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  1. @James Thomas Rook Jr. @James Thomas Rook Jr. thank you very much Bro Rook. I'm impressed by your contribution on this issue which involved me and am confused on what to do. I believe with all this finding I can make a sound decision. ???????
  2. Thank you so much sis. Melinda for your painstaken research on this issue, your findings have been very helpful. ??????
  3. Please can a jw occupy a public office when it comes by express appointment.?
  4. Can a jw accept political office appointment. What is the Bible viewpoint? 

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Rather than a status update... try posting your question in this category:


  5. I think I go with Ann when she said memorial should be for only active witnesses in a secret location, actually that was exactly what Jesus did. On the other hand in as much as the governing has decided to throw it public then let the disfellowship one attend. After all Christ died while we were yet sinners and not for the ritcheous.
  6. Well if the society can sponsor for higher education in other to fill various gap in times of need, then why hammering strongly on no higher education, these ones acquiring higher education can still be of help to the society and their skills will be harnessed if they choose to serve.
  7. @Rosalie BarryYeah I believe you. They see the seriousness, they become curious, they visit the site and then witnessing takes place on its own.
  8. Suzy is not like you are lecturing, your words are truly helpful I fully understand the point you are trying to make. And like you said sharing these feeling with others will yield great support to us, I think I gained more from you. thanks Sam Anya
  9. @James Thomas Rook Jr. q@tromboneck @Shirley Ann Lowery Hello Shirley, i chose to write on this post though I have never been married, I never experienced what living with a soul mate is like. But just like you I have been praying to Jehovah to help find that mate whom will be spiritually compartible with me. So many times I go through the same loneliness just like you do. What has helped me to endure is prayer and patience and what enables me to move on is the faith that soon Jehovah will lead me up to the one I'm seeking for. Thanks Samuel chinenye
  10. Welcome here

    Please, Jehovah bless the works of the diligent ones. 

  11. May the family accept my condolences, I wish them the fortitude to bear there loss.
  12. Please, Jehovah bless the works of the diligent ones. 

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      Queen Esther

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      Nice thought 

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      Bible Speaks

      May we all find, the “Joy of Jehovah!”

      Thank you @Sam Anya

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