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  1. English law was introduced as a means of an argument. While (nemo iudex in causa sua) and (audi alteram partem) is being applied by secular courts, those courts will have to define the law of Natural Justice. This provision was enacted to promote public confidence in the LEGAL SYSTEM. I don’t see where church bylaws will get such traction in the highest court of Canada that will be set to hear common law arguments. Remember, prosecutors will need a good argument when scripture clearly states not to have anything to do with unrepentant people. The other, how well the condition of
  2. This is a spot on characterization here, that's also my opinion. Something like Aaron making the golden calf because the people told him to make that false idol, just because Moses was taking to long to return. I forget, what happened to those people?
  3. Since the internet archive “wayback machine” is mostly supported by ex-witnesses, and since people seem to be enlightened by questionable content from the internet in the last 6 months like John Butler from the U.K. was, that is most likely running assumed accounts just like everyone else here, people should have no problem joining ex-witness churches. They will be glad to be enlightened by present day dissatisfied witnesses. Especially those that have been removed by the society for their worldly behavior and or believe Christ words of obedience are just too hard to handle. The Christian
  4. LOL!!! , if anyone decides to go nude to prove a point? Know Caesars indecency laws
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  5. LOL!!!!!! She Wasn't a Witness when she became a porn star!!! I just turned 18 when I got married. I had this really weird image of it in my head: a white dress, cooking and sewing for my family, that kind of thing. We did have sex, but that was because it was part of being married. Then one day my father died and then the whole religion became useless to me. I had outgrown it and I realised how screwed up it all was. I wanted out and eventually I got out. It was difficult though because you can't get divorced unless one of you commits adultery. You can live separately, but you are s
  6. LOL!!! Cyberbullying and multiple accounts that everyone is guilty of. Â Â Â
  7. LOL!!! I have a question. What is infringement, and what is fair use? Public domain material isn’t included. In my opinion, this outlook would be demonstrative with this factoid. The use of Watchtower Literature without the expressed consent of the Watchtower. WouldnÂ’t that be a blatant disregard of copyright law? Â
  8. LOL!!!!
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  9. LOL!!! I got the info from an opposing site. I would have to say, that those who oppose this church do a lot of speculating. But what is interesting to me, that some information is not in agreement with the discussion being made.
  10. LOL!!! 1880 By 1880 all the signs of the end were said to have started, great earthquakes, war, pestilence, bad behaviour of people and so forth. "A "generation" might be reckoned as equivalent to a century (practically the present limit) or one hundred and twenty years, Moses' lifetime and the Scripture limit. (Gen. 6:3.) Reckoning a hundred years from 1780, the date of the first sign, the limit would reach to 1880; and, to our understanding, every item predicted had begun to be fulfilled at that date;-the "harvest" or gathering time beginning October 1874; the organization of t
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