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  1. Only the blind and the incredulous will never understand the embodiment of the reformation movement started in the 15-16 century to overcome the false teaching of the papacy. The reformation has continued till this day. However, a single person decided it was NOT just to reform the church but to “revise” it’s understanding of the first-century church of Christ. This wise servant, even though claimed no divine intervention, did receive divine intervention through seeing the obstacles laid before Christendom, and making changes with what he felt were the proper context in scripture. Those pioneers which were many denominations included did not successfully apply what God had exposed to those worthy of such sight. It was only those that approached such insight with wisdom did it become clear what path God wanted to be taken. Therefore, the Watchtower GB is NOT a given body by man, but passed down and earned by God’s Holy Spirit. Only the faithless will argue the powers of God, and who should receive such a gift. As scripture states, faithful servants have different roles in the body of Christ. It is not up to one member to say who has the privilege and authority to see over God’s sheep. ONLY GOD DOES! NAS Acts 6:3 "But select from among you, brethren, seven men of good reputation, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we may put in charge of this task. BGT Acts 6:3 ἐπισκέψασθε δέ, ἀδελφοί, ἄνδρας ἐξ ὑμῶν μαρτυρουμένους ἑπτά, πλήρεις πνεύματος καὶ σοφίας, οὓς καταστήσομεν ἐπὶ τῆς χρείας ταύτης, (AC 6.3); (3) spiritually; (a) as the supreme intelligence of God and Christ (CO 2.3; possibly LU 11.49); (b) of Christ as the embodiment of God's wisdom (1C 1.24); (c) as enlightenment given through divine revelation (2P 3.15); (d) as God's plan of salvation as revealed in the gospel (1C 2.7); (4) as the title of a book containing wise sayings Wisdom (possibly LU 11.49) 2490 ἐπισκέπτομαι visit, care for, be concerned about; pick out, look for (Ac 6.3); perhaps rise upon (Lk 1.78) 37.104 καθίστημι ; καθίζω: to assign to someone a position of authority over others - 'to put in charge of, to appoint, to designate.' καθίστημι: κατέστησεν ὁ κύριος ἐπὶ τῆς οἰκετείας αὐτοῦ 'his master placed him in charge of his (other) servants' Mt 24.45. 'To put someone in charge of someone else' may be expressed in a number of languages as 'to give someone the authority to command others' or 'to say to someone, You are to give orders to others.' καθίζω: τοὺς ἐξουθενημένους ἐν τῇ ἐκκλησίᾳ τούτους καθίζετε 'will you designate those who have no standing in the church?' 1 Cor 6.4. In view of the particular context of 1 Cor 6.4 it may be necessary to indicate more clearly what is involved in such a designation. One may therefore wish to translate as 'are you going to take these matters to be settled by people who have no standing in the church?' 3. by metonymy, household, i. e. body of attendants, servants, domestics: Matt. 24:45 R G; Luke 12:42 (and often so in Greek writings; cf. Lob. ad Phryn, p. 469; for עֲבָדִים, Gen. 45:16(.* Therefore, JW’s should not be tempted by those who oppose the spirit of God’s laws, with their lack of understanding. Some JW’s have forgotten, these faithful servants work for us in our best spiritual interest. They don’t work for themselves as a separate part in the Body of Christ. 2.43 τυφλόω: (a causative derivative of τυφλός 'unable to understand,' 32.42) to cause someone not to be able to understand - 'to make someone not understand, to remove someone's understanding.' ἐτύφλωσεν τὰ νοήματα τῶν ἀπίστων 'he made unbelievers unable to understand' or 'he made unbelievers' minds unable to comprehend' 2 Cor 4.4. NAS Matthew 7:23 "And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.' (Matt. 7:23 NAS) 33.221 ὁμολογέω: to make an emphatic declaration, often public, and at times in response to pressure or an accusation - 'to declare, to assert.' τότε ὁμολογήσω αὐτοῖς ὅτι Οὐδέποτε ἔγνων ὑμᾶς 'then I will declare to them, I never knew you' Mt 7.23; τῆς ἐπαγγελίας ἧς ὡμολόγησεν ὁ θεὸς τῷ Ἀβραάμ 'the promise which God had declared to Abraham' Ac 7.17.
  2. This is why God's sovereignty is to be maintained at all cost, regardless if it's out on ministry or here. There is no need to put God's commandments to the test. Something too often has been done here by those that have a hard time having faith in those that earned their leadership role through God's Holy Spirit. One way to look at it, no one here qualifies. This is why understanding the context and intent of scripture is so important to glorify God as Jesus did even with his personal concern of his sacrifice not being seen but a stain in humanity. To Jewish opposers, it did regardless. This is why Constantine changed the outlook of disgrace to victory. But whose Victory, God's or Christendom.
  3. I guess you don't see the hard irony of not reading some of my posts since I do find many things hilarious coming from opposers. Sometimes it's even better than a good cup of coffee. What's even funnier is a self-appointed person calling itself anointed, that refuses to see the chain of command laid out in scripture, and continues to place before the people misapplied scripture. Everytime I see it, it makes my day. It's like watching Comedy Central on the internet. Yet, this person accusation is of someone wearing their heart on their sleeve, when the same thing can be said about this person. The only difference, this person is condemning peoples souls to the second death if this person is successful in changing someone's heart. I believe I mentioned, this person has gone beyond, what can be called ????
  4. If you still haven’t figured it out, Proverbs 6:14, Proverbs 6:16-19, Romans 16:17-18 New International Version (NIV) 17 I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. 18 For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people. Titus 3:9-11 New International Version (NIV) 9 But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless. 10 Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them. 11 You may be sure that such people are warped and sinful; they are self-condemned. Did I not mention Titus? Did I not already subscribe the remedy earlier? How much more can the blind go before the other senses kick in? Why should I eliminate God’s laws to accommodate anyone here? James. Laughed at me earlier, because he believes I'm in the same level as people here, but does he know the difference between arguing to maintain God’s sovereignty? Rather than just argue to cause divisions. He doesn’t? Which one good brother can I count on here that hasn't done this within God's Commands and Watchtower understanding. However, I will gladly start to comply with that commandment of "have nothing to do with them" from this point on. I will stick to the talking points of mishandling, misrepresenting, and misapplying published articles or script. What I won't do anymore is have anything to do with opposers and those that support opposing views. Peace Out!
  5. This is hilarious coming from a person that has been hell-bent on trashing the Watchtower GB. Can you even hear yourself think? However, show me, one good Brother, here? As for enemies (opposers) I treat them exactly the way they treat me, and as scripture states as unbelievers that don't deserve my undo attention. 😁 Therefore, your suggestion and commentary are meaningless, since those that have known the law need to repent to be considered part of Christs Body once again. Where do you and your kind stack up to God's commands? 😉 Try to practice what you preach. Then it will take a 1000 fold to be considered and anointed. The first thing an anointed learns, Don't break God's commandments, regardless of how one feels inward. 🤔 A true JW does not support opposers. A true JW doesn't incite disagreements or sow discourse to make a book. A true JW doesn't come out of the Bethel Family to trash the GB the same way you are doing. A true JW doesn't support opposers conspiracies like that of 1975. So, don't get sanctimonious in telling me, there is my kind of brothers here since I can go on and on. 😪
  6. It appears Butler and Srecko don’t understand American English if it wasn’t with a lot of humor attached to it. How silly, is the misapplication of a stated text be by those blind enough not to read and understand the context. I guess Jesus was correct about the blind leading the blind. The good thing, there are 3-year-olds with greater intelligence than what is being displayed here. I must admit, I found the comment of "new light" hilarious. This is why James, attempting to sidestep the ideology that the Watchtower GB took that position of the 7 instead of thinking they earned it, makes me think, He doesn’t understand what Titus meant to Paul and the reason why Paul sent Titus ahead. Maybe someday, you’ll learn to understand the highlighted portion of a text, before commenting, and apply them to the argument at hand. This will give someone a clue, that a self-appointed anointed cannot possibly have that title if that person continues to break Biblical laws. Keep it up, people, you are the laughing stock of Bible understanding. Another reason not to have a poor teacher as a self-proclaimed anointed to guide the blind. Another good reason not to waste my time, with deaf and blind opposers, with this subject anymore.
  7. As in pathos, or outright. Which do you prefer? I’ll give you both renditions directly from scripture. A providence mark in denial by your understanding of scripture. The other issue, yes you are exalting yourself with greater knowledge that you don’t possess. There is no need for you to disfellowship the 8 men, you have already done that by your rhetoric for others to rally behind you. Or do you not consider Srecko and John appointees to your understanding. Therefore, you do seat in Moses chair. First Timothy 2:1-2 Instructions on Worship 2 I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. 5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, 6 who gave himself as a ransom for all men—the testimony given in its proper time. 7 And for this purpose I was appointed a herald and an apostle—I am telling the truth, I am not lying—and a teacher of the true faith to the Gentiles. In your mind, who are “all those in authority” in which the Watchtower GB can’t be included in a position of responsibility? If you personally dealt with a corrupt soul an unrepentant soul, why would you allow such a person to corrupt others that are truly defining themselves in the proper worship of God? Please explain, how this can be achieved? Do these 8 men in your mind need to be accredited by a divinity school to be ordained in order to carry on the clear instructions from Christ and scripture? Romans 13:4-7 Submission to authorities 4 For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. How do you understand the cited text? 6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. Do you believe this text is only meant for secular authority? If yes, explain your understanding of this citation. How would you define your utter lack of respect to the consideration of one claiming to be anointed? God Chooses Leaders After King Saul’s abdicating the throne due to his disobedience, God told Samuel “I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite, for I have provided for myself a king among his sons” (1st Samuel 16:1b) so when “Jesse made seven of hissons pass before Samuel. And Samuel said to Jesse, “The Lord has not chosen these” (1st Sam 16:10). Acts 6:1-7 The Choosing of the Seven 6 In those days when the number of disciples was increasing, the Grecian Jews among them complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. 2 So the Twelve gathered all the disciples together and said, “It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables. 3 Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them 4 and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.” 5 This proposal pleased the whole group. They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit; also Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas from Antioch, a convert to Judaism. 6 They presented these men to the apostles, who prayed and laid their hands on them. 7 So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith. Explain why you openly defy Christ words in this instance by which the Watchtower GB has been following since the correct understanding by the earlier pioneers of the Watchtower. Do you believe, God has the authority to choose leaders which would include the eight men? If you believe God doesn’t have that authority, then explain who is above God? Do you take exception on the fact there are 8 men instead of 7? Acts 2:41-45 The Fellowship of the Believers 41 Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day. 42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43 Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. How do you see this cited text about fellowship? You consider this to be an ineffective way of worship, while scripture is clear. Titus 1:7-14 1:7 As Paul repeats here the requirement of “blamelessness,” he introduces the functional title ἐπίσκοπος, “overseer” (“bishop”), for the elder, as he did in Acts 20:28 (cf. v. 17). He does so before he describes negatively and positively the traits that must characterize one who exercises oversight of others. If no one is allowed to take the lead by your standards, then, why would Paul include such overseers and Elders in the process to continue Jesus work? This will be my last submission “witness” I am overly bored now. You have no convincing argument through Bible principles to object to the Watchtower leadership, other than your personal view of animosity toward them. We can go on and on, it is pointless since cited scripture by you is being misapplied to the correct contextual understanding. Continue to feel the way you want to, and I will do the same. Remember the questions I posted are not meant to be openly answered, but rather considered by you and your stance in not complying to the instructions given by Christ in your heart. If you want to learn the correct way of understanding scripture, you need to be willing instead of holding on to an unrepentant way of life. If you do, Then ask a true witness out there, not here. Meanwhile, you have given yourself that authority.
  8. What you are now suggesting, by once again changing the direction and focus to something else, the church has no authority to keep the church clean. Where in scripture does it state, the body of Christ will hold unclean members? Matthew 18:15-18, 1 Corinthians 5:1-6, 2 Corinthians 2:5-11, Romans 16:17, Titus 3:9-11, 2 Corinthians 2:5-11 Forgive the Sinner 5 Now if anyone has caused pain, he has caused it not to me, but in some measure—not to put it too severely—to all of you. 6 For such a one, this punishment by the majority is enough, 7 so you should rather turn to forgive and comfort him, or he may be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow. 8 So I beg you to reaffirm your love for him. 9 For this is why I wrote, that I might test you and know whether you are obedient in everything. 10 Anyone whom you forgive, I also forgive. Indeed, what I have forgiven, if I have forgiven anything, has been for your sake in the presence of Christ, 11 so that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs. Therefore, your proposal has a difference. While it might seem you agree with certain aspects of the anointed, you reject other aspects of the role of the anointed. Therefore, they don’t exalt themselves as you claim. They don’t see themselves above anyone else. They see themselves as equals, but with greater responsibility within the body of Christ. Why would there be a need to show excessive sorrow? Is it for someone going against Bible principles? Under your understanding, Christians would have to accept an unclean part(member) or is to show that member the pain for having been lead astray to show genuine repentance for understanding the wrong direction they have taken in their Christian life. This text is tailored specifically for your consideration. How then can you think of yourself an “anointed” when you violate the very fabric of biblical law? Titus 3:9-11 9 But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless. 10 As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him, 11 knowing that such a person is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned. By your assertion, you are exalting yourself by thinking you have a higher position as an anointed that you gave yourself than that of the Watchtower GB. God's Holy Spirit would NOT dwell in such a person, by suggesting very unclean member is allowed in the Body of Christ. An anointed person would not allow such a thought in their mind. Where in scripture does it state you can apply a double standard in scripture?
  9. Librarian, I don’t believe that was the intent of this individual. However, it has been submitted for review. Whatever policies will be directed to John Butler, Interpol will handle that for his role and personal conduct. If you wish to remove me, that will be considered too. Whistleblower act will come into charge. Just for bringing an action of another to your attention. But, it’s good you have removed such an insidious commentary, Thank you!
  10. Wrong. What you are desperately trying to do is exalt yourself as an anointed. You are not. Your ideological understanding is flawed, and until you accept that, there is no number of citations given, will change what scripture actually states. Now if there are other JW's that think the same way, then they learned just as you did, on their own without the guidance of the Watchtower. The clue that should be obvious, you just stated, who is the Church of Christ.
  11. Since I got bored with this garbage that needs to be set aside by true Christians? Exalted by those that generate such meaningless controversies, I will leave John and Witness with a final thought. Explain the following if you can. Not to me, to yourselves. While he is in office, he has precedence; holder when deposed, he is a peasant or a townsman like the rest. Beyond all doubt, then, a priest is no longer a priest when he is deposed. But now they have invented characters indelible, and prate that a deposed priest is nevertheless something different from a mere layman. They even dream that a priest can never become a layman, or be anything else than a priest. All this is mere talk and man-made law. From all this it follows that there is really no difference between laymen and priests, princes and bishops, "spirituals" and "temporal," as they call them, except that of office and work, but not of "estate"; for they are all of the same estate,—true priests, bishops and popes,—though they are not all engaged in the same work, just as all priests and monks have not the same work. This is the teaching of St. Paul in Romans xii and I Corinthians xii, and of St. Peter in I Peter ii, as I have said above, viz., that j^41 we are all one body of Christ, the Head, all members one. Of another. Christ has not two different bodies, one "temporal," the other "spiritual." He is one Head, and He has one body. Romans 12:4, 1 Corinthians 12:12, Peter 2:9 1 Augustine, the master-theologian of the Ancient Church, bishop of Hippo in Africa from 395-430. 2 Ambrose, bishop of Milan from 374-307, had not yet been baptized at the time of his election to the episcopate, which was forced upon him by the unanimous voice of the people of the city. 3 Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, 247-258, is said to have consented to accept the office only when the congregation surrounded his house and brought him to yield to their entreaties. 2. a part as member of a whole, member fig. extension of 1: of the many-sided organism of the Christian community (on the figure of the body and its members, a favorite one in ancient lit., e.g. Aristot., Pol. 1253a 20-29; cp. Ar. 13, 5; Ath. 8, 1; s. Ltzm., Hdb. on 1 Cor 12:12; WNestle, D. Fabel des Menenius Agrippa: Klio 21, 1927, 350-60): the individual Christians are members of Christ, and together they form his body (for this idea cp. Simplicius in Epict. p. 70, 51: souls are μέρη τοῦ θεοῦ; 71, 5.—At p. 80, 54 the soul is called μέρος ἢ μέλος τοῦ θεοῦ; Iren. 5, 2, 2 [Harv. II 319, 2, 1]) 1 Cor 12:27; Eph 5:30; 1 Cl 46:7; IEph 4:2; ITr 11:2; cp. Eph 4:16 v.l. ἀλλήλων μέλη members of each other Ro 12:5; Eph 4:25; 1 Cl 46:7b. In 1 Cor 6:15a for a special reason the σώματα of the Christians are called μέλη Χριστοῦ. Since acc. to Paul’s understanding Since you all decided to go back in time. I figured to show how far back this ideology goes.
  12. Remember I can recite Greek with Pathos for those that don't understand, as well. καθάπερ ἐν ἑνὶ σώματι πολλὰ μ. ἔχομεν as we have many parts/members in one body Ro 12:4ab; cp. 1 Cor 12:12a, 14, 18-20, 25f; Js 3:5 (Apollod. [II BC]: 244 fgm. 307 Jac. κράτιστον τῶν μελῶν ἡ γλῶσσα). τὰ μ. τοῦ σώματος the parts of the body (Diod. S. 5, 18, 12; Philo, In Flacc. 176; Orig., C. Cels. 7, 38, 13) That means nothing. It only means something to those that want to be seen as intelligent. But, in a scholarly world, it means nothing.
  13. LOL! What makes you think I’m not? Because I can recite scripture the right way? Look at the ignorance being pushed by you and witness. We are in two different aspects of the body of Christ. This person has you convinced in what? I already know the 144,000 are anointed. So what! What does that have to do with we are all part of the body as different members? Why can’t you and witness answer a simple question? It seems the one that was never a witness was you John and ironically “witness” that still believe they are Christians. That means if you state you're Christians, then your doctrine is false. That means your false prophets within a false religion. 🤔 Learn Bubba! Learn! But somehow I now the obtuse structure of witness to go back in time to get a meaningless article for this argument. Evade, evade, evade, and change the focus. How childish. I am surprised this person didn’t go back to 1879, lol! 😁 What’s even funnier is the lack of understanding with the example given. *** w63 9/1 p. 537 Names for Christ and His Congregation *** Names for Christ and His Congregation I guess I will have to wait another couple of days so witness can research for a rebuttal, when those with true knowledge just need to recite.
  14. Then, why does scripture state otherwise? Are you saying witnesses believe the same thing you do? Did you bother to read the cited scriptures above, or was Jesus and the Apostles just making things up? If anyone here believes as you and witness, then it would make perfect sense why you people never learned scripture the right way. Come on! Popeye, I got your spinach. Pick up the question for witness. Where in scripture does it state only the "144,000" comprise the body of Christ when scripture disproves that ideology? I won't respond to witness anymore since that alias is stuck on rerun. Perhaps, you might be better at it. If witness made you a convert, then that's one soul this person will be levied against this person by God's justice.
  15. How does that prevent them from being part of the body? How ignorant do you want to be? The question was not answered but superimposed to include another factor without clarifying the first. Therefore, the spiritual child you reverted back to is yourself. the blindness and ignorance with anything Biblical, you just as, witness have reverted to spiritual nothingness. Meaning your behavior against the Watchtower and its leaders have no credibility and less defense in your sultry application of scripture. Relearn scripture before thinking of applying it in an intelligent way. Meanwhile, what part of your attitude against the GB makes you a Christian in your distorted mind. Give me a good example from Christ words? Try not to evade the question like, witness, that is confused on who comprises the body of Christ. Show some kind of intelligence by thinking for yourself and apply a proper text.
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