you with this - Who are you for: Yahweh or Ceres? There's no middle ground, which you should know - It's mentioned in the Bible itself. If anyone is committing blasphemy - it is you, in this regard.
  2. @Jack Ryan You know, I asked you nearly a year ago pertaining to your so called findings, and still you have nothing. I am making this response because there was a debate where your information was called up exactly and your findings are unfounded. This goes back to what I had said about some Atheists, such ones like yourself, to convey without no repercussion of what comes next. That being said, the attempt was nothing more but a mirror to a Walmart version of David Wood.
  3. Unfortunately, the shunning command is indeed a practice of the church, entrusted to it.
  4. Political Theater has reached a clown world level of ridiculousness, and the Democrats are snowflakes, whoa re easily triggered by memes, especially the recent one concerning Marvel's Endgame. The powers that be will always defend their own in our to continue the trek of the conquest of peace and security.
  5. I hope you have this same energy in front of the judgement seat of God concerning such practices. I'm a Biblical Unitarian, not masquerading anything. Then again, Trinitarians, no, mainstream Christians, will say things because they cannot backup their case at times. This goes back to the Acts 10 thread where I was in the right to put you with the collective that cherry pick twist scripture for man's war. That being said, partaking in festivities that have such connections isn't doing glory to God at all. You know this, perhaps, but I doubt you care. Take a good read of 1 Corinthians 9 concerning Apostle Paul. You are incorrect. The problem is the celebration itself concerning it's connection to false god(s) and practices, and the act of partaking in such an event. Clearly the history of such an event is perhaps unknown to you. The decision is left for you, you side with Yah or you side with the deceiver, no middle ground. One thing I like to point out is some Americans do not know how to clean their food. No cleansing, no nothing. Which results in blood and or chemicals in the food. One thing that cannot be deterred is what is fed to the livestock, in which are used as food sources.
  6. Or sin, be it willfully and or someone struggling to combat it. A constant battle man faces everyday, even young ones. In this day and age, it has become more serious over time due to the oddities and ideologies and conduct now acceptable today. Young ones are more effective because of the school systems now integrating some things you wouldn't catch yourself talking to your family about on the dinner table. That being said, we must not simply get use to it, we must always be ready to dodge the incoming jab of sin, and should we be it, do we stand up and dodge and fight against the urge of sin or do we simply lay there and allow sin to be unhinged and lay out an unspeakable amount of hay-makers to secure a victory? Do not let sin win, do everything to fight against it, and should it win, do not give up, push it back.
  7. @AlanF The thing is about translations, if it lines up with our earliest manuscripts and our Strong's, it is in the clear regardless of language, however, if something is off, and does not match and or line up, then textual criticism and or such pertaining to it, and or similar, is applied. I say this because there are those out there who do not believe the Scriptures has been tampered with centuries ago, and these same people take issue with such ones who try to restore Scripture by means of revision for the modern man/woman to read each to their own.
  8. You'd be surprise, should "some" guy goes give justification to go about an intent he or she sees as fit, but to others, as something drastically wrong, then you have a problem. We already have examples, whereas helping the people defend themselves have gone into the state of disarray and destruction in some parts of the world. That being said, Indiana Jones was only in the movies. There is another film, I cannot recall the name, I think it was romancing the stone, or something like that. But again - it's all in show business, real life gets as realistic as it gets; too intense at times, if I may add.
  9. The irony of it all, there were people who spoken loudly regarding this issue, and it is only years later, now people are concerned for the risks of vaping. The parents and the community needs to teach and educate their kids, and older ones who have kids concerning the issue to reduce more young ones entering into the realm of vaping. Solutions to the problem is always key to a sure victory.
  10. @James Thomas Rook Jr. You can eat to your heart's desire, but never do it in a way that praises Ceres. That being said, the bit about the shotgun.... I do not compute in it's meaning.
  11. But apparently, the opposers of the faith community says so, even as much to the point of trying to justify what they are saying by means of misusing a verse or two, in addition, also making remarks that insult God himself and or mock him and or his Christ. Yes. I gave an example of such a while back regarding smoking, whereas it is not in the Bible at all, however, such can, regarding on said example, can land a person within grounds of excommunication whereas they lose church ties entirely, moreover, the reaction from different church leaders concerning the situation prior to excommunication. It has not, for every church of the faith community have different elders and or pastors with different experiences and levels of how to handle a situation, for instance, back to my old smoking example, one pastor may have been struggling with smoking in his teens, and decides to counsel the sinner who is experiencing the same thing, whereas another pastor has no such experience and sees such as a sin, but later on, makes an attempt to address the issue. Mankind is a melting pot of different people with different backgrounds, surely every church has different people of such, by means of race, sex, culture, what have you although in the same faith, so the experience is vastly different. It is not just misuse, sometimes people go over Scripture to attribute to emotion and or feeling, to justify, which leads to cherry picking and other twisted forms. This is true of the Christ, but his church entrusted his instruction, and you have seen such ones, even Paul, enact such in the church concerning some folks, especially those who think they know things concerning the teachings. That passage is regarding Jesus helping out the man in the Sabbath, more so, that passage is of interest because there has always been debate if Jesus broke the Sabbath or not, even though we are under the New Covenant, people still go about such things. If anything, concerning excommunication and shunning, Christians are able to excommunicate, and it is deemed merciful to sinners and or those who sin. I would like to point out to you Matthew 18:15-18, as is with Paul's example in Romans 16. That being said, regardless of what the person is excommunicate for, there is as well as a window open for those who want to seek entry into the church, to be reinstated, and such ones who willfully do this, will receive help in doing so, as for others, on the other side of the spectrum, there is willful sin, and the causing of trouble, which will evidently lead such a person into the realm of Apostasy. @James Thomas Rook Jr. Didn't we talk about this before? I recall talking about the Second Amendment with you a while back. That being said, regardless if a man has a gun or not, his intent is unknown, he may be a good guy or a bad guy, but that is just surface information, I rather say the mentality aspect of such for another day.
  12. Alan must have confuse this with a different community, I forget whom, but I don't recall such regarding JWs or any Restorationist, be it individuals and or group.
  13. Their problem is not with higher education, the issue of the matter is that they want their faith community to put God first, adhering to the verse in question, Matthew 6:33. The misconception is that they detest and or hate higher education, the thing is, they are not ignorant to the fact that young ones need an income to live and whatnot, therefore must seek out a trade by going to a Technical School, some College and or Uni, etc, some youth out there are self taught and or abide by the trade teachings of their relatives. Another factor is Uni has become borderline "Communist" and the narrative of which they interject into the youth nowadays is a string of ideologies, political grooming, if one is not careful. And some of the college life is brazen and immoral, for any Christian parent wouldn't want to come to the discover of their child doing something immoral, let alone become victim in the colleges, i.e. real life experience, which I had mentioned several times regarding a late friend whose situation blew up resulting in her suicide, and there has been countless examples, especially the one with the case. Higher Education is both a blessing and a curse, as is, very narrow, should one not be as careful. Clearly, you have not scratched the surface of the realm of Uni/College life as have some who look into those things, then again, some of you, Atheists, tend to thrive in all aspects of such, ahem, the athlete and his father regarding one victim... That being said, it is usually women that are often victims in sex/violent cases in colleges and Uni. You either go there to study and work towards a degree for a decent job or you go there to party, and between the lines, there is and always will be consequences, of which the stupid and the ignorant do not know about. All and all, all you got is jokes - no solutions to the problem, reasons why such ones like Mr. Turner nearly got off easy, and those like him.
  14. It's not just JWs, there are Christians who do not celebrate Thanksgiving at all, as is with other Holidays that do not pertain to the Christ or the Church. More so, this day is seen as a Day of Mourning, for some - reasons as to such is written in blood by means of history. Continue to celebrate the festivities, if you wish, you can choose to serve the goddess of harvest known as Ceres, for me, I, like Jesus had stated, choose to serve only the true God, Yahweh - Matthew 4:10; Luke 4:8. Which is ironic because a while back you stated you listen to the Lord, Christ Jesus... That being said, you have to be out of whack to serve and or worship another God because the True God of Israel, if others know this, and even JWs, know this, perhaps you should do the same, which was proven before, you are a mainstream Christian.

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