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  1. Remarks by Vice President Pence at the 12th Annual National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference And in Nicaragua, the government of Daniel Ortega has plunged his proud country into a spiral of violence and despair. As we gather here, the situation in Nicaragua has reached new lows. Just under two months ago, hundreds of thousands of brave protestors took to Nicaragua’s streets, demanding democratic reforms. Yet the Ortega government has responded with brutal repression. Nearly 150 people have died so far, including an American citizen. And over a thousand more have been injured at the hands of government forces and their ruthless paramilitary allies. And as I’m sure this group knows, many of Nicaragua’s most prominent faith leaders and clergy have now been targeted for trying to stem the violence. And some have even received death threats for courageously raising their voices. This must end — and it must end now. (Applause.) Today, on behalf of President Trump, we call on Daniel Ortega to end his government’s crimes and answer for his nation’s cry for democracy and human rights. The time has come to end the attacks on peaceful protestors. The time has come to give the Nicaraguan people the future of freedom they deserve. (Applause.)
  2. 🤷‍♀️ The United States condemns the ongoing government-sponsored violence and intimidation campaign in Nicaragua, including the June 16 arson attack against the home and business of a family in Managua, killing six, and the further intimidation of the family during the wake. Attacks and threats against peaceful protestors and the general population are unacceptable, and must cease. We urge immediate and full implementation of the June 15 National Dialogue agreement on human rights. The United States is aware the Nicaraguan government has accepted another visit by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and recommends it begin immediately. We note the widespread call among Nicaraguans for early elections. The United States believes early elections represent a constructive way forward.
  3. I have not heard that Trump has killed 215, illegally imprisoned 52, injured 1,500 for peacefully protesting in two months. For me every life counts.
  4. Today, two months from this nightmare started.... 215 dead so far registered by Human Rights, 52 in jail illegally hoping they are alive 😭
  5. Not only opposition blame Ortega, the survivors too. There are also claims that these criminals did not respect the wake and tried to attack, it seems they want to kill the survivors and witnesses. I could not watch this video and not to drop a tear, in the end she is cursing Daniel Ortega, although in other video she tried to refrain, I guess for advice from her pastors of being "neutral"
  6. In the worst incident, at least six members of the same family were killed in an arson attack on Saturday morning. The opposition accused pro-government militia of starting the fire and intimidating those who tried to help. More than 170 people have now died since the protests against President Daniel Ortega began in April. The government denied any involvement in the incident, which it blamed on common criminals. The family owned a mattress business and lived above the shop. Local media reported that the property was set on fire by hooded men who threw Molotov cocktails at the house.
  7. An evangelical pastor, his wife and four other family members (two children) were murdered by a pro-government paramilitary group. They threw Molotov cocktails against the house and burnt it down. Pastor Óscar Velásquez Pavón and his wife Maritza López had refused to open their home to Sandinist para-military forces that are supporting President Daniel Ortega in the clashes with opposition groups across the country. The criminal group wanted to use the third floor of the house of the Christian family to have snipers shooting against a planned demonstration of the opposition in the neighbourhood. The paramilitary group set the house on fire when eight people were inside the house, killing Pastor Velásquez, his wife Maritza, son Alfredo, daughter-in-law Mercedes, and grandchildren Mathías (3 months old) and Daryeli (3 years old). Two other family members were able to escape the house. See more:
  8. Maybe the US government is affraid that if they intercede Vladimir Putin, a big supporter of Ortega will intercede as well. This hijo de Putin, has given airplanes, dragunovs, and other military devices to Nicaragua
  9. This morning in Managua, a sniper went to a two-storey house, to be allowed to use their house, the family, evangelical practitioners reminded him the commandment "thou shalt not kill" so they got mad and burned the house with the family including two children. The neighborns were able to kill 2 paramilitaries, and burn one.
  10. Yes but repression increased, instead of tell their paramilitaries to stop, they behave more and more violent, see them this morning in Managua, no one of the people living there is doing anything bad but they come from house to house to kidnapp, kill people they have in their list that are not orteguista. In my town we have not been able to sleep, to meet, to go in service.
  11. Wow, today when the elder called to check since our city is under attack I told him that I was being disobedient for watching the convention and meetings at Youtube. Our meetings have been cancelled and fortunatelly he told me that it was fine that I should share with others what encourages me during these hard times. But with that instruction above it won't be easy to watch the meetings at Youtube 😀
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