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  1. I once heard a talk about this very thing, many years ago....what on earth does it mean? The brother gave some good insight on it that really helped shed some light on Jesus words. His explanation was that an individual who thinks or looks at another long enough to have sexual desires for that person....usually at some point acts it out. If one is in the habit of [constantly] having sexual fantasies and or Sexual desires he/she has a high probability of submitting to it. The seed of sin has already been planted (looking, longing, fantasizing) within the mind and it is fertilized each time the person in question engages in such thoughts or habits. Once the root grows deep in the heart....there will be nothing to hold you back. You will act. So yes....the person has technically ALREADY SINNED (Premeditation) before the act itself was ever committed.
  2. So in other words.....youre closed to any information that has been shown to you in the past and whats more...you are not open to view any information objectively that has or will be shown to you in the future? - Got it. "I'll have a serious discussion with anyone who is able and willing. But I haven't seen anything resembling such so far under this thread. Only the same old hoary chestnuts thrashed out ad nauseum elsewhere."- Gone Fishing.
  3. I can only assume that "Gone Fishing" is not looking for a serious discussion. Because anyone who is even remotely aware of the current events and the goings on within the watchtower knows good and well that things ARE NOT WELL. Even the very first sentence from this poster was sadly laughable. ". Why not? If they believe Paul's description of themselves that they are "ambassadors substituting for Christ" (2Cor 5:20) and that Christ is the ruler of Jehovah's Messianic Kingdom "-Gone Fishing Not even the King Himself Jesus Christ didnt enjoyed such luxuries and neither did he seek them. The scriptures plainly states " But Jesus said to him: “Foxes have dens and birds of heaven have nests, but the Son of man has nowhere to lay down his head."- Luke 9:58 yet here they are...living in high luxury. "Are you already satisfied? Are you already rich? Have you begun ruling as kings+ without us? I really wish that you had begun ruling as kings, so that we also might rule with you as kings.+" 1Corithians 4:8 And dont even get me started about the child sex abuse cases that are being piled up within the courtrooms around the world ...little boys and girls who have been rapped and molested by those who are/were in leadership positions within the organization and the Watchtower refusal to cooperate with the superior authorities. No...I cant take this poster serious at all.
  4. Unfortunately it can not be justified and whats more...its highly hypocritical on their part. They advice the brothers and sisters to live with a simple eye, in fact...they prefer them to not even seek a higher education, why? Because "The end is near" Because of a lack of education many (not all) of the brothers and sisters find it very difficult to support themselves and their families which forces them to have to work Over Time to compensate.....or worse, Multiple jobs. in light of this fact, the "Slave" lives high luxury on "Kings Road" Jehovah has seen all of these things and noticed something more shocking than this, for he says"The prophets prophesy lies,And the priests dominate by their own authority.And my own people love it that way."- Jeremiah 5:30 Nothing can be done about this gross hypocracy at present...but when Jesus Arrives, We as Gods people will answer not only for our Hypocrisy, but for our stupidity for "The Judgement Starts With The House Of God"-1Peter 4:17

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