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  1. Hey there! 

    I work for Auckland University's webpage, The Big Q, where we explore "Big Questions" relating to politics and society, science and technology, business and economics, arts and culture, and general current affairs. Check out our page and social media sites for recent articles.
    Share your opinions with us - we'd love to hear your own Big Questions!

  2. What a crazy incident! An article was published recently by the University of Auckland regarding the politics of food insecurity and safety which you may find interesting. For now, I'll be avoiding frozen pomegranates! Naomi Lai The Big Q
  3. The rise in popularity of on-demand video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime is increasingly seen as a threat to the 113-year-old ritual of going to a cinema to see a movie. James Robins spoke to Dr Karina Aveyard, Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, author of “Lure of the Big Screen: Cinema in Rural Australia and the United Kingdom” and co-editor of “Watching Films: New Perspectives on Movie-going, Exhibition and Reception,” about whether Netflix might kill the cinema. Read the full discussion on our website, The Big Q What's your opinion?

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