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  1. Well tho I understand your reasoning I don’t agree with it...it would be better for you to stay and be discreet in aiding where you feel the need....just as Jesus said there would always be poor amongst us...I would also like to apologise because I do see active witnesses constantly posting laughs after many people’s comments....that’s just immature and rude...we dont laugh at people on the doors...so we shouldn’t here... but you are going down a wrong track and I know you don’t beleive that...it’s sad..and so unnecessary....but I guess others have tried to help you see this so I’ll leave of now... just imagine if you had been around when there were temple prostitutes....yet Jehovah still used that system and allowed that for a Time being ....
  2. At a circuit assembly the Bethel brother stated that a lot of elders had to learn to yield to each other as many were irritating each other and even leaving congs to attend others....they had to learn to be wronged ..and act with graciousness......for the sake of peace I will yield. ....even tho I’m the lowly older sister ..
  3. You could help by staying....and just being there for ones who are hurting...I’ve heard good solid brothers tell it like it is.....it’s refreshing and up building .....perhaps organization isnt the best word to use ..I dont know when that was introduced....Russell didn’t introduce it ....I think of us as a big worldwide congregation...just like a huge family with all its troubles and problems ..tears and joys and smiles... i remember a brother once drew a line on the board...it started high and as the line travelled across the board it went into a downward spiral ....he said...that was the world.."he then asked us...how do you think Jehovah’s people are travelling.....he then drew a line..above the worlds declining line ....but it to went into a spiral downward...it remained above the worlds spiraling...but we still went down..just at a slower pace to that of the world. it was a sobering thought for all of us.....don’t expect too much from any of us....it really boils down to just you and Jehovah....
  4. I am very sorry to hear this John....I understand your reasoning but I would heavily ask you to consider the examples of Anna the prophetess and Simeon the Preist.....they lived amongst a lot of evil doings at the temple....yet they stayed and carried on with what they knew was required by them from Jehovah... you are missing a lot of genuine love experienced among the brothers and sisters,,,having said that even brothers that give talks from the platform have stated that they are aware the love of the brotherhood Is cooling off.....but there is still a lot to be found... John if you seen the apostles sitting at a table would you not be eager to join them...but would you turn your back on them if you seen Judas sitting there with full knowledge about him...would you turn away from the good men for the sake of one bad man... I wish you the best and I hope one day you can see where you learnt all about Jehovah’s kingdom and the wonderful hope that lies ahead...but you are being tested now...after all John....we serve Jehovah and not the watchtower.... but the watchtower/society is not perfect...we will always have errors and problems because ...well for many reasons.. but try for just a day...to look at the positives that Jehovah has fed us thru them....and be like Simeon and go about your business...
  5. Okay Billy the kid...let me make one thing clear to you...I have not overlooked the massive amount of work the society has done in educating all about this problem...in fact I use it.......you are very self righteous and judgmental...and I can only assume still a bit of a kid...where you and I are different is I listen to these so called disgruntled women....and men.....who have been raped ......I cannot even beleive you made such a clearly chauvinistic comment...but that does show your immaturity..so I’m giving you some leeway to leave your short pants you are wearing and will offer you patience to grow Into long pants ..thus show a bit of emotional maturity... Many are confused and have doubts....we need to speak consolingly to those who have doubts....I can see on this thread there are a lot of troublemakers who will not listen to reason...they are here to cause division and trouble....but you do not help a lot as you come over rather pious...and self righteous......and that’s only gives them fuel brother... I advocate for trying to understand both sides of the coin..but always with Jehovah’s love and compassion...but there does come time where one has To draw a line in the sand With out right trouble makers. you have stated some good points in your comment brother...but you don’t have it all correct either..and nor do I....but at least I know that... Those disgruntled women were once little girls who were raped...and angry men were little boys who were once raped...some over long periods of time... They are in EVERY religion and organization world wide...most don’t even come to the attention of our elders... I Thess 4,,,is good advice,,,for both of us ..so let us both stop continting with this activism.
  6. It is my understanding that they do it privately ...perhaps you could keep your granddaughters by your side at the meetings ...you also have a duty of care...
  7. I think you have misunderstood my question brother...I just dont understand why Brother Jackson advised the Australian Government to make it mandatory in every state to report....why don’t we just do that ourselves..worldwide... I also think we should be allowed to ask such honest question without being accused of engaging in conspiracy theories... I totally back you as far as the great deceiver being at work on the internet..causing divisions and doubts amongs Jehovah’s people...there is no forum on the internet that is safe...
  8. But why do we need the law of the land to tell us to do the right thing?
  9. Pearl has relayed to me personaly that she does not study the Bible as she does not have time..when some one writes to her and asks a question..she sits at the table with pen and paper and writes....she stated she does not even know what she has written a lot of the time...until she reads it. Pearl is a kind woman..but she has been deceived and is promoting teachings inspired of demons... She has built her own Golden calf And has her own following....many of these ex witnesses ...are either disfellowshipped or leave on their own accord...some have been genuinely hurt...others become puffed up with pride and so many become annoited...and have their own beliefs and teachings....and following .. These ones live on forums and visit them all....trying to save witnesses...
  10. Anyone who quotes pearl Doxcey as you have done ..is beyond understandimg the big picture or Jehovah’s plan...sorry but I view you as a true apostate ...end of conversation !
  11. Hey Brother Billie..your way out on this....it is undeniable if you watched the ARC...we as a people were found to have faulty policies...that’s a fact..we were forced to ammend them. Kids suffered because elders did not report or advise them to go to authorities...we tried to handle it in house....because Jehovah’s name was involved...some of these kids were shoved aside by their spiritual elders...come on brother..we have to accept responsibility where we were wrong.... otherwise the Catholic Church can lay it all down on the parents as well... we as a people would not handle cases of abuse as we once did....but back then we did shove it under the carpet in a number of cases. The child suffered...having said that many were handled well as could be...but we dont hear about them. The GB made the Policies brother...and now have amended the policies.. Keep in minds for those who will jump on this as proof we are not his people......the Catholic Church and Anglican Chirch has a percentage of well over 50% ..I forget the actual number but I’ve quoted on the low side....Jehovah witnesses had a ratio of 1% so this needs to be kept in perspective... It was a era of naivety on our parts ..as parents and probably elders as well...it was a different time ....we trusted to much....but then again the apostles didn’t recognize Judas when he was amongst them either...
  12. At a Circuit assembly we had a Bethel brother admit a number had been hurt by the organization...and were justified in their pain..he admited we had problems with in the org..and even tho they are trying to fix them..he admitted they probably won’t be fixed before the end comes.... when Jesus cleaned out the temple with whip etc...at no time did his apostles or any followers join him in doing that...so it will be when he returns.... He allowed Solomon and Saul to rule as kings for a long time after their falling away... you honestly think any man..annoited or not can do what belongs To Christ...look at the pattern of his people....it’s not hard to work out.... There is a reason for him allowing things to be as they are.....
  13. The GB have stated in true February 2016/2017 ..not sure of the dates ...that the FDS has not been appointed as of yet....and are yet to be judged... They then went on in the last half of that article to state why they feel it is them and why they feel Jesús will find in favour of them.....rather presumptuous of them I thought .... Again..David was annoited and deliberately disobeyd Jehovah ...for his own selfish gain....just because you are annoited...or have been invited does not mean you are perfect...and besides many are invited and few chosen.... what would you have done if you knew about David’s sin....how would you have sorted that out????
  14. If they need punishing or discipline ...off course..just as you and I....in fact they will carry a heavier punishment as they are teachers....but that is in his jurisdiction to decide..not yours or mine...keep in mind.... Aaron built the golden calf and did not even take responsibility for what he did but conviemtly blamed the people....what he did was massively wrong ...yet when Moses came down from the mountain ...he still offered a chance for all this committing spiritual idolatry another chance by telling all those who stood for Jehovah to stand by his side. Arrons life was spared because he did...but more out of consideration for his brother Moses...nevertheless Moses/Jesus offered all those worshipping the Golden calf another chance at repentance...obviously a lot never took that. The point being...the second man in charge did commit idolatry...yet was spared..it’s food for thought..
  15. Probably the same reason David got so much wrong and Peter, Samson,Moses..oh and Jonah

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