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  1. Arauna said: Oh, so some animals just decided to eat meat, rearranged their teeth and lots of other apparatus, redesigned their digestive systems, and installed new, predatory instincts. Do you have the faintest idea how ludicrous your claims are? What "grave pits"? Provide source references. Your memory is crap. JW Insider said: That's what she's saying, although she's too stupid to know it. Note that this is another young-earth creationist website, and suffers from most of the usual problems: most of the sources are hopelessly out of date (19
  2. Arauna said: Are you really as dumb as you sound? How does what you said have anything to do with what I said? Totally clueless. Both animals that tolerate poison and the poisonous plants evolved together, at the same time and by small steps over a long period of time. LOL! Those mathematicians are almost ALL creationists, like Berlinsky. The rest are evident crackpots in the field of evolution. That was sarcastic, Einstein. No, you also lap up young-earth and ID-creationist nonsense. And you remain stuck in 40+ year old Watchtower teaching.
  3. JW Insider said: Yes. The more likely explanation is that there is no such God. Tell that to your young-earth creationist friend Arauna. This harks back to the 1943 book "The Truth Shall Make You Free", which ridiculous book had chapters on how the earth was formed. An amusingly cartoonish romp. He was in his attempts to get the Governing Body, in the 1990s, to take the child molestation business seriously. He was thoroughly dishonest in his writings about evolution/creation, the notion that the Bible is scientifically accurate, and many other thing
  4. Arauna said: Your view of science is grossly deficient. No historical sciences can reproduce anything that happened just once in history. Your statement is another straw man. By your 'reasoning', all forensic science is invalid. All history other than that written down in books is invalid. Hypocrite! Do you need me to explain this a THIRD TIME? You're such a gross liar! Nope. As Wolfgang Pauli said about a colleague's misbegotten hypothesis: "It's not even wrong." But I've already told you about this, so either you remain abysmally stupid, or you're
  5. TrueTomHarley said: You're abysmally dishonest, TTH. I did not say they demur -- I said they directly answered the question. Obviously you don't, as will be immediately shown. Not necessarily. Watchtower leaders are well known for saying different things out of both sides of their mouths, and acting quite differently from their moral pronouncements. The two-facedness of JW leaders is much like that of the Pharisees: "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you resemble whitewashed graves, which outwardly indeed appear beautiful but inside are full
  6. Arauna said: That's why you're stuck in obsolete Watchtower teachings more than 40 years old, and continue setting forth young-earth creationist talking points. Yes indeed, you've certainly done your own research.
  7. TrueTomHarley said: They certainly do. This is not subjective, as your excuse claims: it is objective. If a quote changes the meaning of the original, or misrepresents what the original author intended, it is a misquote, a misrepresentation, period. There are hundreds of examples of this in Watchtower literature. Another straw man. Nothing -- as long as you also quote enough to show that he explained why the seeming absurdity is a misconception. That lack is why the Watchtower's misuse of Darwin's "eye quote" in the 1985 Creation book is so egregious, as are so man
  8. JW Insider said: Your mother is hopelessly out of date here. Even the Society accepts the reality of the fossil record. What else does he have? Your son is far wiser than most JW kids. True on both counts. No Scientific Theory is ever final. It only becomes better and better verified over time, to the point where, as Stephen Jay Gould said, "It would be perverse not to accept it." Like the Theory of Gravity etc. Exactly. Yep. And if such a maverick theory stood up to all manner of rigorous tests, as the modern Theory of Evolution has, most scient
  9. TrueTomHarley said: Pentecostals generally don't do that. Apparently you just make up "news" out of thin air -- just like your idol Trump. Correct. And obviously you have no answer against my proof. I never lie. You're doing what ever-Trumpers do very well -- project their own faults onto their opponents. LOL! Such a transparent liar. I explained all that in excruciating detail, and of course, accompanied all of my claims with quotes from Watchtower publications. And of course, "within the 20th century" obviously means "in or by 2000". More grasping at stra
  10. For Big Old Woman Arauna: For the most part from here on in, I'm going to turn Arauna's dishonest "debate tactics" back on her: ignore some arguments, falsely claim that responses were never given, and so forth. Already answered. Now you answer similar ones. Where did God come from? Who created God? Where did God get all his "dynamic energy" from? How long has God existed? You just pulled that out of your ass. No one has such a "hypothesis". I think what you've done is confuse the 11 dimensions proposed by one of the string hypotheses with some of the multiverse
  11. b4ucuhear said: Then you're an apostate, because that's what your Governing Body requires. You're a master of understatement. The cases of Carl Olof Jonsson and James Penton being prime examples. They think that because JW leaders have made it a disfellowshipping offense to disagree. I'm happy to meet one of the few JW apologists who straightforwardly admits to such faults, so good for you! I met an elder nearly 30 years ago with whom I had some frank talks. He had been an especially respected elder for several decades, and had a realistic view of the
  12. TrueTomHarley said: I clearly said that, you moron. Can't you read? Or is your brain still dead? Nope. You are committing the fallacy of not understanding what you read. I already went through that with various degrees of child molestation. Yep, a great big straw man alright -- invented because you can't understand written English. Any objective person reading your ridiculous responses and general lying would disagree. I unhesitatingly call spades spades and liars liars. You don't like it because you know you're a liar. Ar
  13. b4ucuhear said: You're covering over the fact that in most regions only certain religious and other public officials are required by law to report. In the U.S., in most cases and due to the influence of religious leaders on lawmakers, elders are not so required. But they ought to be. That's why elders are supposed to check with the Service and/or Legal Departments, to see if they're required by law to report. So in most cases in the U.S., since the law doesn't require them to report, they don't. b4ucuhear said: The key concept here is spoken of. As I have repeatedly said,
  14. Anna said: Exactly. I guarantee you that in my extended family, an uncle who was known to have done that to one of my female cousins would have become a pariah. I suspect that this was many years ago, when such things were often shrugged off by most everyone. When my mother, a real hottie, was about 16, a prominent Watchtower official molested her in the sense that he touched her breasts, bottom and other private parts. She was horribly naive and didn't think of it as sexual molestation, but only as uncomfortable. She didn't tell anyone until she was in her late 60
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