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  1. True Tom Harley said: Wow! You actually were correct for once! Congratulations! Now let's see if you can convince your idiot girlfriend. Probably not. Ben Stein and company are smart cookies. Thoroughly dishonest, but smart. Of course, assholes like Stein can only pull that off once. Most popularizing scientists have been forewarned. And Stein has been so thoroughly discredited that no scientist will ever talk to him again. She's right to a limited extent, but her implication is thoroughly dishonest. I usually first tackle debunkings fairly objectively,
  2. I've debunked EVERTHING. The fact you refuse to read books, links, arguments -- anything but Cretinist nonsense-- proves that you simply refuse to look. You're intellectually dishonest. Of course you are, having been trained by a dishonest cult.
  3. The overall article concerns general evolution in the Galapagos, not just what happened in the 1970s-1980s situation, where a drought resulted in finches with larger beak sizes, which later reverted to the normal average size when the drought ended. Evolution has gone on for some 6 million years, so of course mutation and the other effects listed in Table 2 apply. But mutation cannot have been a factor in the drought situation, because it happened way too fast, and then reversed. Mutations do not generally reverse.
  4. I've already spit out my coffee a few times. Arauna is a weird combination of ageing, obsolete JW and young-earth creationist. Even though Mommy Watchtower explicitly downgraded YECism as "unscriptural and unscientific" forty years ago, she's stuck in what she learned as a Watchtower drone sixty years ago.
  5. Creationist simulations in no way represent reality. Pigs can fly in simulations. The earth has never been stable. As for maths, go right ahead and present some here. Not even wrong.
  6. Well, as I understand that situation, mutations played little or no part in it. Rather, natural genetic variations -- not mutations -- were selected by environmental conditions. So the situation nicely showed how natural selection acts upon variations from any source.
  7. Wrong. Would you like to see the physical calculations that disprove your claim? Remember that rock is about 5-8 times heavier than water, and mountains and depressions flooded by water would do the opposite of what you think.
  8. True, but you're missing the point: Natural selection and such filter out the bad ones, leaving only what works. Read Richard Dawkins' book Climbing Mount Improbable for starters. Nonsense. You're not even remembering your Creationist sources correctly. How many times do you have to be told? Abiogenesis -- the origin of life -- has nothing to do with the Theory of Evolution and is not known at this time. You seem incapable of learning.
  9. I've debunked this nonsense for you several times now. Teutonic plates, and Aryan plates, and Gallic plates DO NOT move fast. You have ZERO evidence for this. Wrong. We find fossils of sea life embedded in rock that exists at all altitudes from below sea level to the top of Mount Everest. Plate tectonics explains how they were uplifted, such as I've already given you links for with respect to the Himalayas. "It"? As if there was just one tectonic episode. LOL! Plates have been moving around for 4 billion years. Where is this "bottom of the earth"? Even the Youn
  10. More nonsense. Mutations occur by chance. Evolution by natural selection and other mechanisms that select among mutations is not chance. You're talking out of your ass.
  11. Nonsense. Hundreds of millions of fossils have been found over the last 200 years alone. Here's one where a Velociraptor and Protoceratops killed one another:
      Hello guest!
    More Creationist nonsense. Here is just one list of verified transitional fossils:
  12. Evolution requires no miracles -- only well established science. Nonsense. Many books proving that all manner of intermediate forms existed have been written. A particularly good one is Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters by Donald Prothero. The fact that you refuse to read science books is beside the point. I've already disproved your lie half a dozen times in this thread alone. Still no proof of miracles. Still no arguments about why Genesis is inspired when it has many physical claims wrong.
  13. Your point? Remember that much of this decline gathered a great deal of steam when Ronald Reagan got into power.
  14. Yes, the moon is indeed made of cheddar cheese. The fact is that not a single supposed miracle can be proved to have happened. Not a single predicted event has taken place in the manner clearly predicted. The order of creative events stated in Genesis is demonstrably wrong. Etc. etc. etc. What is "assured expectation"? Assured by who and what? Words written in a set of books that so clearly contradict reality on so many levels? For JWs, the total failure of everything predicted and claimed for "the generation of 1914" ought to be a wakeup call. But as Carl Sagan said, religions
  15. By faith one can believe that the moon is made of cheddar cheese. One can believe that the earth is shaped like a pizza pie. On the other hand, if supposedly God-inspired writings contradict demonstrable reality, it should be evident that those writings are mere manmade speculations.
  16. Faith is by definition belief without evidence. Without evidence, one can 'believe' anything at all -- astrology, scientology, space alien abductions, etc. The question I examined is not whether one can believe in fairy tales, but whether there is physical evidence for a recent global Flood, and whether specific physical disproofs are valid. Hence, Ann O'Maly's challenge. The idea of a recent global Flood has logical difficulties. Why would a God who could kill 185,000 Assyrians in one night commit massive overkill by a global Flood that wiped out nearly all life -- life that had not
  17. On Whether Noah's Flood Is Physically Possible Consider the amount of water needed to flood the entire earth to a depth sufficient to cover the highest mountains. What depth would that be? The Watchtower Society quoted a source that estimated how deep the water would be if the earth were completely smooth (Is the Bible Really the Word of God?, 1969, p. 37): << If all the irregularities on the earth's surface were to be smoothed out, both above and below the water, so that there were no dents or holes anywhere, no land would show at all. The ocean would cover the entire glo
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