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  1. It would be a week in the late 1960's before I got totally 'drawn into' the Jehovah's Witnesses. A nice young lady from Ireland came to live in a bedsit in the house right next door to the one I lived in. The landlord owned both houses and both front doors were always open. Of course each person had the key to their own room, so no one could just walk in, but it was nice when i got invited in. Unfortunately she was a Catholic and I was just beginning to learn about Jehovah, so the 'friendship' didn't last more than a year, but it was lovely whilst it did last.
  2. see, its eating at Tom. Truth is getting him to think about it and continue the exchange to try and save some face

  3. I've been told that some of them are good for cleaning the toilet. That's serious. Are they acid ?
  4. Thought you were on a year's holiday ? :)  

    1. James Thomas Rook Jr.

      James Thomas Rook Jr.

      I thought so too !

      ... so much for being good at prophesy ....

  5. Hey I still use those things. Audio tapes. I have a 70's Panasonic Stereo with see through plastic lid, turntable, radio, and cassette deck. And a much later stack system with twin cassettes, 5 CD etc... and i have lots of original vinyl and audio tapes.
  6. You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave Welcome to The Hotel California, Such a lovely place,,,, , such a lovely face.
  7. @Space Merchant Quote "Indeed, there are many faiths, but only a few led us to the True God.. " You think there is more than one Faith ? More than one way of serving God properly ? Quote "Be it you agree with them or not, slander shouldn't be a means against these people." You are right of course. Because slander is lies, whereas truth must be told. Quote "To make claim that they worship the Devil is silly, .. " I didn't say they worshipped the Devil, I said they were serving the Devil. But perhaps i should have worded it better. Muslims are being used by the Devil, the same as the Devil uses other false religions. The Devil uses governments and big business people as well. Quote "One of the CORE differences between a True Christian and a Muslim is that Christians believe in Jesus' sacrifice, Muslims believe this too, but they do not believe he had been executed, but saved before that happened, and then ascended into heaven." If Jesus did not die as a perfect human then the price has not been paid. Jesus DID die to pay the ransom, the perfect price paid for the sin of Adam. One perfect man died to pay for the other perfect man that sinned. In this all true Christians have hope. This in itself proves that Islam is a lie. To say that Jesus did not willingly give his life for us is totally against God and His Christ. Quote " None of what I said are lies... " I'm sorry if my wording is unclear. What i was meaning was that you proved that other people were telling lies. I did not mean they you were telling lies. Quote, "because you actually believe what that image says whereas in reality, those misconceptions have been exposed to be false, .. " I care not what the sign says, but you are correct i have not studied Islam or the Quran. Nor would I. I think the Pope of the Catholic church dables in Islam and has the Quran read to him, proving the Pope himself is a false christian. I have no need of Islam or the Quran. There is only one true God and only one true Son of God, Jesus Christ. i have this faith in God, and i have no need to dig into in the Devil's work. We could talk of much more but we will not agree on much. In my opinion God does not want people to be of multi-faith or to give place to other faiths. If a person does not believe that Jesus was sent to this Earth to give his life willingly on our behalf, then what conversation is there ? If there is no level ground, and if God Himself is being insulted, then those that insult God in such a way should be kept away from. To try to teach people is good of course, but to be friends with those that will not respect God and His son Jesus Christ, is not so good.
  8. You seem to be speaking as a Muslim here.
      Hello guest!
    Instructions to muslims ?
  9. Looking at it from purely a Christian viewpoint, and as i see it the only viewpoint that should be used, then Muhammad was a false prophet. And i further conclude that the faith of Islam is from the Devil. There is no fence to sit on. There is no halfway mark. A true Christian must be open and tell the truth on such matters. Islam is false religion and Muhammad was a false prophet serving the Devil. It is good that you have knowledge and that you make clear the lies that some people tell of such matters, but the facts remain as I have stated here. Christian love to you SM.
  10. Why not go back to the sign at the top and bluntly answer if any of those accusations are true or false. No excuses or sidelines. Are they true or false ? And for my point why was Muhammad even needed ? Didn't Jesus do all that was necessary ?
  11. You wearing a red tie in that photo above is extremely offensive to me. Please remove it immediately. I am "anti-tie" today. (this is an example of me leaving a comment about what John believes in an appropriate place)

    John can thus reply to me saying that I should take a long walk off of a short pier and then ignore my profile. 


    Thank you John for allowing me to use your profile page as an example to all.

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Notice this interaction did not clutter or derail someone elses topic. 



      Thank you for your comment. The tie is an original 1960's tie which has a matching handkerchief. Bought when i was Mod and this was the in thing. The maker was Harry Fenton, very well known at the time. 

      You may use my profile any time you wish sir. 

  12. Kinda brings tears to my eyes. Come on God, bring in that New World.
  13. @James Thomas Rook Jr. Thank you for a clear honest answer. I'm a bit in shock actually. Here in the UK most of us, well i think it's most of us, don't own guns. As for me I know I'm not mature enough to own one. With my mood swings / depression / anger it would not be sensible for me to be in possession of a loaded gun. I love your expression :- Think of me as a "helicopter gunship" Sheepdog parent. Sort of funny but very serious too. Stay safe and have peace.
  14. What is a 'helicopter parent' please ? and do you really carry a loaded gun around ? Please be honest as i will believe your answers.

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