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  1. It appears some don’t understand, the 144,000 are “comprised” of all the nations of the earth. Who will go to heaven if not the 144,000? The same members from all the nations of this earth. This is one reason to speak in simple language, instead of confusing people with none academic mumbo-gumbo. In “witness” case, this person clearly wants to see a different composition of anointed to be more reflective with the original royal priesthood. The irony there is of course the ancestry. Anyone in any given nation can have ties to the royal priesthood. Does that mean, they automatically make up the anointed going to heaven? NO! Not all that say lord! Lord! Will enter God’s Heavenly Kingdom. Matthew 7:21 That brings to mind those that have claimed to be anointed when their own Christian Ethics are questionable by calling the Watchtower GB vipers! What kind of unchristian conduct is that! Therefore, you are in the right track within your personal expressive kind of understanding. Who is the destroyer? Satan is “seen” as the destroyer. That relates toward the good will of mankind. However, I wouldn’t word it in that sense. In that sense I would say “Abaddon” could also be used, along with Lucifer. So, to me, the destroyer would be Conan! 😏
  2. Aside from the society getting bulk discounts for members, if you haven’t already said as much as being a member of that organization, then showing up with a convention badge just becomes a plus. However, in your case, you must be special that no one would ask when signing in if you are the one in the reservation. That must make you ED! A good reason to accept Shakespeare! 😏
  3. Here I thought Badges were to be worn as an expression of the ongoing convention without anything sinister behind it. If someone asked someone else to wear a badge in public, sometimes it’s for a discount that might be given to the society as in Hotels, restaurants etc. I can’t imagine a dense witness not wanting to take advantage of such discounts because that person feels slated for being asked to wear it, as a friendly gesture. But if that person feels they want to pay full price because of pride or embarrassment, then so be it. It’s that dense persons pockets that will be emptier than others. There are a lot of conventions that even supply discount books, or they used to, to their events. I never knew it to be a problem until an ex-witness and hater that goes by Ryan brought it up. This just proves once again the hypocrisy and those people willing to accept obtuse ideology. I would think intelligent people would consider the simplicity of a visual badge that sometimes companies use to identify such conventioneers to automatically include a discount on their bill rather than have to go through the trouble of having that person, prove it. How so! Oh! Intelligence! The freedom! To be or not to be, that is the question! 😥
  4. Well the good thing you are not part of the organization. I thank god for that. Only those vested in Satan's works go blind to God's truth and those that serve God with that truth. That's why you can't see scripture for what it is not. You continue to DENY ex-witnesses formal disclosed of the BOE letters. They attempted to use them against the Watchtower and it backfired on them, since it factually proves they made every attempt to warn Elders of those human dangers and how to deal with them. Therefore, making you a SOULLESS LIAR! NAS Matthew 23:3 therefore all that they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds; for they say things, and do not do them. (Matt. 23:3 NAS) Matthew Commentary 2005 2–3. The imagery of sitting in the seat of Moses has not been parallelled. It is normally taken to mean to have authority to interpret for people the demands of the Mosaic Law. But this is difficult, given that the same people to whom the sitting is applied are identified soon after in v. 16 (cf. 15:14) as ‘blind guides’. Powell identifies ten different approaches to dealing with this tension, but as he clearly shows, none is satisfactory. That’s the difference between your irrational claim with what is written in scripture. Jesus did not say to disobey the chosen authority but learn the things they weren’t doing within that authority. A total contradiction with what you, think the GB are doing and not doing. They are indeed following the laws set forth by Christ and God. What they are not doing is playing to the hands of false religion. Another thing the GB doesn’t tell the congregations is, hold community church functions in their kingdom halls for raffles and carnivals to promote an individual’s interest for profit.
      Hello guest!
    Just like the foolish nonsense with your friend ?Winsider that insinuated Russell took the playbook of pyramidology from the Lutheran Minister Joseph A. Seiss as a starting point, when the Metrological started in the 17th century with John Greaves, then John Taylor, then Charles Piazzi Smyth and now Joseph A. Seiss. However, Wiki has it incorrect, the next in line is listed as Charles Taze Russell, when it was ACTUALLY produced by John and Morton Edgar, NOT Russell. Therefore, the Pyramid ideology is not directly linked to Russell but certain Bible Students that believed they could also explain the Gentile Times through that scheme, which they did. Now those are the TRUE facts, and not some contrived notions of wanting to pin it on Russell, just like Yours are to falsely accuse the GB with your ignorance. Just like ?Winsider, you are to deep into falsehoods that you have to fight to keep your argument viable at any cost. However that only works with your kind, not facts.
  5. That means, under the direction of the Watchtower GB, run by Witnesses, they have made, minor adjustment to the Watchtower ideology. What was once thought of by the BSA made it necessary for those adjustments. When new linguistics clarified certain words, new adjustments were made. The Watchtower GB under the supervision of Witnesses has taken responsibility in ensuring such adjustments are made for the greater good. Your fallacy doesn’t allow you to see that. You are no different from, anyone else. You're so far vested in falsehoods that you can’t do anything else but fight to please yourself rather than accept the truth. Therefore, if someone is going to IM you, Watchtower publications or you are going to the Watchtower website to see what else kind of falsehood you can come up with, learn to read the publications correctly so you don’t look foolish. Then compare your findings with other religions to see who comes out looking perfect and spotless. How comes close to the first century teachings of Christ. It also proves that silliness the Watchtower “hides” things, when you just proved they don’t. THE PURPOSE OF THIS PUBLICATION Jehovah God urges his people to “keep searching” for understanding and discernment as though they were looking for “hidden treasures.” However, it that dense person JOHN would see the same publication, he would see his own falsehood about keeping things secret.
  6. Here’s the difference John. Jesus was not a stupid man, Jesus was not an ignorant man, Jesus was not an imperfect man using other people’s words to manipulate it with a corrupt, agenda. Jesus was a straight shooter with no conflicts. Conflicts you yourself admitted to after 3 months of sloppy internet searching. Therefore, don’t you dare ever compare your stupidity with Jesus fine works. If God saw any of those conflicts Jesus saw back then, God would have no problem “rebuking” the Watchtower just as Jesus rebuked those in conflict with God’s commandants. Where have you seen the GB go against God’s commands that you people can’t give a straight answer to, but use misinterpreted scripture to make use of garbage ideology? Where in history do you see Jesus using someone else’s written works against them? This is just another illustration of your blasphemy against God’s Holy Spirit. I am now writing to a soulless person. Enjoy life to it’s fullest. That’s the only thing left since there is no redemption unless you turn Catholic, and believe their preachers have the power of absolution, good luck Charlie!
  7. You must be looking in the mirror again James. You just described yourself and John. Now you just need to let John know which one he is. Personally, apostates are all the same and deserve zero respect. Why ?Winsider thinks so, well you need to take it up with him. Do you think Jesus was kind to the pharisees? Matthew 23:33 Do you think Jesus was kind to the merchants in the temple? Matthew 21:13 You just proved once again how uneducated you really are about scripture along with those that pretend to know much about it. But, that's neither here nor there. I do understand your desperate attempts to distract from the truth. 😏 Therefore, I will continue to expose those FAKE members of the ORG. 🙄
  8. By your ignorance of not understanding that those people are not condemned to hell eternally as false religion had it at that time, I say it will go very well for those people that will be judged by Christ and not automatically be denied resurrection. At least, they have that hope, when you, Anna, ?Winsider have known, for becoming enemies of God, by your treacherous minds and tongues. However, its good you are now an open apostate, and not hiding it by some poor cartoonist humorless tactics. The same kind of diversions and bluster from your girlfriend ?Winsider. 😏
  9. Just like your arrogance, diversions, and falsehoods. I don't consider anything Bible Student based to be a good subject matter to the post. You just figured you had another chance to criticize the Watchtower and you took it for the effect. What do you call that criticism if NOT attacks! Therefore, stop trying to twist things around to benefit you! It no longer works! Something you should be used to by posting certain truths, with half-truths, and plain falsehoods. What did your friend James say about the appeal for the truth? What conditions did he set forth? Let’s not start contradicting each other. Because of the climate of toleration in America, it soon became host to every denomination of Christendom, each settling in a certain geographical area. We cannot recount the history of the various denominations of Christianity here. The reader should consult Sydney Ahlstrom’s A Religious History of the American People for an excellent survey of each group, the contributions of Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758), the .Great Awakening, .transcendentalism, and so on. Also noteworthy in the modern period are the far-reaching changes brought to theology as a result of the Enlightenment. The French philosophers, English deists, and German idealists did much to change the complexion of Christianity. The nineteenth century saw the rise of Darwinism, which introduced a new and alternative “scientific” explanation for human origin, challenging the biblical account. Karl Marx (1818–83) extended Darwinism to the economic sphere, explaining human alienation as a result of class struggle. He argued that religion was an “opiate” that kept the masses fixated on another-worldly utopia, thereby escaping the reality of the sufferings of alienation in this world. Ironically, so do authors that studied that period the CORRECT way, will come to the same conclusion Russell did with his personal experience. What a great time to have lived when the harvest was shifting to enlightenment rather than stay stuck with a false approach to Christianity. False hope such as “eternal damnation” that Rutherford spoke of in “millions now living will never die” because of understanding scripture, not giving people that kind of false hope to scare people straight.
  10. First, everyone should stick to the subject matter, rather than submit rolling commentaries to distract from that subject matter. It seems that’s where your deception lies. Adding meaningless rhetoric to impress the otherwise ignorant person, that seems to think, you have brought in new light by your ignorant approach. But it’s good you clarified your deception. Russell, didn’t really care for the pyramidology other than to prove there were other means of concluding the gentile times. This is why Rutherford didn’t care for it either, and dropped it from the Bible Student ideology. That doesn’t mean, those independent Bible Student Congregations that supported the ideology didn’t continue to promote it. It continues to amaze me how little you know about the bible Student era. How embarrassing! Especially when you are desperately trying to equate the Watchtower with Miller’s Adventism. When those that Russell associated with, disappointed him in the end, were at least far right with the second Adventist. Some Modern-Day Bible Students do consider to be part of that past, however, not all congregations feel the same way. To an extent, people need to understand even with the simplest of phrases like “Bible Student” since everyone renewing their faith in understanding scripture was and continues to be a BIBLE STUDENT! While we are neither "Millerites" nor "Adventists," yet we believe that this much of this parable met its fulfillment in 1843 and 1844, when William Miller and others, Bible in hand, walked out by faith on its statements, expecting Jesus at that time. They were composed like all other earthly companies of two or more classes; one class had the Spirit in their hearts as well as its light in the Word (oil in their vessels and in their lamps) others had only the light of the Word (oil in the lamp). The disappointment of that company of Christians (which was composed of many of the best Christians from all denominations) all are well aware of, but it was foretold in the parable: "While the Bridegroom tarried they all slumbered and slept." As a general arousing of the church to the investigation of God's Word had attended the preaching of Mr. Miller, and the Word was more studied than ever before, especially the Prophecies, so when his calculations seemed to end in such bitter disappointment, a spirit of drowsiness followed; some slumbered, some slept, and many vagaries—dreamings incidental to sleep soon sprung up. PAROUSIA AND EPIPHANIA Many Bible students hold that this parable began to have its fulfilment in the Millerite Movement, which in 1844 culminated in a disappointment. For some fourteen years prior to that time a cry had gone forth throughout the Church that the time of the Second Coming of Christ was at hand. History tells us that many noble characters of all denominations believed the Message and, in the strength of their faith, went forth to meet the Bridegroom. But they were disappointed, in that the Bridegroom tarried…An increasing number of Bible students believe that this latter cry sounded forth just thirty years after the disappointment of the followers of William Miller; namely, in 1874. They do not claim that Jesus came in the flesh then; but, on the contrary, they hold that He is never to come in the flesh—that He is flesh no longer, that He has "ascended up where He was before"—to the spirit plane—far above angels. The movement noted by our Lord in this parable corresponds exactly to one which began with the "Miller movement," and which is still in progress. That, though begun by a Baptist, was an undenominational movement, joined in by the most devout and faithful of all denominations. Accounts of those times, of their fervency of zeal, etc., Pastor Russell while he didn’t agree with Adventism did find it to be a starting point to good things ahead for a better bible understanding. He might have commented with things like giving an accolade to Miller that ex-witnesses enjoy quoting but was done out of respect for the clergy class. Does that mean Russell respected all, clergy class? No! Those that disrespected him as a Pastor would receive in kind as arguments went, through publications. Another thing opposers do is try to read between the lines to spin the narrative their way. Mainly, you just proven my argument, when its far from it when understanding things as a whole rather than convenience.
  11. Wrong again Tom! Only people giving credence to the otherwise insane give that comparison. Under the guidance of Christ and Biblical law, this nameless person cannot possibly be "anointed" by God's Standards. Therefore, your argument has always been flawed by accepting such nonsense! 😉
  12. I didn't post to meet your delusions. Therefore, it doesn't matter what you think Bubba! You are just a meaningless tick in an otherwise sane world trying its best not to be bled and infected by people like you.
  13. That, depends James. Do I really have that much of an interest to accept a delusional orchestrated challenge? Especially with a person that has NO value. At this point in time, those that have been with the organization are feeling more insecure these days. A show of love can reverse the effect of not feeling wanted by TRUE Witnesses and NOT be weighed down by those members that either have no clue about prophecy, or don’t care for prophecy and just go to meetings like robots. This is why, Love Never Fails. It doesn’t fail to unite the brethren when we are living in a prophetic time. From here on end, it will not get better. Only those that have a glimpse of what is to come, can understand why it’s important to love one another, as Jesus loved humanity without question of their imperfect nature. Can it be considered a test of times? The Watchtower GB is neither infallible and can err. Has anyone gotten that concept yet? NO! *** w00 9/1 p. 22 par. 18 Our Precious Heritage—What Does It Mean to You? *** number of spiritual Israel, that “little flock” of Kingdom heirs, has been selected. (Luke 12:32) For decades now, Jehovah has directed attention to the gathering of a great crowd of others out of all nations. Thus, Jehovah’s promise to Abraham that through his “seed” all the nations would bless themselves is being fulfilled in a large way. Joyfully, these blessed ones likewise render sacred service to Jehovah and recognize that their salvation is dependent on faith in the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. (Revelation 7:9, 10) Have you accepted Jehovah’s gracious invitation to be a part of that happy group? *** w13 4/15 p. 28 pars. 6-7 “Do Not Tire Out” *** For what other reasons does our God place such importance on our regularly gathering together? Our meetings, assemblies, and conventions help us to have courage to speak with boldness and to deal with opposition or apathy in our territories. (Acts 4:23, 31) We are strengthened and made firm in the faith by the Scriptural discussions. (Acts 15:32; Rom. 1:11, 12) The teaching and interchange of encouragement that we receive at our gatherings for worship help us to experience real happiness and give us “quietness from days of calamity.” (Ps. 94:12, 13) The Teaching Committee of the Governing Body oversees the preparation of all spiritual programs for the instruction of Jehovah’s people earth wide. How thankful we can be for the provisions that are made for us to enjoy wholesome teaching at our meetings every week of the year! 7 There is something even more important, however, than the personal benefits we receive from our meetings. The primary purpose of our gathering together is to worship Jehovah. (Read Psalm 95:6.) What a privilege we have to praise our wonderful God! (Col. 3:16) Jehovah deserves our regular worship through our attendance and participation at theocratic gatherings. (Rev. 4:11) It is no wonder, then, that we are exhorted ‘not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together, as some have the custom’!—Heb. 10:25. *** ws13 11/15 p. 20 pars. 17-18 Seven Shepherds, Eight Dukes—What They Mean for Us Today *** 17 Elders, you can learn some helpful lessons from what we have just discussed: (1) The best thing you can do to prepare for the future attack of “the Assyrian” is to strengthen your faith in God and help your brothers to do the same. (2) When “the Assyrian” attacks, you must be completely convinced that Jehovah will save us. (3) At that time, the direction that you receive from Jehovah’s organization may seem strange or unusual. But all of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether we agree with them or not, because obeying these instructions will save our lives. (4) If any are putting their trust in the education of this world, material things, or human organizations, they must change their way of thinking now. You must be ready to help any who may not be putting their complete trust in Jehovah. 18 The time will come when we will seem to be as helpless as the people of Jerusalem in Hezekiah’s time. When that happens, Hezekiah’s words can help us to keep our faith strong. Let us remember that with our enemies “there is an arm of flesh, but with us there is Jehovah our God to help us and to fight our battles”!—2 Chronicles 32:8. Something that hasn’t been understood by so called witnesses here. If you did, no one here would be questioning the authority given by God to earthly representatives of God's choosing. Ticktock!
  14. Is English your first language or did you not understand my descriptive post. Either way, The one blowing hot air is you James. How can you see other peoples rants but your own. Now that seems to be a driven agenda! 😉
  15. WHAT DID YOU LEARN THAT WAS NEW AT THE 2019 "LOVE NEVER FAILS" REGIONAL CONVENTION ? Apparently nothing to those that attended the convention just to take up valuable space. That convention was supposed to unite with love, not hate with love. Those members that hate the GB just because they refuse to understand are just wasting their time. Romans 13:2-4 New International Version (NIV) 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. How can you love thy brother that hates another extension of Christ Body. How can the brotherhood unite under such condition? it can't! 😉
  16. Tombstone-Doc Holiday Ed (James), what an ugly thing to say... does this mean we're not friends anymore? You know, Ed (James), if I thought you weren't my friend, I just don't think I could bear it. There is NO authority greater than God’s. You can paint it with whichever brush you want. Your mental state will never be a correct state of mind! Romans 13:1-2 New International Version (NIV) Submission to Governing Authorities 13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. Therefore, stop insulting me by putting ?Winsider references as examples! That’s just shockingly rude Bubba! 😏
  17. It is sad and embarrassing how little, fake members believe they know the Watchtower. It’s a shame that a few loyal followers of Pastor Russell took it upon themselves to place the pyramid obelisk memorial in behalf of Russell. Opposer's don’t usually mention it. They like to pretend it was the Watchtower that put it there. How sad in did! Chapter 4. Witness for Jehovah IT IS AN AMAZING THING that no Pittsburgh history has ever even so much as contained the name of Charles Taze Russell, since his influence has easily been the widest of any man who ever lived in the city, not even excepting Andrew Carnegie. He was a pioneer in the chain store, the motion picture industry and other important business ventures. He was one of the most prolific and widely read authors of his day, turning out many books and a column carried at one time by more than 1500 newspapers, with some 15,000,000 readers. He founded the one major religious movement to have appeared in the Pittsburgh district in the past two years, a movement which has reached world-wide scope and is still one of the fastest growing religious organizations in many countries. Even his tomb is one of the most remarkable in all the Pittsburgh district, although few of the thousands who see it have any knowledge who is buried there, and most of them would not even recognize his name if they heard it. Perhaps some of them would more readily recognize the name Pastor Russell, by which the man with the great white beard was known during most of his lifetime; a name as sincerely loved and as bitterly hated as almost any in American history. Around that name for years raged some of the bitterest controversies which ever divided the Christian world, and the controversies still rage, although his name is not so much heard in the discussions. Divisions how many divisions are there among the Bible Students? That is a difficult question to answer, for not all interpret the term division as meaning exactly the same thing. Let us think of it from the standpoint of ecclesias and the viewpoints of ecclesias. When we do this, we do not find so many divisions as some might expect. In city after city throughout America, as well as other parts of the world, there are but the two groups—those who are with the original organization and those who are not. In a few places there are small ecclesias who follow their favorite leader; but only a very small minority of the brethren are involved. At a national convention of one such group there were but thirty- five in attendance. In a very page 23 few localities we find a small group of brethren who meet by themselves because of differing views on the covenants and related subjects. But here again the number involved is very small. Here and there today, even as was the case in the time of Brother Russell, we find two classes in a city, both groups believing essentially the same things, but divided because of conflicting personalities. Pastor Russell Not the Founder of "Jehovah's Witnesses" Contrary to some publicity made concerning "Jehovah's Witnesses," Pastor Charles Taze Russell is not the founder of this religious group. He was never associated with them, nor did he ever claim the name. Pastor Russell died in 1916, while the "Jehovah's Witnesses" did not come into existence until 1931. Linking Pastor Russell with "Jehovah's Witnesses" leaves the decidedly mistaken view that their teachings and beliefs are alike. Such is not the case. I guess the only ones keeping Pastor Russell’s teaching alive is apostates, fake members and ex-witnesses that can’t find anything better to do than ridicule a person that can’t defend himself. How pathetic! Even though Rutherford made a name change in 1931, it didn’t go into effect until 1933. Even when he exclaimed “Am I one of Jehovah’s Witnesses” Everyone in that conference yelled NO! However, if people are smart enough which none can be found here, the association under witnesses didn’t fully develop until 1950, With Brother Knorr at the helm! Why did Rutherford find it a need to terminate the Pyramid ideology? PYRAMID--Date 1910. Q555:4: QUESTION] (1910)--4--What importance do you attach to the date October, 1910, in view of the suggestion in the Pyramid? ANSWER--In the chapter on the Pyramid, in the third volume of Scripture Studies, we made mention of the fact that a measurement might be taken up the front of that large step, you remember, that is at the top of the Grand Gallery; that it could be measured up that step and along that step to about the junction line. We did not have the {Page Q556} exact measurement of that, but we took what is termed a paper measurement. That is to say, if anything is drawn to a scale, you can, by measuring very carefully with a piece of paper, estimate pretty closely, and our estimate of that, as I remember it, and as recorded there in the third volume, was that the point of time in inches would seem to represent October, 1910; but we did not give that as anything positive, nor as anything we know. I do not know anything about October, 1910. It is merely a suggestion. When it comes to October, 1910, I think it will be very well for you to have both eyes open and look around and see if you see anything. But the dates that are given to us prophetically are the ones I think we ought to especially give heed to. Now these prophetic dates seem to be, 1874, October; 1878, in the spring; and then 1881, in October; and then October, 1914. Now these, as far as we can tell, are the dates marked in prophecy, and to these we do well that we take heed as unto a light shining in a dark place, as St. Peter says. That does not mean that we know now, or that we ever knew, nor that we say now, nor that we ever said, that the suggestions made respecting these dates which are based upon prophecies are indisputable; nor that we have ever claimed infallibility in the interpretation of the prophecies in connection with them. What do we say, in the Scripture Studies, you will remember, is this: That to our understanding, this teaches this, and that teaches that, and the other teaches the other. We do not see any other way they could be held together, or any other conclusion that could be reached; and for my own part, therefore, I believe that those dates signify such and such things. That is all we have ever said; we never said we were infallible in these things. We believe them. We have believed them from the first; we are acting upon that belief. But, my dear friends, if October, 1915, came, or October, 1920, came, and no great time of trouble, and no change of all the Church came, it would not overthrow my faith in the divine plan of the ages for a moment. God is selecting a Church as the Seed of Abraham, and that Church as the Seed of Abraham is predestinated to do the work of blessing all the families of the earth; whether 1915 is the exact time for that to begin, or the trouble that will introduce that time of blessing, is another matter. I believe October, 1914, is the time when we may expect that great time of trouble, because it seems to our judgment, as far as we can understand the Scriptures, that is the time when the Gentile period of lease, or tenure, will expire, and when, therefore, we may expect that the time of trouble shall be ushered in; and that time of trouble we understand is the one the Scriptures tell about—a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation, a time of trouble which shall overwhelm all sorts of government, and every institution of the present time; and a time of trouble which thus will make ready and prepare mankind for the glorious reign of Christ and his Church, for the blessing and uplifting of all the families of the earth. Simply put, there was no longer a need to have a precise measurement with the pyramid scheme since the “Gentile Times” drew the same conclusion. Bringing another scathing rebuke for apostates that continue to insist Russell spoke of Armageddon in 1914. His own words refute that claim.
  18. LOL! Just like you make things up to look good for your apostate base at AD1914. More insults! 😂 Not by a long shot. When have I cross-referenced AllenSmith34 you mindless jerk! I have contacted that person. He has advised me how much of a snake you are, That I do believe. 😏 I won't be talking about diversions since you're an old pro at it.
  19. I don't know them personally as you do. I know their disgusting apostate works. That's as far as I care to know earthworms. Only to refute your claims of honesty and misrepresentation of Watchtower literature like any other ex-witness. I don't admire your conclusions or research like Anna. This statement is just another insult. Leave it to people like John and Srecko to agree with you. Then you must be as dense as James since these two avatars are cross-referencing the subject matter. Who do you think your fooling if not yourself so you won't come out looking denser. Don't play to the masses, you know as well as I with this is, just more dishonesty from a person that claims to look for the absolute truth. When will you start to give it, and not play to the members at AD1914. How long have you been posting and are a regular blogger in this forum. I don't have to show the dishonesty that you presently have shown. I don't think I have to go beyond what you are willing to hide. I gave my response in Tom's post, without knowing you were going to be dishonest about the why.
  20. Not with all Christian moral and standards. However, I have not seen you put a smiley face emoji to the insults given by James and ?Winsider about my life giver. Even if ?Winsider insist it's not true, but we both know what he was attempting to do by arguing about worthless money on the streets. It wasn't about the value of money, but the conclusion behind the money rolling down the street without people having no care for it, not even as a souvenir to pick it up. At least in Iraq, even though that money was worthless, it was able to be cashed out for real script or sold as souvenir script. Meaning some kind of value. In Valenzuela, there was none. Making an old ideology come true, and that makes ?Winsider desperate attempts an insult. He knows it, I know it, but he too much of a coward to admit it.
  21. James, far be it from me to insult your mother as my mother has been insulted by you and ?Winsider that Melinda, comfortmypeople, Anna, Outta Here seem to think is funny, which is a disgusting unchristian act by the way, but if you personally and directly think that about your own, far be it from me to dispute your claim.
  22. Well it’s good to know you know most of the scumbags that subscribe to garbage truth. That’s a pie in the face for your most loyal subject and devotee “Anna” that is a cultist to ?Winsider, since you are talking about the Bible Student era being loyal cultist to Russell. She prefers to follow you (man) rather than stick to scripture and follow God. Where is the genius on that logic about testing to see if you are a cult of false prophets. Another point of your hypocrisy since you keep insisting that people should challenge the Watchtower teachings to see if they speak the truth, while you misrepresent the Watchtower literature just like the scumbags you know so well since some were part of your era of Bethel members. That also makes you a liar about not caring what these people have to say, while commenting if NB know the source of his post, which he confused with his other avatar. Funny how you don’t seem to have a problem with that, or mention it, but you insist that I am AllenSmith34. Another indicator of your deceptive traits and human conditioning. Most but not all modern day Bible Students still subscribe to Charles Taze Russell original works. You seem to insinuate today's Watchtower does the same. You talk a big game about “TRUTH” when you dishonestly talk falsehoods about the Watchtower. That makes you a bigger hypocrite. Stop playing to your AD1914 members. You will never be a witness in good standing, so I don’t see how being a spy for ex-witnesses does them any good.
  23. Aside from that misfit Lloyd Evans, Why are you so desperate to find who the scumbags are that compiled all those articles that are taken out of context. I'm not talking about the Watchtower publications. The misrepresented material. What’s your personal agenda? Is it seeking truth or is there an ulterior motive to accumulate more dirt. You should ask your former buddies from Bethel. Anyone rings a bell? Mike & Kim, P Asare, J Redwood, Average Joe, B Bowen and Wifibandit.
  24. You're a push over, it would so work, but I don't swing that way bubba! 😁 Try "Insider" you both seem to have the same gutter brain! 😏

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