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  2. They said that "This is only an artist’s conception"
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    Maybe they don't believe it themselves.
  3. Who am I to say that Rando is a deliberate lier? I cannot judge, I don't know him personally. It may be that he speaks in good faith.
  4. I have made some research, and found that: ήλος is singular, as you said, Rando. ήλων is plural.
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    So, Thomas is speaking about nailS. It is not honest to take what suits us and change the word of God. The Watchtower is not consequent in that matter. Sometime they mention nail, other time nails.
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    : Jesus appeared with the physical evidence of nail prints in his hands.
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    : his hands being held, one upon the other, until the spike punctured and tore through the flesh Now I think that will put an end to that story and that we can move on to something more important.
  5. Really, the word used is hēlōn (ἥλων). hélos (ἧλος) is a nail. Now, I am not speaking greek, but couldn't be that hēlōn is the plural of hélos?
  6. Oui, le présentoir, c'est efficace, comme méthode, même si le but du présentoir mobile n'est pas du tout pour donner un plus grand témoignage mais exclusivement pour ne pas avoir à payer de taxes d'occupation du sol. Un peu comme les publications gratuites présentées comme étant un moyen de diffuser la vérité aux plus pauvres, mais dans les faits, le but était de ne pas avoir à payer la TVA sur les ventes et à garder le statut d'association cultuelle et les avantages fiscaux qui en découlent. (parce que si ça avait vraiment été pour les pauvres, en ce cas l'expérience aurait été mise en place dans les pays pauvres, justement, et non pas en Allemagne et en France, deux pays qui commençaient à s'occuper d'un peu trop près des finances des béthels)
  7. Another new topic on the same subject already debated a hundred times? What does it matter, the way he died? Can we move on? Because there are only Jehovah's Witnesses to make a fuss about this.
  8. Salut Salomon, C'est un article que j'ai écrit basé sur la Bible, tout simplement. J'espère seulement que cela puisse amener à une discussion pacifique; j'ai trouvé l'analogie entre Joseph & Jésus très intéressante. Certains ont calculé qu'il y avait environ une centaine de points communs entre les deux personnages. De fait, sur certains aspect, Joseph est le type du Christ. On a tout à gagner à imiter les deux hommes, mais parfois on peut se sentir diminué par rapport à Jésus qui était parfait, tandis qu'un exemple d'un commun des mortels peut nous encourager car même avec le poids de l'imperfection, nous pouvons être parfaits aux yeux de Dieu, toutes proportions gardées. Personnellement, j'avais quelques soucis et je m'angoissais, puis, au fur & à mesure que je rassemblais les idées de l'article, je me suis senti poussé à imiter Joseph qui ne s'est découragé en rien. Depuis, je vis beaucoup mieux, sachant que d'une part nous ne pouvons pas changer le cours des choses en général, & d'autre part que quoi que ce soit que Dieu permette, il y a le bien à la fin, comme pour Joseph. Devant chacune de nos incertitudes, il faut s'appuyer sur Dieu et nous sommes sûr que nous prendrons la bonne décision.
  9. Bonjour Salomon, Je ne suis pas sûr de bien comprendre ton message et ce que tu veux, désolé. Pourrais-tu reformuler ta question? Merci.
  10. I can not speak for the English language as it is not my mother tongue, but in both French and Italian, no one would use the word hand to talk about the wrists. The hand is one thing, the wrist is another.
  11. Did not Jesus come back in 1919, when he inspected his house and appointed the FDS?
  12. John, instead of focusing on Watchtower faults, do not you think it would be more beneficial to use that energy in the study of the Word of God? After all, you can not fight against windmills. (I am sure that you actually study, but the time you spend on research on Watchtower can be use better, I think) Me too at the beginning I was very critical, but I realise now that it is a waste of time. Moreover, you will never succeed in convincing a witness because he is completely under the control of the Governing Body. Therefore, do not judge anything before the due time, until the Lord comes. He will bring the secret things of darkness to light and make known the intentions of the hearts, and then each one will receive his praise from God.
  13. I thought a little about this stake or cross story today. And I came to the conclusion that Jesus has been put to death on a simple stake. Here is my reasoning: It seems that the Romans used to leave in the ground the stakes on which they used to hang the convicts. Indeed, why redo a hole each time? Not to mention the stony ground of Palestine and the fact that a stake planted and replanted many times would end up having trouble standing up after a while. So the theory that the stake was fixed is very plausible. I read that generally the convict carried with him, not the entire cross, or the stake according to our beliefs, but only the crossbar, which was already weighing very heavy. Then the prisoner was nailed to this crossbar and hoisted on the stake. The crossbar was placed into a notch made on the pole. So we have, stake already in place plus crossbar = cross. Now, if you are an inhabitant of the region and you are talking about the coming execution and you have before you the instrument where the convict will be hang, a simple piece of wood in the ground, would you speak of it as a cross or as a stake? If one shows the stake to a stranger who knows nothing about how prisoners are put to death and call it a cross, the other man would have difficulties to understand what he is talking about since he does not see any cross but a stake and can not imagine that the convict will come with the crossbar. In my opinion, but I do not have the infused knowledge, since the crossbar was brought with the prisoner, I think it's likely that people were talking about hanging on a stake at the time, the crossbar being a simple support that was not part of the pole itself. The instrument of punishment was therefore the stake. Once the prisoner hoisted up, his hands tied to the crossbar, we had before our eyes a cross. But it is quite possible that they continued to talk about it as a stake, since that's how it was named the rest of the time. That could reconcile the Jehovah's Witnesses with the rest of Christendom: for the first, Jesus died on a stake, since that's the name given to it and it was the instrument that was under the eyes of the inhabitants of Jerusalem night and day, for the others he died on a cross since Jesus came with the crossbar and once hoisted, we had before our eyes a cross.
  14. Jesus asked a question: “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time?". He did not gave the answer. The only clue he gave is how we can recognise the evil slave: "he starts to beat his fellow slaves and to eat and drink with the confirmed drunkards". Now, we have no way to know who is the FDS, but by examining Christianity, including us as Jehovah's Witnesses, we can understand that all the leadership (from Papacy to Governing Body) are beating the flock. The faithful slave will be appointed over all his belongings when Jesus returns, not before. (verse 47 of Matthew 24 is clear) So, how can the GB claims that they have been appointed on Jehovah's organisation since the first part of the 20th century?
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