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About Me

Where I originate from? The Bible and history strict community The CSE: https://christianity.stackexchange.com

No Denominational affiliation although me views are seen in a way as Unitarian, but I believe in pre-existence, Priesthood taking place at Pentecost and onward and other things, but like others, should anyone speak ill, it will be refuted.

Adept in Biblical Studies including Biblical Hermeneutics and Scripture since the age of 6 to now. Knowledgeable in the Christology of Christendom, as well as having knowledge of Islam, Judaism and more.

Knowledgeable in the History of the Church up until the First Council of Nicaea, First Council of Constantinople and other. Strong understanding of Apostle Paul, John, and Peter message in regards to the Christ and of God.

Refutation and Confutation of Biblical errors, practices, and other as well as lies and or false truths of a belief, passage, historical claim and or other.

 I adhere to Textual Criticism, of which is used strictly, mainly in regards to Biblical Errors and Uninspired, found in translations such as The King James I will and continue to expose the falsehood of that Bible.


I side with those who speak truth, but those who are dishonesty, I do no't, therefore by both Scripture and correction, they will be burned and rinsed for considering what is false as true.

A man who has been through trial and error, someone who knows bible truth as if it is second nature and this journey has began with dealing with the likes of what is wicked, of whom I now correct should they express their dishonesty.

A Storm Trooper who didn't like the idea of Order 66.

Languages (some I have understanding of and or capable of writing/speaking in):

English, French, Spanish, Creole

Somewhat of an understanding in, or can write a little bit of:

Russian, Japanese, Korean, intermediate in Hebrew and Greek and more.

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