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  1. You're getting yourself in deeper with every post. You have no shame, any more than the criminal you've supported.
  2. You KNOW what you've said. You're not even fooling your braindead fellow cultists, except perhaps the ineluctably brainless Arauna.
  3. Clueless. TTH went far beyond any such thing. Your knee-jerk defense of a fellow cultist is typical.
  4. TTH has gone far beyond merely mentioning Trumpolini's name. You're simply denying facts and lying as usual.
  5. Nope. TTH has often expressed support for Trump. You're like the ReTrumplican Senators who see Trump's evil but excuse it for political reasons.
  6. Here we find TrueTomHarley continuing his usual bluffing that he knows all about evolution/creation when he demonstrably knows nothing. TTH has never read a proper science book on evolution or evolution versus creation. The most he's read is perhaps a Creationist book or two, such as from the Creationist Watchtower Society, and some online Creationist material -- all of which has been debunked by proper scientists over the past 25+ years. This, despite my having recommended a dozen or more proper science books to him and other posters. Furthermore, TTH has clearly violated "Christian neutrality" by espousing the criminal goals and philosophy of 'Donito Trumpolini', aided by his getting most of his world news from criminally irresponsible "news" media like Fox News, Newsmax and OAN. He has even quoted Fox arch-liar Sean Hannity virtually verbatim. TTH thinks he's a great writer, but has never exposed his crappy writing to professionals such as are found in a good college English course. The writing reminds me of the laughable dialogs found in Watchtower "Bible dramas". In short, TTH is a fine example of the Dunning-Kruger effect -- someone too ignorant to understand how ignorant he is.
  7. Nope. That's pure science fiction. Science fiction that Creationist liars claim comes from proper scientists. Science fiction that disingenuous idiots like you latch onto because you hate the truth.
  8. When charlatans like TTH can't successfully attack the message, they attack the messenger. Some messages: Prove your probability calculations against "evolution", or give pointers to sources that do. Prove that your God -- the God of the Bible -- exists. Prove that "God is love" is compatible with "God is a monster" -- both of which ideas are proved by multiple Bible passages. Of course, you can't do it. You're a fraud and a laughable bluffer.
  9. No, I'm just good at looking up words in Hebrew-English lexicons. Something you've never done, I'll bet. So what? The Greek still has nothing to do with the modern scientific concept of energy. Wrong. I'm just an amateur who refers to experts. As opposed to morons who refer only to religious texts and whack-a-doodle creationists. Projection big time.
  10. Modern science does not speculate that everything came from nothing. Learn some science. Where does your God come from? Nothing? Or something? Where did your God come from? What caused him? Wrong. The fossil record contains billions of items that show an evolution occurring over more than 3.5 billion years. Genetics proves that all creatures are related by descent from earlier ancestors. Of course, we all know that you can give no answers. You're a gross hypocrite.
  11. Still too clueless to realize how clueless you are. There's a name for that.
  12. "Power" in the sense used by Old Testament authors is in no way the same concept as "energy" as used by modern scientists. But to understand that takes a bit of brain power.
  13. Your usual ass-backwards 'logic'. First you have to prove that Adam and Eve existed. Only then can you tell stories about them.
  14. I've proved that this phrase "dynamic energy" is totally misleading and wrong. The original Hebrew merely means "great power". The concept of energy was invented by 19th-century scientists.
  15. The Librarian is entitled to her opinions. I guarantee that, in any writing course I've ever taken, your writing would be judged of a quality between D and C. Exactly my point.
  16. So what? The Bible gives no origin for its Gods. So what? So what? Maybe that really happened. Just as a talking snake convinced a naked woman to eat some fruit and initiate all manner of mayhem. So is the Bible God. Is that God the epitome of love? Or the epitome of monstrousness? Can't have it both ways. Occam's Razor suggests that the entire concept is imaginary. Precisely the point. That's how the Bible God came to be. I don't merely believe it. I've proved it. Do we have "the God of love"? Or the God of monstrousness? Or neither? The Bible presents no origin of its Gods. As well as wrong. Yes, at least as "imaginative" and crazily fantastical as any other myths. But plenty of other myths are also understood that way. So what? They're all crazy. "Unique"? What does that mean in terms of the stories reflecting reality? The Adam and Eve story is unique, but it certainly doesn't reflect reality. Judaism and Christianity and Hinduism and Buddhism and many other religions teach valuable and useful truths, as well as gobbledygook. So what? If they didn't, they'd have died out long ago. The point is: do these religions teach only reality? Humans as such have existed for two million years, modern humans for some 300,000, and humanoids for something like five million years. Poof! goes the Adam and Eve story.
  17. Dawkins is irrelevant to the proofs for evolution. It proved long before he wrote a word, and is proved by dozens of other authors. You continue, as most JWs do, to believe crap on the basis of someone's supposed authority rather than on facts.
  18. You're projecting again. Good advice in general, but not for someone as intransigently, militantly stupid as Arauna.
  19. LOL! What writing skills? To write properly you have to think properly. Your skills are like the old joke: When they handed out brains I thought they said trains and I missed mine.
  20. Continuing your lies. I told you -- but more importantly SHOWED you -- the ORIGINAL video where Dawkins said no such things. Rather, the film Expelled was carefully edited to take Dawkins' words OUT OF CONTEXT. You're such a pathological liar! Exactly as I said: you're heavy into confirmation bias.
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