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  1. I do find it kinda' funny that JW's love to talk about billions of people being removed / destroyed / killed / murdered at Armageddon. Billions of people. And for what ? Well JW's say it's for not serving God. But they will also say it's for not being a baptised JW. Well we do know for sure that God either deliberately had, or deliberately allowed, the destruction of Jerusalem in circa 70 C E, and for what ? Well the Bible shows us it was for not serving God properly, and for killing God's son. BUT when I suggest that the Governing Body should be removed or destroyed, oh
  2. I'll give you one rude word for that comment James, Bullshit. I do not normally swear on here but your comment is just an excuse. The comment also shows a lack of faith in Almighty God. Remembering that the JW Org is nothing like the Nation of Israel. In that Nation most people were born into it and had to live under the LAW. In JW Org most people are NOT born into it, they are volunteers. They, supposedly, want to be there. So what you should have is 8.5 million people willing to serve God properly in what SHOULD BE an inspired organisation, led by inspired Anointed brother
  3. James would you be kind enough to give me 10 good reasons why you are still one of them ?
  4. Those at the top should have firstly refused to keep it all quiet. And should have demanded a meeting to do Bible based research to see where the scriptural backing came from. Of course there was no scriptural backing so the whole thing should have been turned around immediately. If the top brass were too scared to take action then the Elders of the congregations should have seen through it, and totally refused to carry it out. If the Elders were as you pretend, being guided by Bible principles, then how could they keep such disgusting things, dangerous things, unloving things, things tha
  5. Quote @Anna If that's how you look at it. I thought our every thought and motivation comes from following the Bible. Are you really that naive ? But please tell all of us here, who do you mean by OUR in your sentence ? You obviously can't be including the GB, or the Lawyers, or any other top administration, or the Elders. That only leaves the basic congregants in each congregation................... As for your second comment there, it is a bit dumb. if elders became mandated reporters, every time they phoned Legal for advice, they would be dictated by "centr
  6. Regarding TTH always bringing in 'the world' to every situation, this time the Boy scouts. In the world, when a government minister or a big business boss does something really bad, they either 'step down' from their position voluntarily or are requested to step down from their position of power. So if TTH thinks the JW Org is equal to the world, then maybe the GB should step down voluntarily or be told to do so.
  7. In March 1997, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the nonprofit organization that oversees the Jehovah’s Witnesses, sent a letter to each of its 10,883 U.S. congregations, and to many more congregations worldwide. The organization was concerned about the legal risk posed by possible child molesters within its ranks. The letter laid out instructions on how to deal with a known predator: Write a detailed report answering 12 questions—Was this a onetime occurrence, or did the accused have a history of child molestation? How is the accused viewed within the community? Does anyone else know ab
  8. @James Thomas Rook Jr. Deeply ashamed for the reputation of Jehovah, yes, but the Brotherhood are part of the problem. I always relate things to Hitler and Germany. Hitler could not have done what he did ON HIS OWN. The GB and the Lawyers could not be doing what they are doing ON THEIR OWN. I left the JW Org because of the CSA Earthwide in the JW Org. If all JW's had done the same, if all contributions had stopped, or if JW's did their own research and then made it known in their congregations and took some form of action, then the GB and their Lawyers would have had far less
  9. Fantastic news. Perhaps Almighty God will cleanse the JW Org by removing the GB and replacing them, and removing the lawyers too. If God wants that database handed over it will be. I agree with James on one thing 'I am deeply ashamed for the reputation of Jehovah' Does anyone on here really think this is good for Almighty God ? Is it good for the preaching of the GOOD NEWS ? And do you really think Armageddon is close ? Ah, maybe you think Armageddon will get the GB/JW Org out of this mess. I think LUKE 17 v 1 fits very well here. “It is unavoidable that cau
  10. Quote : You are a loon, John, wildly overstating all of your points, Here again Tom @TrueTomHarley uses this mental problem thing. He just has no other answer. Tom you know that what I have written above is all true. Even IF I was mentally disturbed, as you pretend, it would not make my statements less true. As for the Devil not being that bad, who are you trying to kid ? Didn't the devil get prophets to give false prophecy ? Didn't the devil get the Israelites to offer their children in the fire to Molech ? The Nation of Israel served the devil so much that
  11. @TrueTomHarley You certainly are an author of fairy tales and you are good at it too. Keep it up please it gives me plenty to laugh at after a morning of hard work. I'm back at that big house again doing some physical work as a favour to its owner. Well I'm totally baffled spiritually, out of the frying pan and into the fire it seems. BUT staying in the frying pan would have got me cooked that's for sure. So I'm thinking I might as well be helpful in some way to other people, as it seems I cannot help myself right now. BUT. Lets quote your words :- What surprises me as I go throu
  12. What example, oh yes, that Armageddon would be in 1914, then oh no, it would be in 1975, then oh no we must say it will be soon as we need to keep the money rolling in. And, this generation will not pass away, but oh no, it didn't happen we have to say something else, um we must say it will be OVERLAPPING GENERATIONS, even though we have no idea really. Then of course, you must not use blood, um well maybe you can use parts of blood, um yes maybe you can use lots and lots of different parts of blood, and maybe possibly one day we will say that you can use full blood. There a
  13. Wow they wore suits and ties back then did they ? Well I'm in shorts and a T shirt right now as temperature is a tad warm here in Devon England. And if I were to go to a meeting at KH I would wear light coloured trousers and an open neck light coloured shirt. If you think God wants you to truss yourself up like a chicken for the oven, so be it, that's your choice. Everyone is an individual if they want to be or if they are allowed to be. In JW Org though people are not allowed to speak their own thoughts so they become as one group, not in serving God, but in serving the GB and its Org.
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