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  1. Author of two free ebooks, one on opposition to the Witness work in Russia, one on opposition in Western lands. Tom I found this for you :) https://taleflick.com/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=PaidSocial&utm_campaign=UKIR_&utm_content=AuthorsWriters&fbclid=IwAR25I9Rjcw2vBi_Dqr3Fq0PhNUChHoL5gOfTsNoq2OwBwEJnmg5JaH_3hu0
  2. Poor old Tom. He makes statements that he cannot prove. He paints all ex-JW's with the same colour as he is too frightened to look at them as being individuals. He generalises so much that he makes himself look stupid. And for an author that wants to be taken seriously he really lets himself down with his over emotional rant. Anyone taking Tom seriously and anyone believing Tom's words needs to get back into the real world. It would be too easy to shoot Tom down on what he has written above, but for those that want to believe Tom it would not make any difference. It looks to be out of emotional guilt that he needed to write so much. Poor Tom.
  3. And i thought the Org had a clever legal system. They must have known they were breaking the Law. Trying to make dishonesty pay once again. They don't seem to learn much do they
  4. God and Jesus Christ definitely don't, that's for sure . It's run by 8 men who are mainly american and mainly white. That tells a lot about an org.
  5. @TrueTomHarley You know you may even be a good author, it's the way you twist things and use sarcasm to try to hide the truth. Are you calling Queen Esther a liar ? And Jack also ? Isn't the proof being put in front of your own eyes ? But, there is none so blind as those that do not want to see. Keep selling your books Tom it's all you are really interested in anyway. But I think you've shot yourself in the foot by admitting this :- Quote : Come, come, John. Around ten is the age that ones may present themselves for baptism, and mid-teens is more typical. Participation in the ministry can start earlier. Witness HQ counts it by the number who are doing what the name says. How many are ‘witnessing’ for Jehovah? That will be revealed in how many report field service. You have therefore confirmed what i said. Under 10 year olds can have a Field Service Report put in by their parents and it will be counted. And they start at 3 years old Tom. It's not about 'pumping up the numbers' Tom, it's about trying to hide how many are leaving the JW Org. Replacing the number of adults in the Org with children, by counting the children as proper JW's, and people outside will not know the difference. It's about 'show' Tom, and you know it. It's all a front. Pretending the JW Org is clean and pretending the JW Org has a healthy number of members. But it only works to fool those in the world that do not understand how bad the JW Org really is.
  6. 2014 was a long time ago regarding the Child Abuse issues. It has become mainstream news now so the Gb and it's Org lost that battle to keep it all secret. Hence a lot more people over 16 or 18 would have left the Org by now. And been replaced by 3 and 5 years olds it seems. Until last year I never really thought about how they count the amount of JW's in the Org. I just thought they kept numbers of all those that are baptised. However I read online somewhere that a 'prominent' JW said that the number of JW's is counted by the number of monthly reports going in. He said it was more important to count 'active' members than baptised members. Can't remember who said it as it wasn't important to me at the time. But now seeing all this about 3 and 5 years olds it does make me think how desperate the GB and the Org are. By the way, Srecko is right you completely miss the meaning of the scripture you used. The scripture is talking about adults lowering their pride and becoming like children. Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a young child will by no means enter into it.” Jesus was usingthe young children as showing humility. But i don't expect you to understand that. @Outta Here said "Rubbish! You're outside the camp, under reprimand.....accept it!" Wow see the humility there NO................... Who is Srecko supposed to be 'under reprimand' by ? You see Outta Here, all that shows is you worship of the GB and it's JW Org. I see no signs that Srecko is not still a worshipper of God, therefore God, through Jesus Christ is judge, not you Outta Here. Quote @Outta Here "Oh come on please. How does this observation of the obvious show any kind of insight? They are just like you surely? Start off for whatever reasons, then fizzle out for whatever reasons. Just as the apostle John stated centuries ago." Well no actually. Children born into JW families are forced to go to meetings and to 'pre-study' etc. It is difficult for parents and for the children. Meetings have gradually got shorter so it gets a bit easier of course. But assemblies are chaos, for parents and children alike. Please remember I had years in the JW Org, so I talk from some experience. Experience of seeing other parents struggling with children and having done so myself, with two families.... And having seen many teenagers leave the Org as soon as they were able.
  7. It would be so lovely if it were possible to know how many JW's are under 16 years old. Because when a lot of them reach 16 they leave home and leave the JW Org. Kinda proves they are only in there because of pressure from parents. And some only get baptised because they have made some kind of 'deal' with parents to get other privileges at home... And here in the UK it seems very difficult to get young men to take on any responsibility in the Org. There will probably be a shortage of Elders and M/s soon. In fact i know of one congregation where a brother does the work of 3 because of lack of m/s or elders to help out. I am finding it a real pain not being able to give facts on here, but I don't want to get other people into trouble with their bosses / elders.
  8. I knew what they meant but it was the strange wording. Although the shepherds would be the Elders I presume. I was just wondering if there was some 'new light' to change the names. Or if it was for any legal reasons. But i now notice @The Librarian has changed the original wording, how strange ?
  9. Conditions around this Earth do seem to have gotten worse, or maybe the method of reporting same has become better / quicker. However in your third paragraph I'm slightly confused by your wording. circuit supervisor, local seniors, pastors ??? Can you explain these positions please ?
  10. If only half of that were true it would have meaning. However it is all a dream world.
  11. Is this for real ? 8 old men in America making up rules for what married couples can do in their bedroom. If that is true then the GB are Perverted old farts.
  12. FelixCA I think you are mentally ill. You compare the Watchtower to Jesus and I tell you there is no comparison. Then you accuse me of thinking the Watchtower is Jesus. Where is the common sense in that ? It was YOU that compared The Son of God to a sinful Organisation. You really seem unwell. I will repeat what I wrote before :- By the way Felix, just a reminder, Jesus was and is PERFECT and IS the Son Of God. The GB are just sinful men and so are their writing department and the rest of JW Org. No matter how hard you try there in NO COMPARISON.
  13. Quote FelixCA "Did anyone in Jesus time, convince Jesus he shouldn’t do what he set out to do? Then why do some here think they can dictate to the Watchtower what they think the Watchtower should do. This is the kind of mentality that is disturbing to see." Well it's kind of disturbing to me that anyone would compare the Watchtower to Jesus. Jesus is the Son of Almighty God. The Watchtower is a magazine written by men that haven't really got a clue about true meanings of scriptures. So No comparison whatsoever. I would love a copy of the Shepherding book 2019, to see how many rules they have now changed. They say they keep getting 'new light' but only fools would believe that. The GB are probably learning that they are losing control of the 'congregation earthwide' so they have to back off a bit and 'give a bit of slack'. Oh yes another Jesus comparison by Felix CA :- No one, but no one is forcing anyone to remain in the Org. Those that wish to leave are free to do that. Jesus made that pretty darn clear. The Org didn't exist when Jesus was on this Earth. Jesus had followers / disciples, but it wasn't the JW Org. It was the start of TRUE Christianity, which we know didn't last long. But Felix is bent on this way of comparing the JW Org / Watchtower to Jesus Christ. Such an insult to Jesus Christ. By the way Felix, just a reminder, Jesus was and is PERFECT and IS the Son Of God. The GB are just sinful men and so are their writing department and the rest of JW Org. No matter how hard you try there in NO COMPARISON.
  14. All of this in-fighting for nothing. And Jesus said at Matthew 11 v 25 " New Living TranslationAt that time Jesus prayed this prayer: "O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think themselves wise and clever, and for revealing them to the childlike. " Well the GB and it's writing department are obviously not 'childlike' enough. And neither are any of us it seems.
  15. Are you two still going on ? And my name keeps getting mentioned too Yes TTH is a GB's man and a JW Org's man. Does he say "support those in charge " ? Who and in charge of what ? They can't be in charge of God or Jesus Christ, and they shouldn't be in charge of the Anointed. That only leaves them being in charge of an Organisation. The Pope is in charge of an organisation too, doesn't make him right does it ?

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