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  1. I sort of like Russell’s thoughts on it...not sure if it’s wrong or not...but he explained exactly as to the point you have made...that many won’t ever here the preaching work...for what ever reason this Is ...they will not experience the second and final death at Armageddon....but just the first death...thus pay the price of sin....they will then be resurrected back IN to a new world and be given an opportunity to learn what they never did in the old world...they may or may not listen to it...then they will pay the price of the second death. Many will definitely experience the second dea
  2. I hope things work out for you both..and wherever you go I know Jehovah will be with you
  3. True I have come in some way to the defence of someone I was a bit fond off. Perhaps not defence but for him to be given the right of presumed innocent until found guilty. And thus participated in this to that degree. But there is really nothing more I can say on the matter. I’ve said what I have concerning a spiritual brother. Not sure you would comprehend the principles involved with that. True I took the bait and opened that link that started this fiasco...more fool me and a lesson learned to a degree. False that the info was true....yet to be proved False a person should not
  4. I am not suddenly absent Anne and you have done much more than speculate. so let me be less cryptic for you. You are In my opinion a shameful trouble maker with very little sense ........again you say the shame is being arrested for that crime .. again you have presumed he is guilty of that crime...more personal speculation on your part It would have been much wiser to have perhaps spoken or shared this info privately with some one you could trust ..and waited to see the legal outcome of what you found on the Internet Many people have been arrested for crimes....the shame com
  5. Yes I did Anna ..thank you for the clarification...and your right..this thread certainly is teaching us all something..and now I know what Tom was saying...but I guess this is a prime example of true brotherhood...we sort it out and fix it up...✌️
  6. Who Did This???? No trial for him then hey Well I cannot read his heart so I wouldn’t know if he was a lover of Jehovah or not...you must have super powers Tom......also the point about this statement of this website is Theocracy Dies in Darkness....errr ummmm ...not if your one of Jehovah’s Witnesses it doesn’t...or it shouldn’t !😉...or should I say not if your a true lover of Jehovah...aaaaaah..I’m getting as sarcastic as you my brother....not a good trait to have actually 🥴
  7. It’s okay Anna ...I’m not slamming you..we all make mistakes and Ive done some beauties.......can you remember many years ago...actually decades ..the case of Lindy Chamberlain and the child that was taken by a dingo...the cry ...A Dingos got my Baby....went around the world. Just about everyone had an opinion on her...before and after her trials ...even in the Cong...they had her as guilty..even today I have heard brothers joke...about ..A Dingo taking a baby...or such things... Cartoons were prolific Over here and world wide... That destroyed that family and the children...she did
  8. You are right Anna I don’t ...I’m looking at the principle involved...it always boils down to that...
  9. Which also says that the person may be guilty or innocent and being charged means nothing at this point ... Even if he is guilty in the end....shame on all those who threw their hats in the ring...before it was legally morally and spiritually decided. This is none of your business nor mine...never alone being a topic of discussion by brothers and sisters on a public forum... why would any of you do this?....where are your senses... I am gobsmacked at how you have all expressed your personal opinions and posts like a mob of gossipy old women... Talk about shafting so
  10. I’m not having a shot at you ..and I know you didn’t do this ..(and I’m going to address this to all brothers and sisters here)......but to post a brother or anyone’s photo up without absolute bullet proof evidence.. ...something just of the internet is incredibly serious....this is not how Jehovah handles his judicial matters at all...so why are we all talking on this with out evidence.... Personally I would think the moderator better jump on this...and those of us that claim to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses better pull our heads in and shut our mouths.....remember how Jehovah acts on
  11. I know a number of people who have been convicted and later proved to be innocent...I don’t know what is going on here...and I’m not going to comment on this because I don’t have proof of anything....it seems he has yet to go to trial???....
  12. Take heart you are not alone with your boggled mind.....Jehovah’s people have never got it all right at any given time he has had a people...why expect it of today? Your/our confusion is just a testing of our faith...so don’t feel bad about it...
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