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  1. The issue of JWs mental illness is one we are ill equiped to support those with. Here they will say we're not qualified to discuss those issues with you. So you go to the worlds Psychiatrists and Psychologists who essentially narrow it down to a religion that has strong values can be damaging to its own people. So the Psychiatrists give you medication which numbs your mind and reduces your natural inhibitions, or impulse control, because the idea is that we've been taught to repress our thoughts and feelings that are wrong in a religious community. To keep shunning wrong thoughts and feelings is repression, which means repeatedly holding in our thoughts and feelings because of fear that it will offend others or God. So over time you learn to express these but and almost always shut down by the mentally well. They also get very disturbed and uncomfortable if you are not on medication, believing it to be a panacea, when all it really does is numb the patients mind and renders them unable to function. Having come off medication a number of times, I can say that I never feel happy when I am on meds. But now that a cycle of dependency has been cultivated by the system, one might be lucky if they get 18 months of happy times before they relapse. Having visited sites designed by former mental health workers who have seen the difficulty coming off meds, they slow process of coming off can take many years, because the brain has been rendered unable to provide its own balance. Meds were used to stabilise this implied imbalance, but meds also are the reason why people now get sick. Olanzapine has been linked to a rapid cell destruction in recent years, among other antipsychotics. But not taking them can be harmful too, our people are sick and with few paths if any to choose that don;t involve a continuing cycle of repression, sickness and medication adjustment. In the 90s, the brothers warned me from taking meds as they were "mind altering" they were wrong, but at the time the idea was my mind was already in an altered state, and the meds altered them back to "normal" whatever that is  I've often thought how much would I get if I sold my blood? Street value here for some of my meds is quite good lol! Currently the bros want me to be working, maybe I should start a distribution service  With Drive Through!  Â
  2. My family are several religions so growing up in that environment has a bearing on how one might treat a family member who went and did his own thing for a while. He was treated far more compassionately than we might do so in my country, which felt light compared to here. Here the emphasis is more on the clean out than the saving bit. But in saying that the bros have come to believe they are one and the same thing. So here, a baptised son who moved away and had a "single" sexual experience with someone might be disfellowshipped or publically reproved. But a single act is very different from a sustained practice. Even still, he really set himself up good! Every step of the way inching toward it lol Like the proverbial "he went like a bull to the slaughter". But you have to have compassion for us really, we humans are just so predictable lol
  3. In 2008, we hosted the Pioneer School for that year. One of the talks discussed this question. what are the fruits? Each person gave a different answer. One said its the preaching. Another said it's the placements! Still another said it was the fruit of the spirit. Jesus told the Pharisees, 'if you don't believe me, believe the works. In any case, wisdom is proved righteous by her children.' In the gospels, the word works, and fruit are used in place of children. So which is it? D?! All of the above?
  4. Sorry, but the words he spoke are mentally flawed. His reaction and speech betray who he is. It is difficult to imagine a JW ever speaking this way. But it doesn't mean it can't happen, and it may happen more often than we would like to admit. In recent years, many things are coming into the public eye, and they humble us to have to face them. None of us are saints in the perfect sense, but these things happen and I wonder if they will come to the fore more and more in the following months. There are a number of things wrong with the crime scene that police seem to have just accepted at face value. The last few years feel like a bad dream, many logically solvable problems seem to have taken drastically odd directions. Nowadays most news is hard to trust, almost anything can be faked now, sometimes with just a home pc. The world is at an empass I think...
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