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  1. @BroRando Didn't you post something similar to this already? I remember the 120; how and why you got to it regarding Genesis 6:3-4. Concerning 2034 and Tribulations prior to the End of things, I remember bringing up English mathematician Isaac Newton. That being said, seems the path in regards to the United Nations, and of Babylon will evidently kick things off between 2028-2034, mainly due to the fact of the events spoken of, mainly everything transpiring after January 6th. There is more tragic events and turmoils to come since the UN is now active even more because of specific events. Also not worth the effort to explain roots and concordances to an MSC. Such ones do not understand, even that of the usages of some words, and it can be seen, even in the past on here. It is also hypocritical on their part when a defense was pushed for unauthenticity of omitted verses. That said, there is no Greek violation on the notation from Bible Hub.
  2. And this is why Truthers exist because the MSM cannot be trusted - with anything, yet people believe them as if they are truth.
  3. @Patiently waiting for Truth Also just to add concerning the UK, as of recent 4,760 (about 300-320~ among the most dangerous caught) arrests regarding crimes against children, with a total of nearly 7,000+ children safeguarded. As pointed already, the grooming gangs is an issue, for any abuser who is afraid of the law may end up with these gangs, granted, these people thrive in numbers. Even with this small victory, a strategy to collect more detailed data about these gangs have increased slightly, not by much, and it connects to all things in the realm of pornography and drugs. The NCA is to be used to further the progress, this also connects with violence against women. But still, a community effort is needed, otherwise the tug-o-war with CSA will continue in the UK, us Truthers do not know how the state of the UK will be if they end up with Authoritarianism; ending up like Australia, and Canada. By the way, reporting CSA as a couple of issues, concerning said issues, are you familiar with the below mugshot? I ask because you said you have been sending information to the IICSA, the mugshot below is in relation to one of their branches; this is United Kingdom base.
  4. Not all child abusers are in the faith in question. Some ExJWs cannot detect child abusers at all, they do not know the Red Flags, hence the remark; haven't mentioned Excommunication. Not all ExJWs are cut-off, granted, not all of them fall into the category of apostasy, hence the remark I made to Srecko concerning 2017. Speak your peace, for you are former JW, an EXJW not and or cannot be counted as an Anti-JW (Irreligious). An Anti-JW is irreligious. They don't side with JWs or ExJWs let alone speak favorably of the Bible or God often times they pave themselves into the path of Atheistism, but harbor hatred, this is why I brought up before how both sides are often attack, even quoted them in the past. Clearly you do not hate the Bible or God. There is a distinction between the two, despite the fact people get them mixed up. In short, any irreligious mentality is for current and former members of JWs (any faith also, even towards a philosophy), and it stems into other faiths even. It is already known of your history, you were the among some to bring up an instance of potential CSA a while back, I was the one who responded to you, I believe Anna did the same as your tenure as JB. You even mentioned potential child on child abuse if I am not mistaken, although hard to determine because the word of mouth was insufficient, and no updates for specifics. That being said, Srecko and I are the only ones talking, if the information is explicit, you can speak granted this is in regards to CSA. For we all talked about ARC before, even the sensitive stuff, most of us here mature. Some people tend to speak or jokes that can shock people. Often times the abuser has a favorite child they seek to gain access to, they do not go for multiple victims at once nor do they make specific comments to the public concerning a potential victim (for comments are often directed to the victim personally), they attack one by one mainly in institutional settings which seems to be the common motive; for abusers who seek to harm someone has a focus on the specific victim. Granted this was a costume party, in the UK somewhere, where supposedly everyone in that local JW church dressed wildly, comments can be slipped, i.e. immature comments, vulgar, etc. That can shock anyone. Also the name of your former JW church or the area itself, in the Truther community there may be something that can be looked up, granted UK Truthers are heavy in regards to CSA, especially now concerning everyone. They, even us in the US, utilize the claims registry; and for good reason. Can you remind me why you left the JW church specifically? This was before you left the JW church or after in regards to the first part? Also can you be specific on when these events began? Them doing nothing doesn't negate to them hiding something, as pointed out before, if the man was a potential abuser, he would have manipulate the people around him, even the JW elders, but with the later remark it shows he has no singular victim. Such ones become friendly because they need the community to see them in a positive light. Although you cannot speak to her, seems like your wife is still technically a bridge, granted you are still getting information by means of her. So we can see that this is possibly the same girl. Also the other person, was the person your wife since she knew was the sole person who knew about the one girl sitting on this man's lap/knee previously? Potential abusers already sit within close proximity to a child they are targeting, kind of strange for it to happen afterwards, if not the victim, the guardian themselves. Same area or different concerning the seat change? For if he moved his seat, didn't the girl already leave the room with the other person, possibly your wife? Perhaps you met, since the man was alone with the girl (although how is unknown granted the mentioned above), later on in that specific Church Congregation, this event took place. Moreover, an abuser would already be close to or sitting next to their victim and or their guardian; and or working with them, unless you can clarify that. Because they develop an attachment prior, mainly due to the first part of the comment with your step daughter. Was it ever said on how he got the child to be with him alone in the first place? Abusers, whom already earned the community, will ask for the child mainly if they are with a guardian. Something or someone may have separated them. So it was not just the wife who knew, more people involved. But your wife is still filtering you information even after you left, and she had seen these events, even after you stopped being a JW, more could be done, but at the same time, there is always that thin line when it comes to these things. Even due to you not being a JW anymore, you still have the ability to report. IICSA takes anything, even take over from there to make the determination, and if anything, they can utilize your wife to make the determination. So have you made any reports thus far if this was something recent? If so already, what did you send? That being said, knowing the location would be nice, gives the UK Truther some time to scope.
  5. In several cases of CSA there has been some information. This is why some JWs are equipped to handle CSA and some are not. Again, Swahili JWs, the British/Arab JW, even the one here who told you about combating CSA, and I believe Anna had mentioned to you time and time again as with others. More so information had been professed. Not all of them, and often times, some of what they said has been taken out of context. Reasons why the remark in ARC was stated for them to clarify for it is evident that some of their members do not know how to deal with the issue. ExJWs sometimes take the words of JWs out of context, but at the same time, there are ExJWs who have to explain to those in their community about secular law and CSA, hence why there is a division between them, this excludes the EXJWs who they themselves, a few in particular, who technically defended a child abuser (The Truther community took care of that abuser by the way, as we did with EDP445). This is even more evident back in 2017 where ExJWs were split on how to deal with CSA when they invaded JW churches, resulting in the community and other ExJWs to push them out. That said, there are 2 factions of ExJWs (which I pointed out a lot) The ones that speak of CSA and often times take things out of context, never seeking a middle ground for discussion or conversation; most times attack JWs on the daily for CSA even those who have no part in the abuse. Then you have the ones that speak of CSA, do not take things out of context, and they actually do not bash the JW faith, but rather want to seek conversation on the issue (this is identical to the events of London 3 years ago). These are the same ExJWs who go after the ones in their own community for misinformation. They are also the same ones who disgruntled ExJWs wipe their information off media, and they are the ones deplatformed, i.e. the events of 2017 on Reddit people still claim the JWs did it because of CSA, but it was an ExJW/Bible Student who is friends with Cedars who he himself said that there are better solutions to stopping CSA; even then, on reddit, the misinformation was preached. Likewise, if you remember your Glasglow topic, the one you deleted, to this day, there is only one faction taking that information and proclaiming it as truth. Likewise with what Witness claims of bonds; an ExJWs source who said otherwise. That is why in the other thread, it was coined to not weaponize CSA in this regard. They're aware of CSA. Actually no, because Anna and several others pointed out that JWs do speak of CSA and have material that covers it, this material was also brought up in ARC, in one case, enabled an abused underaged teen to know what CSA is, the material in question was taken from one source. Interesting remark even though I haven't alluded to it, but now that you mentioned it - Look at the thread, and take a good look at your response as to mine regarding solutions. The other thread, a JW told you the same thing, asking you what have you done thus far. You have a platform, you are all over the place, granted he pointed that out, so you can educate via conversation, but you brushed it for as activistism. Clearly you are not grounded at all concerning CSA in this forum alone, for it that was the case, the events of Fremont you would not equate it to everyone in that faith. That being said, the Red Flags are presented to you, these occurrences are the same for both the United States, and the United Kingdom as with those under them, their allies, and their enemies, for CSA happens on both sides.
  6. I never exposed you, merely pointed out you were told on how to deal with the issue via solutions, even my stance, which I made clear to you, but you continuously go around it even though it relates to CSA prevention. Even with how abusers operate is mentioned, you attest to that same motive. In some of your remarks you pretend you do not see where I stand even to this day. You made a comment here regarding my stance and I responded, as seen below You were even told the below: Never once from there onward to today you did any grounded discussion about abuse, and when asked, you stated activism, when at the same time you admit being on other platforms. CSA prevention encourages discussion to look into solutions, they didn't ask you to strike out. Victim or those manipulated as victims so the abuser can reach children is not a test, nor was it to begin with. You picked poor choice of words to those who dwell on this. You said recently that they were under some test, no need to re-route your words now. The latter of the ruling was also addressed before. After research one can learn what that actually is and it's application, as is with the information of an ExJW who spoke of this until he got shut down himself, hence my quotations to the Atheist. I can see now you are attempting to spin the test remark due to blow back. Not wise. Now, that is a contradiction because the JWs aware of CSA do otherwise, not all of them assume something that horrid would take place in their community, some are aware. Even the JWs on this forum are well aware of CSA and they are capable of discussion in the matter, being grounded. Fremont was unprepared but their counterpart were, this can be said in the UK whereas CSA is problematic. So how can you say this when one, even some, are able to handle CSA, moreover, evidence, likewise in the justice system, is also counted as a witness too if an aftermath does occur (injury, bodily fluids, blood and or fluid on clothing/furniture, etc.). The justice system use the similar ruling, so the remark you made is also null. Regarding The Justice System -
      Hello guest!
    "two witness" rule%2C,uncorroborated testimony of one witness. This is why ARC, knowing what it entails, told the JWs to better clarify what that means vs those who apply it incorrectly and or don't know what that is. Misdirect? Here you go: JW members believe that God and the Holy Spirit lead/guide this “imperfect” Organization that claims to be the only true Christian congregation. Observers would rightly expect the CSA plague not to be in such proportions at the JW Church. Observers would rightly expect, too, that JW members and especially leaders/elders in JW assemblies be prepared for all, "be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one". But, sadly, JW members and elders failed. They failed the exam/the test. Child Abuse is not a test, be it the victim, those manipulated, or those who got caught in child abuse themselves due to them not being able to properly handle such in some instances, even if some fail, and thus suffer from an aftermath. Don't refer to such things as a test, for, as stated, it is a disrespect, mainly due to the fact this is a brazen sin that effects everyone and every group. Abusers, being traitors or deceptive, know what there doing making people fall to this form of manipulation, which in turn, brings forth the Red Flags, from the basic to the serious. How does this constitute to a test as you stated should those involve fail? The person ends up becoming a victim. Granted we are speaking of child abuse, should another child abuse a child younger than them, and failure is involved, that in of itself is a crime of which people deal with the aftermath, this was not a test granted the victim end up as prey to an abuser, be it adult or child. As of recent news, the events with the FBI wasn't a test either due to failure. UK is a bit different in this regard, I addressed this to JB already, but the problem is the gangs, which gives abusers outside of it a chance to take action in person or online. Hence manipulation and bystander syndrome which begets being unprepared, therefore, people go through "Hell" as do those being unaware go through "Hell" even because they themselves fell victim in a sense. NOTE: Abusers can manipulate the people around the child, you were told this in this thread several times. As already mention, when an abuser enters a community successfully, the basic red flags are committed. Those in the community, not knowing the red flags are slowly manipulated and the abuser takes action from there. There is a reason as to why they take time to commit their attacks. People aware of Red Flags have an ample amount of time to detect and discern the situation. That being said, the very reason I asked you if you knew the dominant Red Flags regarding child abuse, that can range from violence, sex, mental, even pornography. You must be aware of these things to better help a potential victim, granted even outside of religion, it is difficult because of how abusers operate in a neighborhood instance of an institutional community, mainly those who hold back action, moreover. As I said before, to help a child, use your platform. You're all over the place yet not once, going to what the JW told you, attested to the notation of discussing CSA in said manner. If others can do this, I don't see why you withhold yourself since you speak of CSA a lot yourself. As a side note, the irony in this is Witness used the same thing once by sourcing CSA prevention as with traitors, which you agreed with, yet when it was professed with prior, you didn't take it lightly. You seem to know what is correct, but simply choose when you feel like it. That is just based off of discernment. In regards to JWs, CSA has been reduced temporarily for abusers cannot get to their churches or to them directly as they did pre-Endemic.
  7. An update, some in the Truther community and the YouTuber community were helping each other out. The news below may not be good news though (not confirmed until tomorrow after autopsy, but bad news is likely), as for Brian, he has gone missing, it is said that he is in danger, and or on the brink of seeking the suicide route: Story of Brian missing/search found here -
      Hello guest!
    That being said, they both had mental issues, hence awareness should be professed, as is aid with anyone dealing with such.
  8. You misinterpreted what I said obviously as you did last time concerning CSA. You were asked for Red Flags, to name one or a few dominant ones concerning CSA, I asked you for what abusers are known to do when it comes to access to children. You said the following And I told you this, as this is concerning how all abusers who wish to do harm operate. The statement is true when it comes to detection, that is, if you know the red flags. Now, concerning you Srecko, as I told you in the CSA thread concerning solutions, if you do not know any of these red flags, not even the minor ones to detect an abuser, they can miniplate you and you wouldn't even know it. As told to you last year on the CSA thread I asked JWI to move for me - Someone who wants to commit abuse because of their pedophilia disorder, not being able to control it or seek help, they will target institutions and or businesses. In this case, JW churches, for religious institutions and educational ones are targets because of the abuser not being able to gain access to neighborhood children or the like, and or if they do not have any children themselves to abuse. They do not immediately go to a JW church, they would look into them first, and know how they operate, likewise pick the best state before confronting them. The avg. JW would not know this person's intent, or any Red Flags. From there, they begin their manipulation, earn trust of everyone, even the children and people around them, even to an extent, neighboring people around the JW church who are of other faiths and or non religious, for they are the blow back in case of a problem. People like this you may not necessarily know very well resulting in you not bothering to discern the person, i.e. name/face alone (a neighbor, a coach, a parent of another child you know). As mentioned, the abuser can be a relative, and they counsel their intent from family members. In order to gain access to your child, they establish a rapport with the parent and the people, even the community, and eventually the child (if in household they make sure to get the child alone), but in some cases, they are less careful about hiding their intentions, therefore, knowing to detect as well as being cautious is critical, mainly when an abuser can display specific behaviors and characteristics while holding back the impulse of their disorder. Those manipulated by such ones end up trusting them without a thought, and the people caught by this trust them with a child, as they pretend to enjoy your company and the child's. One may see some of these signs and pass them off as normal behavior – and in some cases, they may be. When abuse occurs with people we know, the perpetrator is not necessarily seeking out opportunities to prey on children, but finds him/herself with an opportunity to take advantage of access, trust, and familiarity with a parent and/or child, thus becoming an opportunist. These people, Red Flag(s) of a potential abuser, this goes for child on child abuse too. Know what some of the basic detectable Red Flags are, for they've been addressed to you, again. As for your other remarks They would not know of the pedophile at first because majority of people cannot detect red flags, you didn't know what they were yourself, so the unfortunate JWs, and you are in effect, can be manipulated. People can preach the gospel, however, not everyone can detect the intentions of some, even among Christians. In the early church, all Christians prayed for the spirit, and had guidance from that of God's spirit Sons, even with that, they didn't figure out a certain few who were later found out among the Christian faith, like that of Hymenaeus, Alexander, or maybe Diotrephes. Some Christians didn't know what they were doing or professing, others, like Paul knew via discernment and much later on took action. (1 Timothy 1:19, 20; 3 John 9, 10). This can also be compared to God watching over the Israelites in the wilderness, granted some Israelites fell to bad influence and had ill action, only for some to call them out on it later on. Likewise with the situation, which is parallel to the above highlighted, that is compared to day revolving around child abuse, no one is aware of the intent of the abuser, however, some can detect and go about action directly or indirectly, which is often most the case. God hears certain prayers, yes. But again, there is no way for a random JW to detect intent, you were not aware of the red flags or intent either, so if the position was swapped, you would not know yourself. Abusers keep their intent hidden at first because the barrier they want to establish is trust. The group they target they research them prior to interaction. As with all Christians who believe God guides the imperfect ones. All men are sinners, born sinners according to Scripture. This was the point of Bystander Syndrome (Effect). They wouldn't know. Not even ExJWs know they themselves can detect abusers. Not only it is referring to inaction, but at times being unaware of a potential danger. More so, the abuser at this point is in the stage of gaining/establishing trust. They do not really take action until much later on where the basic red flags listed above takes place. No one can clean out CSA 100%, they can only prevent, not even JWs. Abusers can be callous and cunning at times to exploit the situation even further, so things often times need to be shifted. This is why education and solutions are key to further reduce child victims, you should know this, you and Witness adhered to CSA prevention before, so curious as to why that was not mentioned. Not all of them. The failure of Fremont JWs does not mirror the success of Swahili JWs. There are some people in every institution who are educated on CSA, how to detect an abuser and signs of someone who was abused. Not too long ago the teenager even asked you questions about CSA, you called it activism when the context of his message was not activism. Elsewhere, we have the British in Hyde, they asked for conversation about a problem, and there are even groups (the non violent ones) who are jumping into the issue of CSA, and as for me, you already know my history although you pretend to not remember I told you the same thing many times. As mentioned, there are the aware ones and the unaware. If we can use you as an example, it can be evident to the evaded question of where you are. Child abuse, be it sex or mental, has nothing to do with a test, as is those with the ability to detect it or not, for they are just as much victim too. Never call CSA as such again, it is a disrespect. That being said, learn what Red Flags are and how to combat abuse. The link for the thread JWI setup for me, you can address to that to, as is your remarks which can be found there too.
  9. Some people get fancy with names, however, the name may not be serious for some, but the actions for the extreme types is insane, some actions I don't think anyone on this forum can stomach.
  10. Yes there are many groups who combat CSA, you stumbled upon the semi non-violent one. This is what I have been referring to for years. There was a boom in groups and factions from 2015 onward (present day) even that concerning vigilantism, even more because of the internet. Reasons being that child abuse as well as abuse towards Women will spawn these groups, more so, some of them bring their own version of justice, which at times, can be violent, hence why regarding CSA there are factions who want activism and or action taking to be aggressive whereas as some do not, the aggressive types then to be the ones who commit to violence, then you have the extreme, going on a warpath. Keeping it PG, it does get violent with some for I will not speak of the actions of a few, who do have blood on their hands from legitimate abusers and those unproved to have abused a child, like the PES members. There were people who recorded these executions, even putting it on YouTube granted they see this as justice against pedophiles, but not much is said for alleged ones, whereas there was no proof of them abusing children and they lost their lives anyway.
  11. Trust me, it is not something you'd want to be in. In Canada, recently someone was nearly sent to a Quarantined Hotel to be locked in there. There was a social media super model who manage to escape, and later a woman who was just married. The suspicious thing is Canada and it's media is denying these hotels are to lock people there. They claim these areas up until February 2022. In Australia, the government are actively building camps, which does not correlate with the so called free society. It is said by some that "IF" the Endemic Virus goes away, they may still use these camps.... One can only guess. Then you have what the Nazi have been always asking for, your papers Yes, but according to the Authoritarianism, dogs are a risk. The Australian Policed killed rescue dogs just so people would not leave their homes to get them. A remorseless killing that was totally unnecessary. The Authoritarianism issues a shoot to kill order, in this sense. Indeed. In all seriousness. The truth of the matter is, people will break, there will be retaliation and civil disobedience at the highest degree. Should the people tire, they fall victim to a small piece of despotism. This is why I address this to Rando. If the situation now in regards to what the government is doing can break some people, even some JWs, it is going to be quite a tough time for a lot of folks when what happened in Australia spreads over to the US and the EU. Endurance is critical in order to survive. That being said, in Rando's case, people did sought after death during in the Endemic. They just don't tell you this in the MSM. It will be increased when this kick off.
  12. Never said I did, I simply pointed out the fact that the one affiliated with them is Teresa May, who was in trouble of her own concerning children, and the IICSA and technically her child, in this sense. I spoke of even told you of what the former PM was affiliated with before, reasons why concerning the MSM and the IICSA, what May had her hands in will never be told to the UK people, and the world. There is a reason why as to why anything in this regard, concerning her was scrubbed from the internet. They are, but there is always those in the weeds that do other things themselves, hence why I mentioned the former PM and those with her. Because you are under obligation to do so. There is not a specific offence for child abuse in law in the UK, however, practitioners define child abuse based on the laws designed to protect children from harm. Therefore, Child abuse in any form of maltreatment of a child is often the types in category of which people tend to report, excluding corruption in the UK concerning slipped inquiries. Like I said, if you reported to the police someone of high status who may actually be a pedophile and or has committed a past act, chances are they are going to ignore it, hence the problem being professed after the whole Robinson situation. I've addressed this may times in most threads concerning CSA, as is with secular law. In the US, investigations do not care of religion nor focus on it only, they care everywhere and anywhere abuse is done and or if any red flags are picked up. There are dozens of branches that go around dealing with CSA as a whole, hence similar to the IICSA, who they themselves do not focus only on religion, granted abuse rose outside of religion and in some instances far more serious. To be brief, they have been investigating and looking into some cases, not all of them. But due to every state being different, even by law, it can cause some problems and justice isn't always met, mainly due to the fact some state laws can be exploited, in addition to, what was already mentioned, a double edged sword/double standard. An example of this we can use race and sex. If a Hispanic man committed child abuse, be it sex or violent related, depending on the state, he can get marked as a sex offender and prison time for, let's say, 10 years, however, a white woman, who commits the crime, will get less than that, believe it or not, granted this is the US, a lot of bribery and ill favors are always at play, and the book isn't thrown as hard to a woman, and she can be out even quicker than that. This also effects anyone in institutions, be it educational and or religious, which was pointed out many times. The Justice System at times can make or break an abuser's day, however if Status is involved, the abuser, like in the UK, can evade charges, and or be branded as a sex offender at times. Judges often, in some examples, even side with abuser, hence why I said, it depends on who is involved. This is why CSA prevention are encouraging people to educate and profess in terms of teaching to child and even adults, granted that that is and always been key to reducing abuse, but not everyone adheres to it, even those who commit to reports. That being said, this is why I do not like agendas, mainly regarding the Left, even their media such as Daily Beast, New York Times, Guardian, etc. For they, as I told even JWI and others in the past, The Left are promoting pedophilia as something that is not criminal, this can also be compared as to the situation in the EU. This is why I am against the MSM. Far from the truth. There are several grooming gangs, the more dominate ones consists of Immigrants and Asians, the branches themselves and their consumers, even for online phonography concerning children are white English speakers, hence the tactic used in regards to drugs, partying, smoking, etc as lure tactics. This is what I met about some people being unaware in some things, even JWs can be unaware. Moreover, this is in connection to the enlisted abusers. As for consumers, not all the time they are caught. That has been the fight for UK Truthers for many many years, almost 30 years, as they pointed out concerning CSA and the gangs. Hence the situation in London, but it wasn't a lot in regards to racism, more so the ideology, which led to the attacks, although the attacks were focused on religions, primarily Islam, this led to spin-off branches. The people who blame all British people for the atrocities against children developed that warpath mentality to inflict harm and damage were of a small subnet, the same ones who started the fights in the park, in a sense, radicalized. For example, such ones, if you were near London at the time, around mid 2018, they would easily target you for that notation. Their mentality always derives from negative and false information concerning CSA and grooming gangs that push them to that extent. Indeed. This is why concerning CSA, some reports and cases do not come to light and therefore could be dropped and if it does come to light, the people involved will not really be charged. Shamed probably, but that is about it. As mentioned to JWI, under the UN there are 2 factions, the US and the UK are in one group. The politicians and the powers that be are very evil, this is why concerning media, one shouldn't become too sheep-like and be taken easily by them, the point I made to both Witness and Srecko who were easily duped by the MSM, mainly when it comes to the Left vs. Right Paradigm. Anything Left or Right leaning, Truthers are very strict and critical with them and for good reason. These superpowers will put people to the test, and can break some people, reasons why I made it clear to Arauna and Rando that everyone, even members of their faith can easily be broken or hypnotized by such ones, the same ones in turn that will gun down anyone who isn't for them via MSM. You have to know who your true enemy is and how they operate. To be unaware and say what you say now, can easily sway you to their side. I know you do not like examples, but this was the case with a recent remark about the NYTs, a Leftism source with it's agenda. As with anyone else. However, it comes down to prevention and education. If there is but a small crack in ones armor in this domain, it will give an abuser an opportunity. Child abusers and molesters are not stupid, they are calculated and know how to get what they want, and they're callous. This is why knowing the Red Flags is vital because, for instances, if you do not know them, they can manipulate even you to get to a child. The thread I made concerning child abuse prevention, not only did I cite a lot from CSA prevention, but also added Bible principles in this regard. Education is a weapon against abusers because they cannot abuse a child who is aware of their intent, be it if the abuser is a pastor, a doctor, teacher, even another child, one can easily defend themselves, as is with adults who are taught this, they can help in this regard to. In the US, granted child base was so tough in the 60s-90s, they've integrated ways for a child to defend themselves from an abuser. 00s and beyond different because of the Internet and now Social Media, then you have the place you can't easily access, which child abuse and media concerning child phonography is often times done in secrecy, The Dark Web (In regards to this, what goes on there about CSA, it is impossible to keep it PG here.). As seen in the example below, how people use cartoons to teach children about it in order to help with CSA prevention: As a side note: Modern reeditions professed by the Left, their version of teaching CSA and the like, are teaching otherwise, so parents and guardians will need to step up in education about CSA. I say this because the Left attempted to teach that sexual immortality is ok when in reality it is wrong. The Bible is very clear on educating children to be wise, morally and biblically. For if one is to factor out prevention, there are Bible Principles. It teaches a child(ren) to defend and or detect an abuser is no problem, hence the Scripture mentioned in my thread. If you do not know Red Flags, one, even a Christian, cannot detect an abuser. As a parallels, the first Christians can detect an apostate before they cause trouble in the church with an alien teaching from the truth, so they take action. In comparison, there were issues in the Corinthian church and no one wasn't able to do much until the House of Chloe made this known to Apostle Paul to act, putting Corinth's congregation in the right path in regards to building them up. For if the House of Chloe didn't say anything, apostasy wouldn't be the only thing to bring down the congregation. It wasn't until the last of the Apostles died, the church was hit again for no one was really able to detect problems, and the small hope were the Bishops who called out the heresies to a ditch effort to say the churches. That being said, we have that responsibility, not only to preach the gospel, but also to educate in all things Scripture, as is with helping people and the young understand what brazen conduct is and how to evade and combat it. The more we do, the more we can reduce and prevent child abuse - however in truth, it will be a bit harder when Authoritarianism hits the US, even for you, in the UK. We evade anything of the world, but we have to not only defend the truth, but our people. Yes CSA will get worse, hence why we have to put up a defense, although Authoritarianism is around the corner, it's plague will embolden CSA, so everyone, even JWs will need to step up, those caught off guard, will get hurt by it even more. Therefore defense against brazen conduct and all immorality of it, is vital. Authoritarianism is something that some Truthers, even myself talked about for years, it is not only a Totalitarian action that effects people directly or indirectly, be it religious or not, it will pave a way for Babylon and the Beast, as events in Canada, Germany, France, and Australia (who was hit the hardest) as played out. The churches, mainly Anti-Trinitarians already have a proper setup for worship, however, they need to work on prevention of brazen conduct. This can only be done via education and conversation, in regards to the UK, the people who were fighting CSA for years now want this too for everybody, but it is difficult for them. As for cleansing the churches, they will only take place when the Christ comes to eradicate all badness, and only then, people can breathe easy. That being said, I do not know if this is known to you, but, a secondary fight concerning CSA is that there are some who want to normalize pedophilia. For I know this is very bad, and you as well. That in of itself can easily be counter in defending oneself and or a child via education.
  13. They refused because certain circumstances were not met on their end, and even after the Redress they were still operating as usual, preaching even despite what was going on. This was alluded to in June and December 2020, even in regards to the last update outside of Alt-Right, Centered bias narratives that tends to tag on rumors and speculations into stories in a Qanon type fashion. Not really because even outside of circumstances, there were some issues with the Redress taking place at the same time with all the legal issues in the background. Evidence to that also is in connection to the AUSTRAC who had no success with authorities, etc., for they themselves failed in relation to The Australian Federal Police amid growing fears and an attempt to dodge obligation to victims. Circumstances and things taking place in and out of the Redress itself. It was not due to money, for if it was, then the News Corp story regarding ACNC would be somewhat non-existent. That being said, the Redress will evidently be overwhelmed now in regards to what is taking place in Australia, and they can't really do much outside of institutions where now the rise in abuse and violence is taking place, as is with the spread of explicit material. As pointed again, be careful with the Left vs Right paradigm in regards to media in Australia, otherwise you'll become their sheeple.
  14. @BroRando I say this because not too long ago mid way into the pandemic, the situation has broken some, not all, in your faith community, as is with the pre-discussion of the mandates. The situation in of itself took a hit on majority of people, even JWs. Granted not all succumb to this, but a few have done so. Truthers are aware of Jehovah's Witnesses, and seeing the situation now, they equate it to the Israelites in the Wilderness, different people religious and non religious being defeated by struggles, mainly kids and teenagers, of which their battle is with the educational system since it was recently exposed that brazen higher education teachings were being professed without the parents knowing, sparking a fight with guardians and teachers, with the mandates resulting in the fight expanding. The United Nations will have tricks, this is why I mentioned to @Arauna dark version of persecution, as a means to not go after one's faith, but in a way to break them to the point at an extreme level to get them to leave their faith or attack their own, getting Knightfall'd, so to speak. Moreover, when that time comes, later on, the Mark of the Beast will be pushed. As for the interment camps, this is true. That is what Authoritarianism brings, mainly in Austria whereas now it results in wild protest and increase of fighting and crime. Canada just rolled out their entrapment Quarantine camps so any poor soul who ends up in the area would be trapped. As mentioned before, Germany, United Kingdom and France has some things brewing right now that will effect the people, in France's case, it may be worse than the Yellow Jacket movement should Authoritarianism springs it's head there. As for idolatry, the One World Religion professed by those in power will have an idol of it's own. This was foreshadowed back in 2016 with the Kairos and Peak Movements involved with a religious event. One of the reasons why I dislike MSCs and the Interfaithers in these movements because they're trying to get people into Babylon. The image from 2016 was wiped from wiki, and the searches on the internet, it resembled the ouroboros - that is a huge red flag for the unaware.
  15. Mainstream Media/MSM connects are not always 100% so you need to be very careful and do an independent search; take things like that of a grain of salt In the UK, mainly the IICSA, falls into that category. Reasons being some people they have ties to, persons of interest, such as Theresa May, granted her and children do not mix, for there was talk regarding her in the UK Truthers community in the past, something of which I brought up to you before by remark, insisting you to look into. In addition, the IICSA was very silent on this several years back because Teresa May was essentially among their top contributors, granted, their existence and history is in connection to her. As I mention, people of Status in relation to CSA do not truly face justice, therefore the people are vocal. Anyone can sent and receive tips/emails, etc to an organization and or law enforcement. This was the case with the Sophie incident I was involved in, however, since it was in my location at the time, I and a few others took action. Likewise with missing persons cases, hence at times I am absent. Steps can be taken online to even educate, even through social media, granted you said before you like Facebook, I encouraged you to profess solutions. However, as said before, a warpath only adds more fuel to the fire that is CSA. This is why, going back to the grooming gangs, British people, most of them, want to have a conversation regarding CSA and how to tackle the problem itself, mainly due to the fact the UK government is corrupt to some extent - this was brought up after 23 years of people being fed up, and after the situation with Mr. Robinson. That being said, if you dealt with children directly who speak of these issues or nearly become victim of sex abuse, even rape which prompts something disastrous in the aftermath, these young ones look to people to speak up regardless of the platform, not only the action counts in helping them know how to fight an enemy, but by word also. CSA was very clear on said solutions, and this is what I, as many are doing concerning the people, to have conversation on how to go about the problem, therefore, it is not wise to cherry pick said CSA prevention methods.
  16. As I told you many times, the price we pay for the imperfection of sin, in fact, this was the very first thing I told you when you went by 4Jah2me and prior as JB and that time Anna gave you some insight also. Therefore, you, as a Christian, would know that sin runs rampant in the world and it effects everyone directly and indirectly, even JWs. The fight stops when the Christ returns, this has been said countless times, to you, even Srecko, hence the thread I linked with the solutions from CSA prevention, as is with Bible base information. Only then all sin, including child abuse, be it violence, sex, or mental, will cease. With that in might, the fight needs to be done, for it is not only the fight to profess Scripture that is being done, i.e. the fight takes place in the schools, the churches, even online on social media, the right way. I mean, this should have been clear from the very first mention of CSA in the thread where many such as myself, Anna, etc. were involved. That said, all men are born of sin, Edenic Ancestral Sin which was the original passed on to all of us. I wouldn't call it an idea, we talked about Restorationist before, mainly the ones who came out of the Great Awakening years ago, they're no part of the world. Because they are different. If they weren't out of the Great Awakening, then a case can be made. The JWs case is that regarding abusers, if the JW is unaware and is under bystander syndrome, they cannot detect Red Flags given by an abuser, which we saw in the Fremont Case. You can see the Fremont JW church leaders genuinely believed in the abuser's testimony, granted he confessed to his sin, seeking both forgiveness and repentance, which enabled the Forgiveness of Sin exploit used on the JWs because they, as with many Christians believe a sinner who is truly repented can come back to the community itself, but in the mind of the abuser, who knows he cannot control his urges would eventually act again after time has past, which brings us to Conti. If we have to look at the Laws in Fremont, the abuser indirectly exploited that in a way because it isn't mandatory to report abuse in that part of CA, therefore, the JWs were not able to do much, as with the household, where the abuse originated from, for all abuse, the majority, starts in the home. This can also be catastrophic if false allegations are involved, as in relation to CSA, it resulted in ruination and a lot of damage, and spread of misinformation at times. If anything, people need to know Red Flags, hence the reason why what Srecko coined, I asked him the question directly, which seems to be a call back to what Evo said in his thread.
  17. But you shot down my solutions of which I pulled from CSA prevention, even laughed at it. Elsewhere you attest to those attempting to help as a form of activism when in reality the chosen action was not. CSA prevention put these out for a reason. Someone else cited even the JWs professed those same solutions, but it is a matter of applying. Some JWs suffer from bystander syndromes in connection to some not being aware, thus putting them in the targeting position of an abuser, i.e. Fremont was not able to deal with the abuser and fell for the common trap of an abuser whereas the Swahilis effective shut things down on an abuser, the edge they have is not just applying solutions, but additional advantages due to the culture they follow. Again, the point made, even CSA prevention states this, it is a matter of application. If the person is not under the effect of Bystander syndrome regarding CSA, they can apply these solutions to protect their child and the children in their community. Trying to get someone to read and apply solutions is like getting them to read a manual. If people can do this, they would easily see Red Flags.
  18. Depends if the people in question are well equipped. Remember, even True Christians had issues back in ancient times, some of which harm them and they recover, later on another harming, and they recover. Not all of them are like this, some know. I mentioned the Arabic UK JW who spoke up on this and the Swahilis whoa re capable due to how their culture is. In general there are two factions, those who know how to fight CSA and those who do not, doesn't matter the sex, the race, be it an American or a British person, those 2 factions stand, and one of them generally creates even more problems regarding CSA which results in an increase of abusers coming around and more people abused, this excludes the situation with Authoritarianism whereas CSA is rampant and cannot be contained. It is not a matter of cleaning the congregation itself, but prevention. You cannot 100% clean out child abuse, and this ahs been mentioned to you many, many times. You can prevent some cases if you are aware of red flags, even the most subtle ones. I pointed them all out before, and I believe I was the only one to have mentioned them, granted I know how crazy CSA is in several aspects. How can you said that about all of them when that statement isn't true concerning faith? Not all of them are the exact, likewise to how the people who are of London who were in the wrong to do the same thing causing the fights concerning CSA and grooming. That being said, this has nothing to do with spiritual matters, but the mindset of abusers who are the proponent of CSA itself. Again, many people, not all, are unaware, this includes some JWs, and the same can be said about some people here who speak on CSA but do not know much, thus falling into the bystander syndrome effect. Such persons do not realize that mindset increases the chances in some cases an abuser has access to a child. Outside of religion it is even more difficult for some.
  19. Concerning the latter statement, If you say it as this, then let me ask you this: how do you detect abuse in an institutional setting based off of from one Red Flag, granted you want to go down that route. This has nothing to do with spiritual armor to satanic traps, it is in regards of what an abuser can do granted that sin is something that came into this world. So I leave you with the question of child on child abuse. This is why in the other thread it was pointed out that some do not really fight CSA and have no idea of what is in this realm vs those who do fight against it.
  20. Anyone read into this? Before the media started talking about it, this circulated online in several communities, even among the YouTube community by some. Not only this woman is missing, she was mental unstable. She was said to have been interviewed by a police officer prior to being missing. The Boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, returned home with the van to his family. The timeline of this missing persons case is both suspect and bizarre, even in the community I am in, some are confused as they wait for more information. Regarding Brian Laundrie, with the story going around, he applied the remain silent, so it seems to be going for the Miranda Warning/Miranda Rights (You have the right to remain silent) therefore he isn't speaking with the police after the Gabby went missing for an extent amount of time (the right which he is under to not speak to them ) and most likely giving information to an attorney around this time (another right which allows him to have access to an attorney). The Petito family is also calling out to the Laundrie Family, who, in this regard, succumb to bystander syndrome in this case. Granted this is a labyrinth of a situation, he is technically innocent until proven guilty. The below is from a crime watch source. Also best to pass this information along to someone who lives in that area who can take part in a search, if need be. ‘Mental health crisis.’ New documents show missing 22-year-old and boyfriend were in an argument in Utah Gabby Petito and boyfriend Brian Laundrie. | Instagram MOAB, Utah— New documents released by the Moab Police Department in Utah outline what happened before a 22-year-old New York woman went missing. Gabby Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, went on a cross-country road trip in their white van, which they retrofitted for camping. They visited national parks in various places in the West. Laundrie came back to Florida, where the couple lives, with the white van but not with Petito. Click here for previous coverage. RELATED: Missing woman’s family says her boyfriend refuses to say what happened as police investigation deepens Moab Police said Wednesday that they responded to an “incident” involving Petito and Laundrie on Aug. 12. “The details outline a disorderly conduct call,” police said in a report. “Officers were dispatched to a domestic problem that had taken place near Moonflower Co-Op.” One officer wrote, “The driver of the van, a male, had some sort of argument with the female, Gabbie, as I recall. The male tried to create distance by telling Gabbie to go take a walk to calm down. She didn’t want to be separated from the male and began slapping him. He grabbed her face and pushed her back as she pressed him and the van. He tried to lock her out and succeeded except for his driver’s door. She opened that and forced her way over him and into the vehicle before it drove off.” Police said Petito was “thinking he was going to leave her in Moab without a ride. As Gabrielle started to swing, Brian pushed her away to avoid the slap.” The report continues to state that a witness saw Petito and Laundrie arguing over a phone. Petito reported that she was struggling with her mental health, which led to the incident that was reported to officers. Petito was in a “confused and emotional state” and couldn’t “stop crying, breathing heavily, or compose a sentence without needing to wipe away tears, wipe her nose or rub her knees with her hands,” police said. Police redacted details about Petito’s mental and emotional issues, though Petito and Laundrie told them she suffered from “serious anxiety,” Laundrie had some issues as well and neither was taking medication. Laundrie told officers that he and Petito spent the last four to five months together traveling. The time spent created emotional strain between them and increased the number of arguments. However, “No one reported that the male struck the female — both the male and the female reported they are in love and engaged to be married and didn’t wish to see anyone charged with a crime,” police said. “I do not believe the situation escalated to the level of a domestic assault as much as that of a mental health crisis,” one of the officers said. Officers suggested the two separate for the night, and they both agreed to separate until the following day. Gabby had the van, while Laundrie was taken to a hotel by an officer. Nobody was charged in the incident. READ THE INCIDENT REPORT FROM MOAB POLICE Investigators in North Port, Florida, are naming Laundrie a person of interest in the case. He has not answered any questions for police regarding the disappearance of his girlfriend. Laundrie has hired a lawyer. The Petito and Schmidt family released the following statement to media outlets on Wednesday: “Every day the search for Gabby continues the Schmidt and Petito family becomes more desperate. They are frantically searching for answers and information in their daughter’s disappearance while Brian sits in the comfort of his home. Brian claims he wants to sit in the background while we search for Gabby in the wilderness of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. Brian left Gabby in the wilderness with grizzly bears and wolves while he sits in the comfort of his home. In his home! Brian, how could you do this to Gabby? You selfishly remain silent while Gabby is all alone in the wilderness. Brian, your silence is reprehensible! We beg you to do the right thing and help us bring Gabby home. Brian, whatever happened in Wyoming, happened. The only thing you can control is what you do now. Tell us where Gabby is. You tarnish (your) love for her with your silence.” The national search into the disappearance of Petito is spanning across several states. The North Port Police department in Florida is heading the investigation, along with the FBI. RELATED: Urgent search for missing woman who was in Grand Teton National Park Petito’s white van was recovered at her home on Saturday, Sept. 11, the same day she was reported missing. The home is shared with Laundrie and his parents. North Point Police said in a news release on Facebook on Wednesday that the van has been fully processed for evidence on Tuesday evening. Police said they know Brian returned to North Port on Sept. 1, 10 days before Petito’s family reported Petito missing on Saturday. Currently, there is no information that a crime occurred in North Port. The white van. | Courtesy North Port Police Department “As a father, I can imagine the pain and suffering Gabby’s family is going through. We are pleading with anyone, including Brian, to share information with us on her whereabouts in the past few weeks. The lack of information from Brian is hindering this investigation. The answers will eventually come out. We will help find Gabby and we will help find anyone who may be involved in her disappearance,” says North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison. According to family, they were in contact with Petito the last week of August. Before the last communication, Petito is believed to have been in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. A family friend told EastIdahoNews.com that Petito’s stepfather, Jim Schmidt, flew into Jackson, Wyoming, to help investigators in the search for Petito at the park. Petito is known to be very active on social media, but her last post dates to Aug. 25. Her Instagram also became deactivated at one point, and investigators are researching why. Currently, Petito’s account is back on and normal, and it doesn’t appear that investigators took over the account. The last Instagram post from Petito on Aug. 25 shows her in front of a butterfly mural in Ogden, Utah called The Monarch. The Monarch posted on Facebook and said they are looking through security footage. The FBI has set up a national hotline to receive tips, 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324). Petito and Brian were traveling in a white 2012 Ford Transit van with Florida license plate QFTG03. Gabrielle, 22, is white, about 5 feet 5 inches tall and 110 pounds. She has blond hair and blue eyes, and several tattoos, including one on her finger and one on her forearm that reads, “Let it be.”
  21. Which led to revenue taking in some parts of Afghanistan. Most Middle Eastern countries were on the Hit List of the US, and Julian Assange had quite a lot to say about it. Syria was next, this got the United Nations involved, but they failed with the accusations of the chemical attack, which some connected to the Coalition group known as Jayish Al-Islam. That being said, Big Pharma will take a loss here with opium (which is technically good for those who suffer from the opium crisis), concerning the fact that the Poppy Farms are no longer under US control, however, the secondary contender on the second faction of the United Nations, China, is taking interest in The Taliban while at the same time pointing a gun at Taiwan. To quote someone who is among my sources, a Devilishly dangerous game of cards when the super powers involved. When Fall comes in, there will be a bit of chaos outside of the 1984-ish situation taking place in the EU.
  22. This surpasses those two things entirely, The Charity Commission and the IICSA, it seems you focus on these things because that is what the media has been getting their information from. The media themselves will not tell you those affiliated with high status and or the gangs themselves who abuse children and even fi they did, the law won't do much to them, if anything, for example, they injure the Dragon, they can't kill it and are overwhelmed by it. Moreover, if that was the case concerning them, the situation with Mr. Robinson would have been dealt with in Oxford years ago, as with similar ones in which some of these child molesters end up returning to their grooming gangs and pedophiles over the years, hence why not dealing with the problem properly will only result in more problems, granted, most British people are unaware of what is taking place down their block. Likewise with the IOPC, they knew how bad CSA was online and how it can spill over outside of the Internet, and at times, would not go about doing anything about it in some cases. Weakness at this level encourages more pedophiles to act, some coming out of the woodworks, and see targets anywhere in any institution. This will continue, granted that some abusers can easily get away from the law, if it status plays a role, they are out without much jail time or none at all. This also created a powder keg of things too regarding Muslims, in correlation with something incorrect Robinson did was to blame all Muslims for grooming gangs they have no affiliation with or know about - long story short, this got a lot of people into fights, people being hunted, accused, beaten and killed, and it later sparked some to commit such action against British people if they can't get their hands on an unaware Muslim person who has nothing to do with these gangs or kidnappings who not only abuse children, but also set them up in a way to sell them off for sex to that of those who are ill pleasure seeking immoralists, not even pedophiles themselves. This also led to misinformation and conspiracy they begets problems. There was also footage of even debates going on about this regarding CSA and the UK as a whole concerning these pedophilia gangs, even the more focused on on Robinson's warpath on pedophile grooming gangs, but mistakenly assuming all Muslims did this when a Muslim who knew the Law spoke up (granted the majority often went for unaware people instead of those knowing law). I believe I posted this before, if anything I would have to find that information again. Normally regarding CSA, I seen a lot in this realm, even in the Truther Community, CSA is among the top things, alongside missing persons cases, talked about other than the UN, political paradigm, etc. Concerning the situation in the UK, which isn't being dealt with, how these gangs operate is that they groom the kidnapped for forced indoctrination after raping them. These gangs consist of religious and non-religious folks and among the pedophilia chain and they're of many races, some even overseas, i.e. if an abuser cannot commit his or her action in the US or Asia, they'll go to the UK, to commit these acts, and or somehow gain access to victims through experienced groomers, etc. These people are out to inflict pain with their ill intent, and are remorseless. This also overwhelmed the Police in the UK to not be as prepared when it came to CSA, for in some instances, they can stop a crime or be involved resulting in a decent outcome, in other instances, they do nothing because they weren't prepared for it and or a fallout that could come from it, defend the abuser(s), and or succumb to bystander syndrome, and sadly, some of those who uphold the law end up as the abuser themselves acting upon their victims; for women and children are potential targets in this case. As I said before, abusers can exploit anything, likewise with forgiveness being exploited, an abuser can exploit secular law themselves, which can backfire on the justice system. In the UK is the age of consent being 16, which is still deemed underaged whereas 18 years of age for a boy or a girl becomes a young adult. There the system can be toyed with and the abuser can use that to his or her advantage. Although in the US some states share this age range, it is still technically illegal whereas in the UK it is not. Now going into the United States, it is similar but different, granted each state operates differently when it comes to child abuse, some states, have laws that can factor in to CSA when it comes to the abuser vs the abused, sadly, some laws allegedly can put the abused child and or teen in a life scaring path. The justice system isn't perfect and can be corrupt in some instances concerning child abuse, depending on the people involved, i.e. the Judge who can punish an abuser and or defend the abuser, when status comes into play the abuser, even before going to court has a technical win, or as of recent, a judge who was found out to have allegedly abused a child, and when discovered he later committed suicide. Americans tend to suffer from bystander syndrome the most when it comes to these things, as for others, they go about with vigilante justice, which can result in a bloody situation, mainly if the information is deemed false, i.e. someone being called a child abuse when it is not true, yet the person is beaten and or killed, and more complex problems come from that. This is why most people tend to educate their kids, granted they know they can't stop dangers when not supervising their kids, but they can teach their kids to protect themselves when the guardians have no view on the child. That being said, concerning CSA, the rabbit hole goes deeper, some of which things are unknown to you. Because of how deep such things are, I am more so attacking the problem itself, and always have been when given the chance while at the same time profess solution to better protect children, as I mentioned before, such I passed on to some young people, they can protect themselves with said information, even now granted higher education is essentially mentally abusing kids and young adults with brazen conduct. The very reason I am Anti-Establishment to a degree, as is with Anti-Agenda. That said, although CSA is worldwide and everyone can be effected by it, many things concerning it most do not know and or are unaware, i.e. abusers affiliated with status. Which is proven true because the one pedophile that was booted off of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook was reinstated, Facebook's new method makes it difficult to track child abuse online; everyone uses Facebook, but even they themselves can't spot Red Flags of child abuse. Then you have Twitter who cannot do much to block and erase explicit content concerning child abuse, this goes for social media as a whole.
  23. If you know how pedophiles operate, they go to an institution of their choosing in order to gain access to children, and they go for the ones who are unaware of what sex actually is. The HOW is they know of said institutions and they take their pick, as well as businesses and clubs, academics, etc. They become a member of said community and gain a position The WHEN is when they choose to act and the time it takes for them to earn the trust of the people in the community, even the children and from there they seek a target. This is when the mind games and manipulation comes into place. An example of this is the abuser Larry Nassar. He got into an institution, did his time, and took action, earning everyone's trust. Reasons why the FBI, one of their branches, were exposed to being caught off guard regarding the situation, and now it costed them and the USA sport team. Another example is a Judge of the Law committed an act of alleged child abuse, he killed himself afterwards. Does not matter the position or institution, they will come. even on social media, which Facebook and YouTube are dealing with right now, as with other media. In relation to child abuse, abuse take a lot of time before they commit an act, be it several months to a year. Reasons why is they need to build trust first while hiding their intentions. This is with every abuser's intent and action, even when they go to JW churches. Often times the abuser is a blood relative usually male, and race wise the FBI attested to that. That being said, you were told this numerous times.... Why is this very notation regarding child sex abuse is now unknown to you concerning how pedophiles operate and take action? In turn, they are random folk, looking for a victims. I recommend you learn how to combat abusers, for asking for a HOW and WHEN when it was said numerous times is problematic. If you want to reach a child, help them even, you need to know how the enemy moves.
  24. Like good old Florida. A lot of craziness there. Since we are talking about child abuse, sadly, child on child abuse is committed there as with human trafficking concerning children whereas the guardians, parents are giving their children to people to be abused or violently attacked. It won't be a surprise if the one law that angered many people were to be applied in Florida. Yep. May be different now with inflation, rise in crime and the social credit that is speculated to come. That being said, the biggest problem concerning child abuse, with everyone, even JWs, is that they do not see the Red Flags, one of them is the abusers being able to manipulate. This is why I mentioned the Arabic JW, the person I learnt from about the Swahili JWs in the States who can detect Red Flags and take action. Such ones also suffer from bystander syndrome in the face of a criminal act as well, hence the exploits mentioned above, which can be used easily so that the abuser can gain access to more children. even in the schools, only this time around, children do not run into abusers as much, but some material now is deemed as child abuse in relation to sex related nonsense deem brazen, for outside of pedophilia, Red Flags regarding this people do not see, hence the problem with higher education and the institutions.
  25. Unfortunately the United States and the United Kingdom differs in various laws and regulations. Judges and or the court system is both a double edged sword and a double standard. Yes. In the article I've linked. Also from the article and this took place after testimony, hence the exploit used by the abuser. Essentially such a tactic entraps people, even the JWs in Fremont, who clearly didn't see this Red Flag. The irony was the fact you didn't mentioned that part of the article in relation to your latter statement. That is where the irony is. Hence why I brought up supervision, and their failure to do so. Wasn't that an issue in your other remarks of child abuse in the JW churches? That was why I gave you information on solutions which you ignored at the time. So the fact that the article of which JWI forked for me proves the case here. That being said, this is why some of us actually take action, for we believe in the reaching out to teach method which is working. You should do the same. But as pointed out elsewhere, not everyone is up to par on this, as with some here.
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