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  1. There seems to be more of us that believe the GB will be removed. Who really knows only time will tell. It seems I'm wasting my time on here. I've said the things I've wanted to say and i haven't learnt anything that will bring me any closer to God or Jesus Christ. Time to look for the door outwards.
  2. I'll think on it. I too have the Reasoning book and lots of others too. However it seems that even some of the JW books are now withdrawn / deleted, and not believed to be true. I've 'known' the JW Org since i was around 16 or 17, and I'm now 69, I'm not a newbee. I must have thrown away so many of the old books. I remember there was a yellow hard back book, a green one, and so many others. I have the Aid book Insight book/s, large bible, Revelation book, Theocratic Ministry School book ( old school ), and so many more. But what is the point of it all, if none of it tells the truth ? Who was it, some big Roman guy, said 'What is truth ?' The Timothy scripture, 2 Timothy 3 v16 says, 'so that the man of God...' Anointed maybe ?
  3. Quote @Witness " It is through Holy Spirit that each individual who cares to find good "fruit" that anointed ones are to teach, can recognize it as such." Back to square one then. How are those of the Earthly Class supposed to know who are the true Anointed. If we do not know then we do not know who to listen to. For my part I've come to a brick wall in all of it now. In my opinion only the true Anointed can tell us the way, but God and /or Jesus Christ have not shown me who they are. Hence my feelings that I have no chance of surviving Armageddon / the Judgement Day. Also you say 'Jesus did tell us to dig' but as I've said before, in my opinion the Scriptures were written for those of the Anointed only, not for the rest of us. Hence Jesus was telling the Anointed to dig not us. Jesus talks about us of the earthly class as, 'Other sheep' 'not of that fold'. Therefore it can be seen that Jesus is talking about us, not to us.
  4. I honestly don't expect to survive Armageddon. As for 'emotional rant' that is sooo funny. Yes I'm an uneducated man, of English origin and having never left the UK. I think the spell checker on my computer saves me from many an embarrassment. BUT, I remember this scripture of Jesus saying :- In that very hour he became overjoyed in the holy spirit and said: “I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have carefully hidden these things from wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to young children. Yes, O Father, because this is the way you approved. At Luke 10 v 22. I am indeed like a young child when it comes to accurate knowledge and even more so now my memory is fading. But i think of this scripture every time that those 'wise in their own eyes' answer up on here. There are some, such as @Space Merchant who indeed seem to have masses of knowledge, but is it really of any use when searching for truth about God and God's purpose ? Is it what God wants from us, to be highly educated ? Certainly not in the eyes of the GB, whom advise against higher education. I'm hoping that God knows that all I'm doing is looking for truth. I don't expect to survive Armageddon but I'm hoping that God in His mercy, through Jesus Christ, will kill me quickly and with little pain.
  5. You wearing a red tie in that photo above is extremely offensive to me. Please remove it immediately. I am "anti-tie" today. (this is an example of me leaving a comment about what John believes in an appropriate place)

    John can thus reply to me saying that I should take a long walk off of a short pier and then ignore my profile. 


    Thank you John for allowing me to use your profile page as an example to all.

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Notice this interaction did not clutter or derail someone elses topic. 



      Thank you for your comment. The tie is an original 1960's tie which has a matching handkerchief. Bought when i was Mod and this was the in thing. The maker was Harry Fenton, very well known at the time. 

      You may use my profile any time you wish sir. 

  6. Oh dear, you sound upset. And you like many others are missing a point. I'm an EX JW. I left the Org for the one reason, CHILD ABUSE WITHIN THE JW ORG. You say I'm only picking on the JW Org. Yes you are right. Because it's only the JW Org I'm interested in. As an ex witness i still know that the 'world' belongs to Satan the Devil, so no point in trying to fight it. God is not going to 'fight it' he is going to destroy it. Simples. Without boring others, I'll just say I'm a victim of child abuse of many forms, just so that you will know i have empathy for others who suffer. Would you have called Jesus a Pharisees basher ? I don't think so. Jesus told the truth about the Pharisees and I'm telling the truth about the JW Org and it's GB. If you don't like truth then simply don't read my comments. If you read every comment on every subject on here, you may notice that even those who are 'against' me, sometimes seem to agree with what I'm actually saying. There are of course those that i call 'wind up merchants' such as @Outta Here but they can be laughed at.
  7. Someone @The Librarian possibly has started a page for 'those in good standing' in the JW org. I wonder why ? Why is it so important to be 'in good standing' in the Org ? Are you getting a clue Anna ? I trust very few people. I would hate to be drawn into a trap. I've been accused of slander once, once was enough. The information I have is not worth anything on it's own. Do you think the accused, if questioned, would give the name of the young girl that he sexually assaulted ? You see if there is no victim found, then the accusation, which would be seen as coming from me, would be seen as slander against the young man, and against the Honiton Congregation of JW's. So i would suffer the consequences probably in more ways than one. But maybe that is what some of you on here want. Whereas, the Elders of that congregation have both names, victim and accused, and will have taken notes from both sides. If you cannot see that they have much more evidence than i do, well then you are deliberately not wanting to see it.
  8. @admin I am in a catch 22 situation here. Many folks are bombarding me with comments / answers / criticisms which are all totally off topic. I'd love to answer all of them but then i get moaned at for 'going off topic' or 'repeating the truths that i have mentioned before'. @Anna for instance talks about the pedophilia, but she doesn't moaned at about it. Whereas if i mention it I'm basically told that I'm off topic and just repeating the same old stuff. @Arauna Just made this comment Quote "Elders will have to keep an eye on the alleged perpetrator and if he moves they will let the next congregation know of the allegations." WRONG. Elders will let the ELDERS of the next congregation know. BIG DIFFERENCE. Congregants are never told that there is a Pedophile within their congregation. Quote " The law of legal and spiritual confidentiality has not been removed from the statutes! So within the LAW, legal council need not reveal if a person is guilty or not.... and this also stands if a person has confessed to a priest or spiritual leader..... So lobby the government to remove this law if you feel it is unrighteous." NO NEED to lobby a government because the JW Elders have a duty before GOD, not men. Some on here tell me I have a moral duty to report what i know, BUT on the other hand those same people will stand by the Elders that do not report things. Oh I'm sick of all of you making excuses for your GB and Elders, when you all know the CCJW is a complete mess and needs completely cleaning out and a replacement GB is needed. Have a great day fooling yourselves and unfortunately others too.
  9. You've completely missed the point. It's not the face to face thing it's the, ONLY US 8 MEN ARE THE FAITHFUL AND DISCREET SLAVE, SO THE REST OF YOU ANOINTED KEEP QUIET. And the ONLY US 8 MAKE THE RULES, AND YOU LOT OBEY THEM, thing. Even Hitler would not have to shout it out every time he went anywhere, power is just known. Anyone that cannot see that as true, must be either spiritually and mentally blind, or just worshippers of the GB. And why 'would that happen naturally' ? Again you miss the point. The people that treated the Apostles as 'gods' were not true Christians. Every JW should treat every other JW as equals, brothers and sisters, so why would anyone want to put the GB 'up high' ?
  10. Well I did think that about your Governing Body actually. They do seem to go on about young men in tight trousers and masterbation. I was wondering if the GB were slightly kinky. And as for sexual immorality 'not even being mentioned', it seems to have been made clear by many victims that they have had to explain every detail of the sexual abuses against them, to a group of Elders. That seems to have happened on many occasion. So what can we think about JW Org ? The GB talk about sex regularly and the Elders seem to enjoy listening to descriptions of sexual assault. Add to this the now norn for the JW Org, to accuse men and women of fornication just because they enter a house together, no witnesses, just accusations. And as for your sly accusation against me, it quite funny. Why? Because you know the exact reasons and you also know that OTHER PEOPLE ON HERE advised me NOT TO DO ANYTHING. And i took their advice. @admin PLEASE NOTE THAT OUTTA HERE IS TOTALLY OFF TOPIC AND I JUST ANSWERED HIS SLY ACCUSATION. THANKS.
  11. And when people protest you say it' wrong. And when people stand up in Kingdom Halls and tell the truth about situations you say it's wrong. And when people start up organisations to help victims you and your kind will find fault in them. You Hypocrite. Not all of us think of the money.
  12. Dealing with John's criticisms might help some set or reset that baseline. Me, are you making me famous, no thanks. Your GB are on their pedestal, i don't want one. And 'criticisms' sound so negative. I would say true comments.
  13. Only in the minds of you materialistic selfish people. There is plenty of interest and fellow feeling from those that have suffered abuse of any kind.
  14. Fair comment. Do I get to view inside this exclusive Club ? Or is it going to be a place where ex JW's are 'talked about' in secret. Enjoy your new private club.

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