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  1. As long as you have an income to support yourself and family, you are good. You'd be surprise that some folk out there would break every bone in their body willfully just to flaunt cash around. And there is a lot of people like this. Life itself is more valuable than money. You can lose money at any time and get something, big or small back anytime, but for life, once it is loss, it cannot be received again until God's Will is realized, until then, that no 1-UP mushrooms for any of us.
  2. @JW Insider Some people tend not to take minor and or medium threats seriously unless it concerns them, major things have a lasting effect on some until it happens again. As is with all, the good people and the bad people, all events are unexpected, Ecc. 9:11. A safety is but only a placebo, for even in your own home one isn't safe.
  3. @Srecko Sostar You were and or someone was debated on this before. Christians in general are Prophets not Inspired, and they're spirit led. So any Christian, in this sense, is a prophet, a proclaimed of God's Word, a preacher and minister of the good news gospel and the Messianic Age.
  4. The Pews Research Website is and will always be a good source. But it is a pale of hot coals for those who can't take the statistics that solidifies truth.
  5. @BillyTheKid46 It is only going to get word. In today's society, people will jump out of their socks in a fit of rage on the level of a snowflake, a shill, or an SJW, etc. Concerning the Bible and Christians, it has gotten words, you have specific folk that are catering to things that is of Satan's design, in his world, and such has entered into the churches, and such is trying to pave it's way into other churches who are not equal to or like the mainstream.
  6. And yet this word of mouth claim of yours was dealt with the last time we spoke of demographics (twice), and if I recall, you unleash the circus and the mental gymnastics on said notion, an act that can easily be done away with a 3rd time if need be. Elementary stuff, Butler. Also, remember - Jesus was very very knowledge of the Scriptures as a child. In fact, all Jews take up and obverse God's Law very early. It is unknown if you were ignorant and or unaware of this, I advise you look into Shema Yisrael and all things that hang for it. Jesus speaks such for a reason. As is with Jesus, and all before and after him. It did not stop young ones from observing God's Law and reading the Scriptures. Again, if you actually read your bible and took up spiritual wisdom, you'd realize how the Jews operated, including Jesus, but you negate everything when you sibtract what took place before his ministry. Forced, I ask you before to give evidence of this, twice, but this word of mouth falls short. That is like the saying by some who say Christians force children to read the Bible, when in reality it is encouraged to do so. But as was exposed on your account, your folly in the realm of statistics is as great as the light from the sun for discerning ones to see it and give a rebuttal. So where is the evidence in this regard to which was asked but never shown? Remember, Jesus was a very young boy and it was wise in the Law of God, probably beyond both his human parents. He knew very well who his God and Father is and the context of his words found in Luke 2 passage shows, in fact, what one can see by reading and taking in the context and references of Luke 2:41-52 entirely. A Christian parent are to encourage their children to seek the Scriptures and the truth and teachings that it brings, hence why it is said that we must pass on wisdom to the young ones, to teach them, despite being under their parents, the child has his or her choice to take up what is said, whereas the parent, who is of authority can encourage. Even outside of the realm of faith, this also comes in form in terms of education in and outside of the home, for it is no different concerning a child and the Scriptures. That being said, with the you said here after this response of yours, I suggest you better read, understand, and mediate on the Bible, let alone study and teach yourself because the lack is clearly seen, hence your attempted exegesis expressed here. Aside from that overwhelming fact in terms of demographics/adherents is factual over your lunacy, so much as so, even Rook is alluding to the research website that is accurate in terms of the faith group, as is with other faith groups. They would not sully their reputation for your unproven word of mouth info when nearly everyone is knowing of such facts, even the Christian Today folk.
  7. Apparently no one knows what an actually cult is, nor the difference between a religion and or cult. False ones and stupid ones are ever so ignorant on the term and it shows clearly that such ones do not delve into the history of Christianity. In short, any Christian group that is of mainstream origin that goes beyond the teachings (i.e. stupid and or silly doctrines, believing the church can be unisex and attempt to defend it, justifying homosexuality, interfaith, etc.) above all, take said teachings and twist it into something entirely different in an extremist way - Believing that Jesus is a woman, believing his church order is unisex, teaching to accept all things even when it is dirty and unclean and going into the extremes about it - is a cult. That being said, some so called Christian spread their idiocy and claim they are of God and Christ, at the end of the day, wise ones can see through their folly. And such ones are the reasons why people make Jesus and his God out to be some kind of joke, as we have an example, many, namely in China.
  8. Surprisingly this thread continues.... On the other side of the spectrum, tight clothing and the conquest to subdue men is spoken of greatly nowadays, mainly with the shift in society as is seen by those who are aware and watching.
  9. The woman seeks blood. It is people like this that are the key components to the problem, and people going on aimless shenanigans on their conquest for peace, going about this in the wrong light. In short - society is depraved minded.
  10. There has been a lot of talk about God and the Bible lately as well. In a sense, by what is common. And those who are in opposition, have thrown morals out the window. Butler, you are pulling old information, as I had address before, the demographics of adherents in this regard of the faith group have been increasing, especially an increase talk about God and the Bible. They will be hitting the 9mil mark soon.
  11. @JW Insider One of the IT Techs I had briefly trained was in the city the day to do a job when this happened, he was on the phone with us before these events came to pass.
  12. @JOHN BUTLER Perhaps because the fact that they are not trying to be or emulate that of modern Christendom in the mainstream, they are bounded by such that is on par with a Nazareth Vow, something that cannot be broken, in conjunction with the commandments of the Christ which he gave.
  13. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE when it comes to the notion of Scripture. But the difference is very very little like a speck of dust to the modern English speaking man and or other. What? They didn't have anything fancy, that is for sure, unless you are the type to be a bit extra, like the leader of the Jews in that time and or rulers, lords, etc. Well that is the things of today in your regard. The time of the Christ and people of that age, things were different.
  14. Well anyone with a strong lack of textual criticism and textual basis not only jarrs the eyes, but the mind. In this regard, you are can can be used as an example fairly easily when ignorance of Scriptural forms and grammar is painfully present. You said it best regarding Spiritual Wisdom, perhaps take your own advice and put this into application.
  15. Probably because [A] You are in a glossary section for "J" and This is a glossary, judging by the link you posted. Also it the glossary you linked sights biblical and non-biblical terms, which isn't too different from other Christian glossaries out there.
  16. A young one has brought this to my attention, will post it here:
      Hello guest!
    Note: Some, like the msm, tend to show the face of and or would be murderers, this is the only quick source I found that does not appease wicked persons seeking and or wanting fame.
  17. Don't think you will be getting any of that. Not even a refund on lost time. Aside from that, such videos are common whereas any can said something word of mouth and a flock of people will automatically believe it because they share the same disdain for someone or something. There is stuff out there that tend to like us Unitarians to lizards or gov't sleeper agents or something weird. Non religiously, there is videos and terms deemed outlandish.
  18. Reminds me of a debate I saw that took place in the UK. Some guy was being ignorant of what he was being told regarding the Laws in the UK and about Theresa May. Despite being called out for his errors and mistakes, he does not check himself and continues to babble about. The other guy ended the debate swiftly with more undeniable facts and made a fool of the ignorant man who spoke nonsense, saying when it came to his [the ignorant guy] own country UK, he can't tell a sneaker from a dress shoe and a list of other things before the man fled after being proven wrong. It is a surprise that some people do not even take the time to at least understand the basic elementary stuff regarding the law.
  19. @Outta Here There is one culprit that some would say is the pedophilia problem. The only problem is if it is making the nations money, pedophilia will continue to thrive on such regardless of how much damage it has and will cause. That being said, a lot of people have brought forth positivist on what needs to be done in terms of solutions. Which further proves dealing with pedophilia, there is an Excalibur sword to prevent most incidents from happening vs. the warpath folk. The irony of it all is that there are those who claim to be against pedophilia, but "laugh" at said solutions.
  20. His underwear? What? I do hope you mean his undergarments and not latter being literal. Do not make that same mistake Butler did. That being said, Jesus did in order teach humility to his disciples. Such a thing that he has done shocked them, for a task was done by a servant/slave, but it was Jesus, the one of whom they followed, did the washing.
  21. Exactly, however, going about following what the Scriptures teaches and not misusing it you deemed before as negative. If the Bible tells them to put something into practice, clearly they wouldn't go around it. Restorationist would not be caught dead going around Scripture, and on the other side of the spectrum, you have people who make claim they do not follow Scripture, but when they do, it is a problem. Now that is a weak excuse. Children obey their parents. The Bible makes that clear, very clear in Ephesians and I believe Jesus had made some points himself. Preaching or doing missionary work does not cause suffering and mental and emotional harm, what does is how parents and or guardians go about things with their children. I find this remark of yours absurd because if you claim the Bible does not cause suffering, somehow missionary work and importance of the commission in which Jesus commanded is mentally harming children. Perhaps a word with the Christ would do you some justice, but you will be at the receiving end. Surely you are a parent. That being said, your remark doesn't define all Jehovah's Witnesses children, you base the experience perhaps in your church and it's area. But you just said before and alluded to them decreasing? Mental Gymnastics or willful ignorance? The facts outweighs the thoughts of the disdainful one. I even said it before, give it a few months, Christian minorities, especially Restorationist will increase. How do you know the areas such as these is uneducated? I found your source:
      Hello guest!
    Mark also pointed out as to where, according to Mark's citation. Also you may want to look at the other comments besides focusing on a one person. That being said, you had the chance to use recent sources also, how not have you taken chance in this regard is quite obvious. You are pulling from a source that dates back to 2016 whereas they just got to 8.13 adherents. 2017 they bumped up to 8.24, 8.36 in 2018, in the same year around 8.45. Right out of the gate for 2019 they're at 8.58. You may want to get an update on said source instead of going back a few years to make claim to something recent. I'd like to add that with the internet and other forms of media, they have been able to minister to an even bigger number, more over, what they minister, others have taken said information and indirectly proclaim it to others, so that is and may be the explanation of their growth as a Christian minority. Another factor I'd like to day is that their Trinity believing counterparts have been making claim that they are exactly the same Restoration as JWs and prevent members from even speaking with them. Reasons why, they know how easily they can loose members to JWs because of the whole Trinitarianism teaching. Think of it as this way, this group are JWs who believe in the Trinity, claim to be exactly like JWs to prevent loose of members to a minority. A hint, they have like 19.8-20.7 followers.
  22. @Jack Ryan tsk... tsk... tsk... If that was suppose to be a joke (a silly one at that), you've lost both my attention and care... Tet ou gate.
  23. Did you not read your original comment, Butler? But your comments were more direct in the group making up numbers. You did the same thing a few months ago when the facts came from those who did the demographics regarding anything that is put in numeral form and or some form of statistic and or percentage. And your point? The number of adherents is the numerical count of those professing the faith. Some demographics take it a step further when it comes to sex, age, race, location, nationality etc. For example, I can say 34% of the United Kingdom supports Theresa May, while 66% do not support her. The demographics is focused on people who live in the United Kingdom, but if done in depth, for instance, 5% UK Caucasian/Black/Asian/Arab/etc. either supports or is against Theresa May, a bigger divide if they throw in Christians/Muslims/Atheists/other faiths into the mix as well as a percentage of folks who neither support/or is against. You once said by your word that you do not know, you do not judge. How are you so sure that this "many" are forced? Granted with how Christendom as been going as the years go by, determining on something that is baseless does not bring forth this "many" as you claim, granted, if you look into the statistics of the number of adherents. Actually, according to what I had been in discussion about during the Assasnge situation, some adherents do return and either become and or convert, your own experience does not define the multitude of others who are of that faith. They do this because like any event of this nature, they make arrangements. Even after their celebration, some of them continue to offer themselves in terms of riding the person to church and back. This is something ridiculously common in all faiths, mainly when it comes to people with limitations who rely on others of said community to go somewhere or to do something. The ability to help others regarding such may be alien to you, but not to anyone else, therefore, those who take up said responsibility, it is indeed on a regular basis, granted of how common this practice is towards aiding a fellow man. An example, in the mid-1980s, my cousin's girlfriend's father use to carried a handicap man on his back (piggyback ride as you call it) from one point to another, granted the aid the disabled man needed was within proximity of his home, he still carried the man around whenever he is needed, granted in those days in a country like that, there is an abundance of free time. He kept doing this on a regular basis until the disabled man grew very sickly and pass away just a year later. All in all, culture wise, the community was very close, such examples and stories were passed down to younger ones, who still live on the islands, and to those that moved away, sometimes uncles and aunts from the islands would visit and retell such events for several reasons, one of them to ensure that how this were have not ceased to nothing more than a broken mere memory, but rather, to pass on an example. But your involvement does not define the experience by others in Africa, in America, Asia, etc. You were most likely, obviously, secluded to one or two JW churches; your past comments you were totally ignorant and unaare of situations unfolding in another JW church with little information you had provided. That is, unless, somehow you cracked the code into being omnipresent somehow, being in all churches at once and knowing the experiences of others firsthand vs. being secluded to just a handful of folks in your dwelling place in the EU. Your remark is problematic when the demographics is before you, the same ones you deemed as lies when the evidence to such puts shame to your response then, and clearly now. Unless you got some Intel on a JW church or two that you've been in in the Congo or something, than you can speak, but you having been limited to but a few churches within the UK alone doesn't bear any fruit. So you have proof of this? OF every child in every JW church suffering? If that is the case, you may as well get them to burn any and every Bible there is, granted that is what people seem to be doing nowadays. A child who is Christian, yes they are taught by their parents at some point, but they can make the truth of the Bible their own by their decision as they get older. Your other statements is baseless because you negate all and everything to your own experience, as with a handful of others vs. those who made the Bible their own. There is but a few people who leave a religion, not in droves, but small pockets and handfuls. If you say many people leave that faith, why on God's green earth did they increase? Why are people going back even after their event? Clearly if you are going to say something, you have to back it up. I will tell you this: The Bible itself can make and break relationships, especially the more you read and find out what God's Word is all about. A few days ago, Easter Day, I made the truth known to many Christians, and best believe they were triggered and out for blood when the truth about Easter was talked about, others made this truth known to friends and family, and said truth caused a divide: Those for Jesus, and those of the other Jesus, who is but a mask and really Eostre. When a truth about the Bible is spoken, regardless of who made it known, it will always cause a divide, even among family, reasons why Jesus' word is to be taken seriously when it is often said a household can be divided. That being said, take your blame with the Bible, if it irks you this much if you think it commits to suffering.
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