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  1. New Original Song -About Mental Health ;) called:

    "It's Abilif[ee]!"

    How does it make you feel?

    When you read and speak with zeal.

    How your meds can be for you

    How down they make you too

    Knowing you've done your best

    Hoping too that you'll be blessed.

    But now they can trace you

    And ev'rything in you!


    Yes there's a pill, for when you're ill

    But take your tracers, uh meds still!

    They'll all feel safe when I take them

    I'm just paranoid ;)


    How does it make you feel?

    When I say that this is real.

    Now that man has broken through

    What he couldn't do.

    Mentalism in a pill!

    [I bet you] never thought it possible.

    But now they've made a start

    Yes, to control your heart!


    Decades of meds, have been the test

    Now their research has been blessed.

    They've got a pill for you and me

    It's called a Abilif[ee] ;)





  2. song writing

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    2. Guest


      Wow, what language was it translated into? 

      Writing is a way of emotional healing. You are doing as the Psalmists who wrote and that got them closer to God :) 

    3. Cheepcheep


      :) I'd prefer not to say.  I agree with you though about emotional healing. The last 10 years have been rough. Still, while I'd say I feel more imperfect than ever before, I do feel my prayers are more meaningful in recent times..

    4. Guest


      I understand, enjoy your writing :) 

      Meaningful prayers, I like that phrase

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