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  1. Not when a despicable person insults a life giver as to think it is funny. From here on end you apostate, stick to your kind.
  2. That’s the beauty of it, witness. You don’t have to follow the Watchtower GB as a blasphemer of God’s Holy Spirit. Remember, your self-imposed anointing is personally telling God DIRECTLY, you are willing to ONLY obey certain aspects of his commandments. To God, that is exalting yourself as being a higher being just as when Satan made that argument in the Garden of Eden. This is what JWinsider is willing to follow. Seems to me your confusing your lies with the Watchtower GB, since they follow Christ words to the letter. The only ones exalting the GB are people like you. They don’t pretend to be above the fellowship within the organization. People like you make that “false” claim. That’s just a lie and narrative you have taken as a hater. Something that disqualifies you like any kind of anointed body, just as it seems from the latter point. The other problem you have just like John that has accepted being led by a blind human rather than being led by God as Jesus indicated, is NOT understanding scripture as intended. It seems that’s a common theme shared with the JWinsider alter-ego. Therefore JWinsider LONG explanation contradicts of what he seems to think the Watchtower believes. This is somehow reflective of why James follows the same blind logic. One Body with Many Members 12 For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. 13 For kin one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—Jews or Greeks, slaves4 or free—and mall were made to drink of one Spirit. 14 For the body does not consist of one member but of many. 15 If the foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body,” that would not make it any less a part of the body. 16 And if the ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body,” that would not make it any less a part of the body. 17 If the whole body were an eye, where would be the sense of hearing? If the whole body were an ear, where would be the sense of smell? 18 But as it is, God arranged the members in the body, each one of them, as he chose. 11 And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds 2and teachers,3 12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, 13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood,4 to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, 14 so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes. 15 Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, 16 from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love. How can a “the body grow so that it builds itself up in love” if the Body of Christ is ONLY represented by the 144,000? Let’s face it, you are confusing verse 11 because it states SAINTS without understanding the full context of that citation. If that be the case, then ONLY the anointed would be the evangelists, the shepherds, the teachers of the Gospel of Christ. A view entertained by early Christianity, and a reason, ONLY the priest had control of scripture while the general public weren’t allowed to view it. “To start this campaign, Jesus chooses 70 disciples and sends them out by twos. Thus, there are 35 teams of Kingdom preachers in the territory, where “the harvest is great, but the workers are few.” (Luke 10:2) They are to go in advance into places where Jesus might follow. The 70 are to cure the sick and spread the same message that Jesus has been proclaiming.” Therefore, Prove how this is a lie from the Watchtower if JESUS himself chose someone “other than the Apostles” to expand his ministry. This means Jesus is false for appointing other than anointed to expand his ministry as simple preachers full of God's Holy Spirit. Can this fatal error be followed as bible truth? If anyone answers yes, they have sealed their fate. Scholarly view: (4:7) Vincent says: “From the Church as a whole, he passes to its individual members. In the general unity, the individual is not overlooked, and unity is consistent with variety of gifts and offices.” Expositors comments: “The article defined charis (χαρις) (grace) as the grace of which the writer and his fellow-believers had experience, which they knew to have been given them, and by which God worked in them. What is given is not the charisma (χαρισμα) (extraordinary powers such as special gifts) but the charis (χαρις) (grace), the subjective grace that works within and shows itself in its result—the charism (χαρισμ), the gracious faculty or quality. The emphasis is on the hekastōi (ἑκαστωι) (to each one), and the de (δε) (but) is rather the adversative particle than the transitional. Therefore, the understanding expressed by opposers with the 10 men and the Jew is an erred understanding, that the Watchtower has NOT taught as described, by the misapplication of Watchtower literature.
  3. Perhaps it is your mother you are smelling you despicable person. Insult my mother again, I dare you. You overgrown, Shrek First, it was JWinsider, and now you. You people are definitely low lives.
  4. Quote "Witness, seems to think only the anointed are the Body of Christ"... And I agree with him. Say, JWinsider, It seems your unstable boy just confirmed what you tried to deny on this post. Could it be, for having the same belief system uneducated opposers have about Bible truth? Seems to me, Butler has me confused with “witness” that pretends to be anointed. I won't correct the comma after Witness as a grammatical error. Seems James has a thing about spelling and grammar and being obtuse about it, with certain people.
  5. I guess that’s the reason John continues. As Ron White once said, “you can’t fix stupid”. There’s not a pill you can take, there’s not a class you can attend, stupid is forever. 😉
  6. What is your understanding of the anointed remnant, and the other sheep? Witness, seems to think only the anointed are the Body of Christ. An untenable hypothetical. However, you mention, the Watchtower believes the Jew is the Remnant, is this correct, or did I read your explanation incorrectly? It becomes difficult to understand your stance since you print certain truths with certain half-truths and mix it with your own understanding. Since you put a lot of effort and research to write down your opinion, I want to get it right. Instead of trying to look intellectual with your writing, break it down so even James, John and Srecko can understand, instead of Srecko basing his answer through the emotion emoji. This site is NOT an academic site to impress anyone. Therefore, I’m looking for your personal understanding. Don’t use the Watchtower’s understanding as a crutch, express your own.
  7. Once again, your confusion overshadows your intellect. I rather fight a good fight for God’s sake, rather than bow down to unstable men that pretend to understand scripture. Worse of those, are people within that conflict the narrative to express their own opinion as though it really matters to God.
  8. Since when did a self-imposed royal priest (witness) has made biblical sense to you, that you exalt that person over God's decision to choose who will represent him on earth? Spiritual wisdom is needed. Where is it with that person You are speaking of a shameful insight if anyone accepts your words since there is no one more qualified to pick and choice earthly representatives than God himself. Certainly, "witness" that doesn't understand scripture disqualifies that individual as a beckon of light, and certainly NOT part of Christ Body with the Hate such a person harbors in their heart. The fact you don't understand certain things, you are desperately trying to understand about the end of days doesn't mean no one else understands the signs. That just means, God Holy Spirit has taken away that privilege from your heart because it has grown cold and conflicted. So, stop trying, your wasting your time on that.
  9. Srecko’ What does one have to do with the other? The fact that Bro. Jackson was high jacked in Australia to receive the summons, and presenting himself to the inquiry is exactly, obeying all authority. Therefore, what mispresented fact are you suggesting? That he didn’t subject himself to the authority. That he hide from the authority? His action speaks louder than your words. Once again, being in subjection to all authorities, means, you follow their rules, not yours. If you feel comfortable breaking man’s law, that’s on you. Don’t think you will persuade anyone else to do an evil act just because your moral fiber is conflicted and you use as an excuse to criticize an organization you hate. Therefore, understand, “I am the light of the world” in John 8:12-30 is Jesus. The “light of the body” in Matthew 6:22-23 is Jesus. The Watchtower GB follow that light. When did ANYONE following Jesus become perfect? Show scriptural proof? Make scriptural sense. Once again, BJ submitted himself to secular authority. Where in your confused mind, did BJ STOP following that light? Therefore, he set a fine example for others within the organization to follow. Your opinion on that doesn't matter to me in the slightest. What are Jesus words in Matthew 5:13-16 about the disciples are salt and light. Here’s an example of a scholarly view: 5:13 the opening ὑμεῖς, here and in v. 14, makes emphatic the ‘you are’ introduced at v. 11. It is not immediately clear whether the emphasis is to underline the privilege of discipleship, to stress that it is the disciples who carry forward the historic role of Israel or to establish a contrast with the inappropriate evaluation implied in the attitude of the persecutors of vv. 11–12. Perhaps a combination of the second and third options is most likely; if so, the qualities valued in the beatitudes and the comparison with the prophets in v. 12 offer starting points for understanding the use made of the imagery of salt.
  10. Do I dare say, you are finally seeing the light James about attacking the Watchtower every time opposers give you the chance to make them? Now that's a perversion. I wonder how God sees that kind of earthly emotion to conform to earthly desires rather than NOT being part of this world. Perhaps, this is the reason you lose all the arguments. Civility is earned not given. I return in kind, however, others wish to play, it. I bow down to no man.
  11. Is that what your taking? I think you need to change your meds and status of how you think you're a witness in good standing. Now that's funny. As with spelling, will it takes, a certain kind of a despicable person to bring out such, childish things since everyone here has a problem with it. How low do you want to go, buck?
  12. If a person is given a summon and decides not to show up, It becomes an automatic default in civil matters without further need for a Judge's desecration. There is no summons with criminal cases since the law of the land is, either you are charged with a crime, or you are not, plain and simple. The Watchtower did learn an active listen about the summons. When a San Diego judge summoned a GB to testify, the request was ignored for not knowing the consequences of the outcome. That, however, was dealt with through the Judge's bias that a higher court cited in favour of the Watchtower. Another example of James ignorance, why wait until a subpoena is issued to fight that subpoena and as proof, it can be done by Trump’s proceedings as a pathetical liar, and abuser of power, a racist that goes to no end to steal from the poor to give to the rich. The Watchtower didn’t see a need to fight if they had nothing to hide. Get a clue, James. Stop playing to the masses with theatrics.
  13. I don’t know which proceeding you were watching, I watched the full proceeding that Bother Jackson had to, many times correct the prosecution attorney for not understanding certain fundamental aspects associated by the Watchtower literature. Dissociation was one of them. Therefore, the only liar here is JAMES THOMAS ROOK JR and JWinsider as conformist to the opposition and anyone that upvotes their opinion. The perfect example would be John. John dissociated without having it formally acknowledged. John has the freedom to do whatever the hell he wants. John’s behaviour falls under God’s Judgment. If John decides to return and says nothing, there is nothing to correct under Bible principle with repentance, and John has to deal with that deception come judgment day, even if he committed murder. Now if that murder catches up with John, then John would be no different than catching a paedophile within the organization. Certainly, Christ will ask why, did you return without repenting from your disgraceful and horrid actions and behaviour. What makes you think your silence with men would mean God is unaware of your actions. Now if John was baptized and he committed blasphemy against God’s Holy Spirit, as he has done, there is no corrective measure. He has automatically condemned his soul to the second judgment. Now, did Bro Jackson play along with court theatrics by the prosecution? NO! That’s what some would consider smug. Learn secular authority court proceedings. No different, when the Watchtower was given, a summon versus a subpoena for data by the State. Those that refuse to understand legal matters before a court is more ignorant of the process than trying to justify that ignorance through scripture. Summon is a request Subpoena is a demand. What did the Watchtower receive, that they adhered (volunteer) to the request? They did not fight that request, which would have been their right under the AU’s law rule of discovery that the Branch Office complied with in order not to make it a demand by the State as the ARC had to do with other religions. Perhaps writing in a six-grade level will get people to understand. Now that’s smug and sarcastic, Something Bro Jackson didn’t do. I would suggest people get the original video and not a video presented by apostates as proof. Too many silent instances of what they don’t want people to hear.
  14. Under man’s dominion for self-preservation, yes! BUT When a true Christian fights a good fight for the sovereignty of God and gets killed for it, self-defence doesn’t compute under Bible principles. Matthew 24:9-10 Witnessing to All Nations 9Then they will hand you over to be persecuted and killed, and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name. 10At that time many will fall away and will betray and hate one another, Does this look familiar?
  15. What would the Watchtower be seen as if they broke man's law to benefit opposers? What part of the HOC do you understand within the laws of Australia? There are checks and balances, the government maintains. Why bring up the subject of “light” if you’re not willing to understand, secular law and solely base it on conjecture by the whims of others. That doesn’t have independent thinking. Have you studied the AU DATA PROTECTION laws? Why not consider the fact, you want the Watchtower to “break secular laws” under the bases of morality. What part of morality is governed by the AU parliament that covers up rape and child abuse within their own government-run institutions? The last time I looked into AU parliament, they have not advanced on that protection since 1991. The most considerable tweaks were made after the ARC. However, each territory continues with a core understanding of the data protection act. How would the Watchtower GB apply Romans 13:1 that counter demand the opposite of what you are claiming out of moral obligation? What makes you think, the government would allow such a thing through its legal system, which is the reason Jackson’s plea failed to motivate the hearts of the ARC panel of judges, and now you want to penalize him for the effort. Shame on YOU Srecko. What makes you think, the Watchtower should violate secular laws to appease people like you. Women that don’t understand the laws of the land, yet want to be vocal about certain situations and go against the teachings of the Bible. That includes males that support that endeavour. The excuse, I am a mother or father first, disqualifies anyone believing in scripture. Either your trust in God or you don't. This kind of social activism has no place within any Christian organization. This is no better than advocating, civil disobedience. Especially, when opposers don’t reflect on what it means in Galatians 5:13 and 1 Peter 2:16. Jackson exercised the freedom to recommend a sound proposal, which you now, disqualify. First, it was for NOT saying something and now it’s for not taking action on the action the AU government that was not willing to consider and comply. Now you want the Watchtower to be an organization that breaks man’s law to benefit opposers Which one is it, that you cannot make up your mind by continuing to express the failure in your heart?
  16. Clear your mind, look for your own reasoning. Especially in this area of using the OT in support for comparison. After Christ sacrifice, NO WAR is justifiable under the NT. That, in essence, stopped the progression of Christianity as a means for salvation. The early church fathers and the Papacy decided to use War as a means to exalt themselves. The same standard that is used for any war after Jesus death. Regardless if it's for land and riches. Resources, genocide, etc. They do it under that banner of God and country. That's an excuse to justify their own evil end.
  17. It's obvious with you, to conflict Biblical law, with secular law. God controls all governments. Something you Melinda and others needs to finally get straight. Stop conflicting those areas you have NO great knowledge of. Mainly The bias you harbour by showing misguided scripture in support of your own human emotion. There was a practical purpose For Jackson's reasoning with proper wisdom. The failure of the ARC and the reason that wisdom did not hold for the ARC is simple when it came up before legislation, Their OWN government institutions were in violation of the very thing the ARC was fighting for. If you can't force the AU to be upfront and disclose everything, then, why do you believe the Watchtower should go beyond that of the government, that isn't willing to. What kind of a double standard are you projecting, that opposers have already done? Not to mention, The Watchtower volunteered the information, the ARC received. Regardless of what opposers suggest on the internet.
  18. The delusion is on your fantasy world if you think I was specific to one that harbours apostasy or opposers that misuse scripture. If you want to be specific and about you, which category should I define you as? Twisting words is a poor man’s bluff to persuade others from not thinking about the garbage you print. Therefore, let me know which side you choose. If you were straightforward with Elders as you are here, I doubt you would be presenting yourself as a witness, instead of an ex-witness that you present yourself as.
  19. I believe I stated earlier or somewhere in this forum about the use of an outrageous avatar. The fact that James obtuse presentation of finally bringing up that topic when he has overlooked everyone else avatar as though he is courageous for using his name on this forum yet is a coward for not confronting his body of Elders with such garbage he uses here, brought about how peoples spirituality is meeting death here by callous people that entertain the notion, what they write doesn't affect the outcome of other peoples view. An ideology riddled with Satan's support. A person that has never known the truth, reads nonsense like this, people misusing scripture by misapplying it etc. will see the utter lack of "love" in a Christian environment. I can careless of what this man's history was, that a sick individual continues to harp on. That just shows how small minded and desperate people can be. I have no further need to interact with such an unbalanced individual that has already blasphemed against God's Holy Spirit. Which has nothing to do with the attacks on the Watchtower, but how he has been attacking God because of the Watchtower? Another area that Tom refuses to admit his own mistake, and continues to dance around it as though he is in the right. That also shows the pettiness of an individual, especially when claiming to be concentrating on God. Who is he deceiving? If James was brought before Elders that those Elders didn't have proof enough to take the proper spiritual action to keep the congregation clean? that means James deception overshadowed the truth in that committee meeting since the proof is here. Therefore, why bring up the word "facts" when it's self-evident of a true claim. Is this a KH, no, but scripture is pretty darn specific about certain things. Not only about the association, but how to deal with unrepentant individuals. Especially those that claim to be in harmony with their fellowship when there is deception in their hearts.
  20. That's been the point all along. However, as I stated before, I bow down to no man. John lies and gives false statements, especially about American history is a given. However, to embarrass the intelligence of others with such blatant lies needs correction. SinceJohn insults, then it will be returned in kind. However, taking the wrong side doesn't help either. Scripture is pretty specific about that also. Therefore, the rebukes you laid out were onesided.
  21. You should know by now this despicable person is desperately trying to shift his threats toward the GB with whatever he thinks will stick. So, far, he is just a poor excuse, of a human being. That's the reason I go there. You can't fix blasphemy. Just like he is trying so hard to shift the narrative about Canon and NON-Canon script that I defined in my earlier post. Apparently, he doesn't understand English, that he keeps bringing it up. Just like some time ago, I mentioned I had seen his avatar in an apostate site, and he denied it, yet a few posts ago, he mentions he was going to re-post my comments to his FB/ Ex-JW site. How can he if he has not been in other sites unless you have access to them. Just like JWinsider that gave "permission" to AD1914 to redirect his comments to that apostate site. Therefore, you are looking at the wrong individual when you state. I like fighting with everyone when you insult me for looking at my faults without recognizing Johns, James and, you state there is something mentally wrong with me when you should include yourself and anyone here that has tasted apostasy. I believe your behaviour and favouritism speak louder.
  22. Those are the people you are listening to. If you were listening to me, I would have included myself. Think Srecko before you post. Don't be like James and John that write meaningless rhetoric. Just maybe we can have an intelligent debate without ignorance, fair enough! 😉
  23. Nice Try. You get burned just like James, and you can't own how dense your remark was. But, since it seems you still don't understand, the idiocy continues. However, How much more sick are you in comparison to me. I believe your actions speak louder than my words. That, in essence, is Tom's assessment of thinking you can still be saved. 😂
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