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  1. I'm not an expert in sailing, but I believe sailing both with and into the wind is possible. I think they change the type of sail on modern boats. The above scripture I think is about control, steering and sails. If you lack control you'll be blown aimlessly in any direction. But if you have some control, since we can never have complete control, then you can steer through a stormy sea, raise or lower sails depending on the wind strength. This implies, for us today, that thinking ability is needed when navigating tricky situations. That many of life's challenges aren't so straight forward,
  2. Hi sis, welcome to the fold! In the last 5 years we've had more "big" adjustments than in the previous 10 years of "smaller" adjustments in our understanding. These are the "tackings" the poster was referring to. Each adjustment is like a small turn, the big ones are bigger turns or changes in direction. Like the Chariot of Ezekiel it can suddenly move at right angles at the speed of lightning, without turning or slowing down as it moves in the new direction. These too, are like strategic "tacks". Our appointed Commander and Chief is Jesus, Head of the Congregation. But it is Jehovah describe
  3. Languages are fascinating aren't they? Some unrelated languages may have words that are spelt the same or even sound the same. But They may not have the same thought or meaning. Take the Māori word Morena and the Spanish word Morena. Both are spelt and sound the same, but have different meanings, and those meanings can not be related or connected to the thought of the other, not even related grammatically. One means "Good morning!" and the other describes a dark colour whether a person's skin or hair. One is a greeting, and the other is an adjective. Although, one thing is sure, Egyptia
  4. Thanks for your comments Witness. I have no qualms with discussing the light of Christ. He who said 'I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me. He did not send himself did he Nor is the one sent ever the superior. As Paul remarked, stars differ in glory from each other, the light of the moon is not as brilliant as the light from the sun. Indeed, the moon only reflects the sun's light. So for us, Jesus' light as brilliant as it is is to the glory of God the Father, who sent him. In fact both, a person needs to accept not just Jesus and his Fath
  5. Thank you Witness, I have tracked the changes. I'll just say, I'm not here to be right or to win. There are some interesting zig zags Our material has reported that these zig zags are like a yacht moving toward the goal, It does not take a direct line, but must tack or zig zag back n forth at the angle of the direction of the wind or spirit. This is very well and reasonable if true. However, a yacht in a race, should never turn 180 degrees and move back toward where they came, unless it's a temporary 360 degree penalty turn for infringing upon the competing yacht. So for a short time, the ya
  6. We have consistently reported that light means our understanding of things. However, we must differentiate between light-itself, and reflected light. For God is the source of light and he does not change. So light cannot be understanding since our understanding shifts constantly like the reflected light of the sun on the landscape as the sun rises up until noon or full daylight, when the day is at it's brightest, rather than a full or complete day as the sun sets. In that is another implication, that of the sun reaching its apparent peak at noon necessarily means that it wanes following the pe
  7. I'm late to this discussion, and it may have been mentioned already sorry. One can read the "Terms of Use" at the bottom of our site's pages. However, the wording seems in one paragraph, "You may" section, to allow the copying, downloading, and sharing of links and electronic copies of everything on the sites. Then, in the next section "You may not", disallows such actions. I'm not a lawyer, but the phrasing seems to nullify the entire agreement...
  8. In times past, the sisters were left to look after the congregations as the men were imprisoned. Sisters took the roles of the then "congregation servant" until the roles could be filled by a brother. During the Tribulation it may be that the brothers are incarcerated leaving the sisters to fill those roles until some younger brothers are able to fill those roles. Here sisters may act as attendants of the contribution boxes, or they have at times been used on the roving microphones. In a local sign language group, the interpreters are sisters. The direction from the brothers shows so
  9. Up until the 2015 revision the above excerpt was still in the Insight Volume also. It has now been replaced with a more "we don't know, therefore wait and see" wording: This phrasing feels easier to accept now, since it has been a back n forth topic over the years. So it looks more neutral and a willingness to wait. We simply aren't the ones who decide who get resurrected and who don't.
  10. Hi dear, Watchtower Library 2015 updates itself each year dear. All you need is an internet connection and the program updates by itself on your computer. So you do not need to get a new one each year. It contains all the pictures and some audio media, that has never been on the previous editions because the DVD rom has so much more room. Your best bet is to ask your local elders, who may have a link or some may have the ISO for you to burn onto a disc or setup and run directly from your computer. Hope that helps.
  11. Yes I agree. The fact that they now produced some with the ability to make others, would mean they could improve upon themselves. I saw that they can now store human memory onto a brain implant now for patients with disorders that affect their memories. It won't be long before that information will be cloud based. People storing their memories online when they sleep and downloading them the next day lol Then you have hackers...modders...malware lol etc One day we'll need our own Antivirus and Malware programs
  12. Hey Librarian, this service is run by bros. It is not affiliated directly to the organisation. However, the concept is similar to the third party services that provide the telephone voip systems that let us phone in for meetings. These are not directly affiliated to the organisation also. Although they are permitted. My encouraemnet would be to do the usual background checks, contact them, ask whatever questions that you feel are necessary. As you can see on the site many halls all over the world can be accessed like the phone call by password obtained from the local elders. Hopefully though,
  13. Hmmm AIs producing AIs that is a worry. Self improving systems will progress much faster than humans could, especially if dedicated to a specific set of improvements over previous generations. Facebooks one is designed to understand human behaviour. So many of their social experiments are designed to feed it the data they need.
  14. AI are running right now. The next few generations will be interesting though. One difference between them and us is that they can be dedicated to one task. Whereas humans must coordinate many tasks consciously and unconsciously, which divides resources. I saw one documentary of an AI whose sole purpose was to "think" of all the possible configurations of a specific set of components and to come up with solutions that were cost effective and incredibly efficient. They think of everything we can conceive of and everything beyond that. Then they disregard everything not humanly possible at the c
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