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  1. Dear Witness, I can only answer with the restrictions of not being part of an overt group this way, By exposing contradictory statements. Perhaps those that are allowed by managment to be as salty with their responses can further your agrument.
  2. Dear Witness. unfortunately, I cannot be as aggressive and salty with my comments as you can. So, I'm restricted to my comments. I believe my remark of being rude still carries to your response. I believe one of my posts was deleted for an unknown reason that had nothing to do with violating any civil conduct, other than having that authority to do so. I do respectfully disagree with your assessment. Further understanding of logistics would carry over to accountability and responsibility. Consider this, The condition, wherein a person is expected to take ownership of one's actions or decisions, is called accountability. Responsibility refers to the obligation to perform the delegated task. ... Responsibility is assigned whereas accountability is accepted. The origin of responsibility is the assigned authority. http://keydifferences.com/difference-between-responsibility-and-accountability.html
  3. No Comment. The Librarian  Administrators Posted Sunday at 04:32 PM @TrueTomHarley I am enforcing the no rudeness rule heavier than before. Anna Posted Sunday at 06:01 PM other poster's comments (not the rude ones) helpful and inspire her to do more research and "reason out a matter" .
  4. Dear Witness This is a rude and not a civil attitude for a Christian to have. If comparisons are to be made, then Scientology comes to mind.
  5. Dear Srecko When have you seen the POPE be undiplomatic in public? Why do people in general move from being a Catholic to being a Protestant or Mormon? There is nothing funny when serving God, and teaching others to serve God by scripture. This is not a nice attitude of any person willing to discuss scripture.
  6. Dear Srecko Consider the many changes Christendom has made, after the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Has, the JW community changed scripture? or its understanding of scripture. These changes will continue as God provides clarity to those that are willing to accept and obey his commandments.
  7. Dear Srecko, To a greater extent, so does any other religious leader that claim that right for its church. So, what is the difference, by speaking in this terminology?

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