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  1. That’s fine as long as you understand where you personally stand before God. Like I said, you’re not the only one not understanding what the Watchtower is giving as spiritual food. If Paul was referring to these matters in Rome any other way, Paul would have claimed along with the other apostles, Christ sacrifice wiped out “all” of the original sin, and everyone at that time had started the process of re-purification by his death. When did this re-purification start upon Jesus death? A 1000 years after Christ died, humanity didn’t see anyone return to perfection (Sinless State). As a matter of fact, the Papacy was busy trying to cleanse the world of heresy. Then what did the Vatican do? They prosecuted and killed their own henchmen. Paul was referring to the spirituality aspect of being saved, by which having faith in Christ would lead us to being saved in the physical form which it still tethered to the original sin. 6:19–22 Since v. 6 Paul had been personifying sin as an illegitimate slave master, one whose authority over the believer has been removed by the death of Christ. Beginning with v. 15 he expanded the analogy by contrasting the old master, sin, with the new master, righteousness. Analogies, by definition, are less than perfect. So Paul reminded his readers that he was putting the argument in human terms because of the inherent difficulties in understanding spiritual truth.54 Prior to their coming to Christ, the believers at Rome had sold their bodies in slavery to impurity and “ever-increasing wickedness.”55 But now another transaction was in order. They were to surrender their bodies again, but this time to righteousness. Freedom is not a question of whether or not we would like to serve but the choice of which master we will serve. Righteousness leads to holiness; sin as a master promotes wickedness. Righteousness reverses the moral direction taken by sin and leads to sanctification. In both cases a process is under way. Christians who entertain sin find themselves in an ethical tug-of-war they are bound to lose. The answer to this conflict is practical; surrender your body to those activities that are good and pure rather than to those that defile. When sin was our master, we were free from the control of righteousness (v. 20). And what benefit did we reap from that lifestyle (v. 21)? 56 (We are now ashamed of how we lived.) We received no benefit at all, unless of course we consider the negative reward of death! 57 But now we are set free from sin’s bondage (v. 22).58 we have become slaves of God. And is there benefit in this? Most certainly! The reward for serving God is growth in holiness and, in the end, eternal life.59 In fact, apart from holiness there is no eternal life. The author to Hebrews counseled a holy life because “without holiness no one will see the Lord” (Heb 12:14). Slavery to sin results in death. Slavery to righteousness leads to eternal fellowship with God. Or, in the words of Jesus, the broad road (the path of sin) leads to destruction, but the narrow road (the way of righteousness) leads to life (Matt 7:13–14). 6:23 It all comes down to this: the wages paid by sin are death, 60 but the gift God gives is eternal life (v. 23).61 Not only is the contrast between death and life but also between earning and giving. Sinners earn what they receive. By obeying the impulses of sin, they are storing up the reward for sinning. Their severance check is death—eternal separation from God, who alone is life. By yielding to the impulses of righteousness, believers do not earn anything. They do, however, receive a gift—the gift of eternal life, which comes by faith through Jesus Christ their Lord. Mounce, R. H. (2001). Vol. 27: Romans Perhaps a different look from other than a Watchtower publication will make it simpler to understand. The Watchtower writing department does the best to simplify when it comes to scripture, however it’s not always a success with certain people. Especially those that believe, they know much more than the Watchtower with the organization. They boast with joy when they know even less. Once again, there are core doctrines that are a matter of interpretation. I have not seen the Watchtower deviate from the first century Christianity. That has been the purpose for over a 140 years. Bring back the truth as Jesus taught it, not by some privileged few (Clergy) that dictated to the masses their own interpretation of scripture within Christianity. Look at the void Christianity left for over 1900 years.
  2. Once again, where is it written that the Watchtower definitively stated the world would end in 1914 or 1975? By that matter 2000, or 2012. There is big difference when the Bible Students mentioned the end of AGES, to that of the end of the WORLD as speculated by opposers. 1975, was about the 6000 years. Now, it's sad to say, but you’re not alone that many people believe, once they die, their sin is wiped clean. FALSE! Jesus sacrifice was for the original sin. Therefore, it’s up to each of us to manifest a good relationship with God through Christ. If it were that simple. We could do whatever the hell we want, and pay for that sin upon death. It doesn’t work that way by any Bible Standard. People seem to forget, what helps the mortal soul is to walk in Jesus footsteps. Does that mean we have to be perfect? That is impossible given our imperfect human state, but we need to be as close to it as possible. That is what God looks for. A faith in Jesus much as Noah had faith in God. Therefore, it’s not written for just the anointed. Everyone is included. Much as blaspheme against God’s Holy Spirit. If it was meant for only for the anointed, then followers could do whatever they want without consequences. Where is any of that written in scripture? That is a big mistake weighed in by “witness” and it's an unconscionable act. Romans 6:23 New International Version (NIV) 23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Where in scripture does it stipulate, the 144,000 are the only ones that can receive God’s Holy Spirit? Where in scripture does it stipulate, only the Sheppard’s can get into trouble where the rest go free. That is too much of a convenience! John 13:16 New International Version (NIV) 16 Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. The only thing that changes for the anointed is the responsibility. They have greater need to get things right before God. If not, judgment will be worse on them. But, let’s get back to counting hours. I wonder if the Mormons keep track every time they send a team out to preach. I know the Holy See aka Governing Body of the Catholic faith keeps records of parishes. I. REGISTER AND RECORDS CREATION AND MAINTENANCE 1. Each parish is required to keep the following sacramental registers: Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Death (CIC, c. 535). Besides the records prescribed in Canon Law, in our diocese the pastor is to see that the parish keeps a register of First Communions, Register of Reception into Full Communion and Register of Catechumens. 4. The PASTOR is responsible for the proper creation, maintenance and preservation of the sacramental registers (CIC, c.535, § 1). Even when he delegates the day-to-day administration of the records to a parish staff member, the pastor is responsible for the accurate and timely recording of sacramental celebrations (CIC, c. 877) Therefore, what’s the harm of keeping track on the preaching work if a government agency happens to ask a nonprofit group, what is it that your nonprofit organization do? There are some governments that look into how a certain nonprofit works within their territories. Answer, we continue the work of Christ to proclaim the good news throughout the world. Yesterday the Catholic faith removed a school for having a gay teacher that the school supports.
      Hello guest!
  3. You make a charge of judgment against the Watchtower leaders as false teachers when in fact by your own actions and words, you are this false prophet. If you haven’t figured out my first statement, then Listen to God’s inspired words in 2 Peter 2:1-22 1. The Impact of False Teachers (2:1–3) 1But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. 2Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. 3In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping. Schreiner, T. R. (2007). Vol. 37: 1, 2 Peter, Jude The New American Commentary Even if you die of old age, what good will it do you, to be judged as unrighteous? Now that's a crazy idea! 🤔
  4. Finally, some light. I'm glad you can discern with your contradiction within your own ideology. Progress! 😉
  5. And when God instructs this perfect earthly organization under Satan's rule to revise their teaching, what then? Where, is this "perfect" organization you conjured up. There is the NOW! Don't be worrying about the THEN, after judgment day, since your unrepentant state won't be allowed by Christ. There's a little clause in scripture about people that came to know the truth and then, refused it. 2 Timothy 3:5
  6. By all means, stop sending meaningless and ignorant messages, Srecko. 😉 Since, you are not willing to accept any of your foolishness? 😋 Even by your standards, can't have it both ways, learn! 😊
  7. Yeah, keep thinking. A reinstated person with a goal of vendetta does NOT a witness make. He provided very well in ?WN forum. 😉 So he is more your kind, than a follower of Christ. When witnesses smile and greet him in the hall, it's all under false pretense. Much like anyone here, that claims to be a witness and criticizes the Watchtower as though their opinion will bend the will of God, to change it. Whatever is done, it's done when God says so, not by the whims of humanity.
  8. I believe that is the point Srecko. You’re too dense to know the difference with the progress of humanity of the last 6000 years that you had to bring up 140 years of a movement to bring the “original” teachings of Christ back to its intended framework. What’s even worse, you can’t see how many Christian sects are now adapting the Watchtower framework. If you can’t understand such a simple framework such as “Progress”, then how can you understand scripture? So, please grow up and get a life and stop adding to the stupidity. People like you James and John are a total embarrassment to society. This is why, society doesn't need "some sort of organizational structure" What God is looking for is people willingness to accept his organizational structure as a standard framework. Only God and Christ can give that. That's the only structure standard the Watchtower follows, regardless if it meets the approval of some people that don't matter in this world.
  9. Did you ever attend standard education? I ask because not every country gives formal standard education. If you did? Do you still think as you did back then? Are those past understanding still used today wherever you’re from, that you can honestly tell yourself, "nothing" has been revised in understanding by either advances in education or by laws? Now, I will agree there are many witnesses here that don't follow Jesus advice and God's commands. These of course, suit the same purpose as you do. Become false prophets toward the end. Then, each generation has vested themselves to fulfilling the devils work more so than continue in Jesus footsteps. That's fine as long as there is someone to show the public the difference. Then it becomes, who is hated more, and who glorifies god more. Now consider. Did you learn anything constructive while growing up, that you don't think is necessary now in your life?
  10. If you are wondering who holds the dumbest spot, I'll leave that to the former Bethel Member that has made a mockery of having attended Bethel much as Raymond did. I don’t consider it, to be proud with that association.
  11. Not that it matters here. A response of a true witness here would be, as in an inspirational backbone of the congregation, that Jesus work is strong in them. Matthew 28:18-20 When it’s mentioned how many publishers have become regular or auxiliary pioneers, it’s always a joy to hear Jesus work has not been forsaken. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. It’s too bad, people think Jesus work is a joke to be made fun of and a sport for ridicule. Are these true witnesses, that's debatable and laughable, here.
  12. This is funny coming from you. What kind of slander do you offer? Now, don't use a common theme, I don't. 😉
  13. What's the matter James, too dense to use Google translate, that you can't use common decency? What kind of none witness are you. 😂
  14. This can only be true if you stick to your faith wholeheartedly. However, the moment you start to question the faith you have, you have lost that objectivity. 2 Timothy 3:14, Colossians 1:11-21 An example of this, questioning the oath you swore loyalty by baptism before God. Then what kind of prophet is proclaiming God's word. This can only be seen in retrospect. Humans are subjected to either good influence or bad influence. In both cases, by inspiration. Romans 8:28 An example of this, questioning the oath you swore loyalty by baptism before God. James 4:17 New International Version (NIV) 17 If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.
  15. Maybe you should broaden your vocabulary. It’s not meant to be politically correct. I’m not an ignorant cartoonist waiting to capitalize on a signal word. I believe, I have already made it clear how much of a low life you are James, no need to keep repeating it. It’s the in-between “more stupid” and “stupidest” I use urban dictionary for such an occasion. However, what should be funny: You're a Witness, Hahahahahaaa ! 😏
  16. No problem Srecko. As long as you know your stupider than me and uneducated about scripture just as much as most people here, We understand each other. 😏
  17. Well, I guess the seriousness of this topic just went out the window. I can't believe you are uneducated in organizational polices to even bring this nonsense up. Grow up Srecko, it will be a benefit to know your mistakes in order not to embarrass yourself. I can continue with an endless amount of proof, but I won't waste my time.
  18. I believe that honor belongs to you. You have said nothing since you started posting. Just meaningless rhetoric from a disgruntled member that can't get his facts straight. Don't become a teacher. You'll only embarrass yourself even worse. Just like a child often does without the proper guidance of a parent.
  19. Tom used the most basic ones to illustrate. Of course, there are far more than the ones quoted, that set the Watchtower apart from Christendom.
  20. Read scripture correctly. YOU HAVE CONDEMNED YOURSELF! 😏 Therefore, believe God's words on that.
  21. This is why I criticize those that criticize the Watchtower, Srecko. There is no end to the stupidity here. If memory serves, By corporate law, the GB are responsible for the Watchtower. This of course, doesn't give an accurate accounting of what the role of the GB really is. That's why the Watchtower is run by "many" corporations independent of each other. 🤔 I'm surprised someone as dense as James doesn't know that. An obtuse person like John just flaps his lips to see what will stick. What's even funnier, ?Winsider wouldn't correct such stupidity. 😉 That's why people like James and John are dense legends in their own minds. Meaning, there is nothing between the ears. 😂
  22. There's a level. That's why I use Watchtower instead of the Org. I don't insult God to cause him grief that he has great feeling for. That's the difference between honoring the name of God, and dishonoring the name of God in an argument. This forum is built on an insult. I just try very hard not to get sucked in to cause more grief that he already is enduring. You might not care about God's feelings but I do. So, lets just leave it at that! Ephesians 4:30 A directive from Christ, that opposer's don't seem to care or take into consideration. That's why the latter comment of yours serves as a purpose to dwell in the light not in darkness. You keep applying scripture in the dark. That's why let me know when Jesus "wasn't" criticized, and when the apostles "didn't" err in front of Jesus. You probably didn't get it the first time. I criticize those that think they have the right to criticize the Watchtower. If you do that in a daily basis, then why should I be any different.
  23. That’s correct James. An apostate like you has no excuse not to understand scripture. Even though witness misplaces script to that person’s advantage, that person has more knowledge than you, ?Winsider, and Tom combined. Too bad it’s misplaced by accepting the teachings of whomever that person’s leader is. Make no mistake, there’s always a leader. Keep beating that drum, you’ll make a believer of yourself, one day. Too bad we can’t see the works of that leader or leaders to criticize their works, just like any other religion, as witness does with the leaders of the Watchtower. I told you in JWN, as I tell you here, you’re an embarrassment to yourself. But I do enjoy your senseless cartoons, keep up the bad work! At least I got you and Tom from ripping into each other, like schools girls in the past, and now you support each other like decent enemies.
  24. When, did the Watchtower specifically state Armageddon would accrue on those years? Now I've read Anna's and ?Winsider's false claims. Are you willing to support their false view? I would have agreed with TOM until he decided to "endorse" and uneducated view of flip-flop view from opposers, that he himself has done in many accusations, just doesn't seem to contrast his argument.
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